The Force Unleashed Just Got An Update And Nobody Knows Why

We live in a very online world nowadays, which means it’s never too surprising when a game we’re currently playing gets a little update now and then. Developers tinker with their games very often to to tweak and fix minor issues that arise sometimes years after launch. It’s less common for a game that’s almost old enough to drive, but a mystery update for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has pretty much everyone stumped.



First shared by Twitter user @robby_weidemann, the backwards compatible version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Xbox recently got a 448.56MB update completely out of the blue. It’s not exactly massive in terms of size, especially these days when single games regularly take up over 100GB of space on your console’s hjard drive, but it’s just big enough to question exactly what this update is for and why it’s being pushed out over 15 years since it first released.

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Fans have theories of course, though the original poster can’t actually tell what’s been updated from playing the game. One user thinks it might be some kind of licensing update that’s required for the game to remain downloadable, while another thinks it could be an update to fix a frame rote dropping issue that is quite prevalent on Xbox Series X. There’s also a chance it could just be optimizations for the Xbox Series X/s, though the original user explains they’re playing on an Xbox One.

Of course, you also have the hordes of people that have flocked to the replies with their joke answers, ranging from everything “unleashing more force” to the definitely should be real “Darth Jar Jar” DLC. There’s also a couple of conspiracy theories floating around too, as a portion of Star Wars fans watching the Ahsoka series believe that Marrok is actually Force Unleashed protagonist Starkiller. This update has poured a whole bunch of fuel on that particular fire.

Whatever it is, it’s reminded everyone that the Force Unleashed series is actually a thing, and one user is even calling for a third game to be made. It’s pretty unlikely given the events of those games, but it would be nice to potentially revisit one of Star Wars’ most underrated titles.

In other recent Star Wars news, those still holding out hopes for the Knights of the Old Republic remake may need to finally let go, as PlayStation removed all traces of the game from its social media channels and has even hidden the game’s announcement trailer. PlayStation says it did this due to licensing issues, but fans fear that a cancellation announcement is right around the corner.

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