The Funniest Moments In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game of epic proportions. The world is massive and dangerous, the stakes are high, and the mysteries are gripping. But if there’s any game that will teach you not to take life so seriously, it’s also Tears of the Kingdom.



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While you roam the map, you’ll find many side quests that are just plain silly. The stories are built into the game, so you don’t need to make a Korok torture machine or wear a ridiculous outfit during an important cutscene to have a good time. Be on the lookout for these sidequests if you’re in the mood for a laugh while saving Hyrule.

10 Where Are The Wells?

A woman named Fera stands at the bottom of a well talking to herself about how exciting discovering a well is.

If you jump down enough stable wells, eventually you will find Fera, a woman who professes to love dark and damp places and needs to see every well in Hyrule. She’ll pay you in rupees to help her find all 58.

She will give you plenty of reasons for why she loves wells, but in an epic fantasy setting, it seems kind of silly to take a trip and spend the whole time in small underground caves instead of taking in the views or hunting for treasure.

9 Piaffe, Packed Away

Link stands in front of a stable blocked by wooden boxes

When you find and approach Gerudo Canyon Stable, you’ll see that all is not well. Someone is trapped inside by too many large wooden boxes. It’s up to you to get them out using whatever means you deem necessary.

Burn the boxes, hit the boxes, destroy them with machinery, or throw them around with Ultrahand – it’s all fair game. This side quest is the Tears of the Kingdom version of a rage room, where all that’s required is destruction.

8 Cash In On Ripened Flint

A goron with small round glasses and an ascot talks about how rare ripened flint is

At the Bedrock Bistro there is a sophisticated-looking Goron named Gomo sitting at a table. He’ll tell you there is a special kind of flint, and he will pay top rupee to taste some.

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Not only does this make profit out of your massive flint collection when you go mining, it also provides entertainment. Gomo tastes all of the flint you give him as if he were a wine connoisseur, with a quippy line about how to taste the ripened qualities of a piece of flint.

7 A Crabulous Deal

The Zora general store manager mutters to himself about crabs while Link watches

Approach the General Store at Zora’s Domain and you will see Bazz standing out front and complaining about the store manager, Cleff, who is apparently muttering to himself about crabs. Walk inside and talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he desperately wants bright-eyed crabs.

Bring him the 15 crabs, and he will be so happy he wonders if he’s dreaming. He might even laugh excitedly to himself, all in the name of bright-eyed crabs. He will also pay you a sapphire for your efforts.

6 The Hunt For Bubbul Gems!

Kilton speaking to Koltin in Tears of the Kingdom

On the northern shore of Pico Pond, you will find a colorful friend with a large merchant cart, Koltin, who wants to eat snowflake-shaped Bubbul gems to turn into a Satori. You can find Bubbul gems by killing Bubbulfrogs in caves around Hyrule. He will give you monster masks and other fun clothing items in return.

As if the premise alone isn’t strange enough, whenever you pick up a Bubbul gem, the description reads “Its eerie glow may entice you to…collect even more.”

5 Addison The Sign Guy

Addison stands holding a poorly made sign in the rain while declaring support for Hudson Construction

As you travel across Hyrule, you’ll occasionally see a man with a very tall bowl cut holding a massive sign for Hudson Construction. His terrible craftsmanship has led to his sign being unable to stand on its own.

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The best part is that he won’t let go until the sign is upright. It could be raining or snowing, and he will stand there, determined. Helping to prop up the sign can take serious effort, but he always tips you well with rice balls and other items.

4 Infiltrating The Yiga Clan

Link speaks to a Yiga Blademaster to train to get rewards.

The Yiga Clan main hideout is still located in Gerudo, and they’ll let you inside on one condition: you attain the armor of the Yiga Clan from the three other locations around Hyrule. Once you do, you can wander around any Yiga Clan site with ease, learning their secrets, talking to the members, and shopping.

Gaining each piece of the armor will require some battle. Once you’re inside each location you will find someone who has been tasked with making their armor who eagerly will leave the armor with you.

3 The Mayoral Election

CEC in TOTK with her hand on her chin asking the people to decide

Hateno Village is going through some changes. The arguments between longstanding Mayor Reede and icon fashion designer Cece lead to a mayoral election between the two. Help the candidates and their election teams spy on each other and discover that not everything is as it seems.

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There are several quests involved here, and once you complete them all, there is a final scene before the votes are announced. If it all plays out right, you’ll get one of the most fabulous hats – literally, because every NPC you approach while wearing it will give you a compliment.

2 For Our Princess!

The zonai survey team explaining why they're wearing underwear

At Eldin Stable, you’ll find some soldiers wandering around in their underpants. Talk to them and they’ll explain the Princess Zelda told them so, and that they are now going to clear out monsters from a nearby cave. To stop them from getting themselves killed, you have to do it yourself – in your underpants too, of course.

Defeat the enemies to get the rest of the soldiers to put their clothes back on. This is a side adventure for the Lucky Clover Gazette, so keep an eye out for Penn while you’re there.

1 Master Kohga

Master Kohga, Leader of the Yiga Clan, in Tears Of The Kingdom

Approach the researchers at the Great Abandoned Central Mine to discover both the Autobuild feature and a special surprise: Master Kohga is alive and living the Depths. In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Master Kohga falls down a giant hole at the end of a final battle with Link. It turns out that the Depths have been there all along.

Master Kohga’s antics have not stopped. Over the course of several battles in different locations featuring various ridiculous mechanical contraptions, you’ll discover Master Kohga’s easily-foiled plans.

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