The Day Before Steam Keys Are Being Resold For Over $300

The Day Before will go down as one of 2023’s greatest disasters, rated as one of the worst games of the year and was so bad that developer Fntastic decided to close its doors just days after release. The Day Before can no longer be purchased on Steam after that whole saga, but you know that whenever something has limited quantities, the scalpers aren’t too far behind, no matter the quality.



Yes, if you can believe it, spare Steam codes for The Day Before are currently being sold by third-party key sellers for hundreds of dollars. First reported by Kotaku, the reputable third-part key seller Green Man Gaming has compared the prices of three other key sellers still providing codes for The Day Before, all of which are selling them for between $200 – $400 a pop.


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Rarity will no doubt factor into these prices quite considerably, as you could probably sell just about anything for hundreds to the right person if you stress how limited it is. Whether anyone is actually buying this game for that much money is unknown, though if you are thinking of taking up these key sellers on their offer, then you should have your wallet taken away from you and your bank account frozen for your own safety.

What makes this even worse is that The Day Before’s servers aren’t long for this world for much longer either. While Fntastic has never actually explained what’s going to happen to The Day Before now that the studio has jumped ship, it’s naturally expected that the game’s servers are going to die at some point soon, rendering the game completely unplayable.

What’s more than likely going on here is that a few key sellers have decided to try and capitalize on the game’s notoriety, which is unsurprising given how these sellers acquire their keys. While there are reputable third-party key sellers out there. there are also many that acquire keys through slightly sketchy means. Buying from dodgy third-party sellers usually harms developers in more ways than one, and some would rather you pirate their games than buy them from shady businesses.

At the very least, any dodgy sales of The Day Before won’t affect Fntastic one bit now the studio has supposedly been shut down. I say supposedly because it was recently revealed that the studio seems to have simply changed its name on Steam, now going by the name Eight Points instead.


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