The Kingdom Hearts Collection Is Currently $62 On The Epic Games Store

This time of year is the perfect chance to catch up on games you might have missed. Whether those games be 2023 releases that passed you by, or series from years ago you never got around to. If it’s the latter and Kingdom Hearts is that series, Epic is offering up the chance to play catch-up on Sora’s adventure for a whole lot less this Christmas. With the right deals applied, you can grab all four games from the core Kingdom Hearts collection for less than $60.



Usually just shy of $230 when bought together, Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5, 2.8, 3, and Melody of Memory are currently all at least 60 percent off. That brings the price of the quadrilogy down to less than $92, but if you already have an Epic account, the savings get even better. Epic has given everyone signed up a coupon which brings the contents of your cart down a further 33 percent, even if savings have already been applied.


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Once you’ve let the coupon do its thing at checkout, another third will be knocked off the price, bringing the total down to a little more than just $58. You can naturally use the coupon on individual Kingdom Hearts games too if you already own some of them, and don’t worry if you’ve been saving the coupon for something special. You’ll be sent a replacement once you use yours provided it’s before January 11, 2024.

kingdom hearts 1

Kingdom Hearts

1.5+2.5, 3, and Melody of Memory

$62 $230 Save $168

Get 1.5+2.5, 3, and Melody of Memory for a whole lot less this holiday season through the Epic Games Store. Sale ends on January 10, the same day coupons expire.

Since there are more sales on the Epic Games Store right now than usual due to the time of year, there are quite a few great deals to take advantage of thanks to the holiday coupon. Using it on Alan Wake 2 not only gets you a Game of the Year contender for less than $30, but you also get Alan Wake Remastered thrown in for good measure. Buying Alan Wake 2 also gets you the lead character’s skin in Fortnite, just in case you needed the deal to be sweetened even more.

Don’t want to pay anything for your games this Christmas? Epic has you covered there too. The studio is giving away 17 games across the holiday period, kicking things off Destiny 2 and then following up with DNF Duel. The free game on offer changes pretty much every 24 hours, so keep checking back with us for the latest reveals and to claim whatever game Epic is giving away on any given day.


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