The First Chapter Products Back In Stock

Combine Disney with a trading card game and you end up with something pretty darn popular. Who’d have thought? Lorcana’s first set – the aptly-named The First Chapter – officially launched this year, and even though its second wave has arrived since then, products in The First Chapter have remained hard to come by. Disney did promise a reprint for collectors in the US before the holidays though, and it seems that reprint is here with only a few days to spare.



There are five products from Lorcana: The First Chapter available at Shop Disney right now, but naturally, you’ll need to be quick if you want to bag any of them. Since the restock went live in the middle of the night for most people, which was almost certainly no accident, there’s an outside chance there’s a little stock left should you not find this information until morning.

Having visited the site myself when the restock went live, my heart sank when I was placed in a virtual queue. Early adopters of the PS5 will know that’s usually a sign you won’t be getting anything you want today. However, I was in the queue for less than a minute before being let into the Lorcana corner of Disney’s online store, free to peruse the products once again available and buy whatever I like. Well, not whatever I like. There’s a limit of two of each product per customer.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter TCG 24 Count Display

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Booster Pack Display

Lorcana’s booster tray might seem expensive, but there are 24 packs in there. With 12 cards in every pack, that’s 288 cards waiting for you inside.

The five items restocked at Shop Disney are the Booster Tray which includes 24 packs, the gift set for everything you need to get started on your Lorcana journey, and three starter decks. Mickey and Moana the stars of one, Aurora and Simba heading up starter deck number two, and last but not least, Cruella De Vil and Aladdin. If still in stock, the links above will take you to the relevant store pages, or you can just visit the Lorcana page to check through all of the products yourself.

Lorcana Starter Deck

Disney Lorcana Starter Decks

The Disney Lorcana starter decks are the perfect option for anyone getting into the trading card game. With a complete set built and ready to play out of the box, choose your two favorite ink colors and dive into the game.

The Rise of the Floodborn set has been released since the arrival of The First Chapter and since those cards are newer, their products are even harder to find than the first wave of cards. At least you’ll now be able to start your Lorcana journey if you’ve spent the first few months reading up and watching from afar, provided you made it to Shop Disney before it all sold out again, of course. Hopefully, Disney’s reprint means The First Chapter will be restocked elsewhere soon.


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