The Burn Dungeon Guide And Walkthrough For FFXIV

The Burn is a level 70 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood. This main story dungeon was originally added in patch 4.4, Prelude in Violet. In a land almost devoid of aether, you and your allies mount a search for Alphinaud, who seems to have encountered some trouble in the area.



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The Burn is an empty wasteland where dangerous monsters roam. You’ll need to prepare appropriately if you want to make it through this dungeon and find Alphinaud. Below, we’ll take a look at each boss in the Burn, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

Updated October 19, 2023: Patch 6.5 changed a few things in The Burn, so we’ve updated this guide to correspond to the updated version of the dungeon.

How To Unlock The Burn

The Burn is unlocked through the following Main Scenario Quest:

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest ‘Feel the Burn’
    • NPC Location: Hien – Kienkan, The Doman Enclave (X:6.1, Y:6.0)

Dungeon Walkthrough

In the first section of this dungeon, watch out for falling rocks from the mountainsides. These will appear as small AoEs on the path, and will deal damage if you walk under them. Move carefully as you group up trash mobs.

After the second boss, you will encounter worm enemies that have large circle AoEs. Melee players should do their best to avoid these AoEs while continuing to damage the monsters.


hedetet, first boss of the burn dungeon

The first boss of the Burn is Hedetet. The rock pillars scattered around the arena will be used to avoid several of Hedetet’s attacks, so make a quick note of their positions. Hedetet’s attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

Attack Name



Crystal Needle


Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns as necessary.



Targets a random player and prepares to fire a high damage line AoE at them. The affected player should hide behind one of the stone pillars to avoid taking damage. If done correctly, the pillar that was hidden behind will then explode, dealing damage in the area. The targeted player should quickly move out of the area of the exploding pillar.



Hedetet will prepare to deal damage to all party members. To avoid this attack, all players need to move behind the stone pillars until the attack finishes. Similar to Hailfire, the pillars will then explode; this AoE should be avoided as well.

hedetet using dissonance to attack with a large aoe while rock pillars explode



Deals damage in a room-wide AoE, with a safe spot directly underneath the boss. Move under the boss to avoid getting hit. This attack will occur immediately after Shardfall, so quickly move from behind the stone pillars to the boss. Eventually, more stone pillars will drop to the floor, creating an AoE circle where they drop.


AoE Marker

Targets all players with an AoE marker. Spread out to avoid overlapping these, and be sure not to drop them near the stone pillars, as this will cause them to explode, removing a pillar that you will need to hide behind later.

Hedetet will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. The main mechanic to be mindful of during this fight are the stone pillars. Using them correctly to hide from the boss’s attacks is the best way to make it through this fight with ease.

Defective Drone

defective drone, second boss of the burn dungeon

The second boss of the Burn is the Defective Drone. The left and right sides of the arena are covered in fire, so avoid moving there while dodging the boss’s other attacks, listed below.

Attack Name



Aetherochemical Flame

Roomwide AoE

Deals damage to all party members. Use AoE heals to recover.

Aetherochemical Coil


Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns as necessary to mitigate this damage.

Aetherochemical Residue


Targets a random player and drops a poison puddle on their location that persists on the floor. This puddle deals damage over time and inflicts the Leaden debuff, slowing movement speed, and should be avoided.

defective drone using full throttle to charge across the arena

Full Throttle


The boss will jump to one edge of the arena before summoning several Mining Drones. Then, the boss and drones will begin charging up to dash across the arena, dealing damage and knocking you back.

  • To avoid this, find the Mining Drone that is defective and stand in its path. While the working drones will have an increasing series of bars above them, as pictured in the image above, the defective drone will not. Additionally, the defective drone will be casting Self-destruct, while the working drones cast Throttle.

Rock Biters


Spinning Saws will appear at the front and back of the arena. After a short delay, they will slide across the arena, dealing damage in their path. Move out of the path of the Rock Biters to avoid taking damage.

Repurposed Dreadnaught


This add may be summoned by the boss, and should be picked up by the Tank and focused on first.

The Defective Drone will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. This fight is pretty straightforward, but pay close attention to the drones during Full Throttle to avoid taking high damage from their charge attack.

Mist Dragon

mist dragon, final boss of the burn

The final boss of the Burn is the Mist Dragon. The Mist Dragon will use several high-damage AoE attacks that can be difficult to avoid. Below you can see each of its attacks and mechanics.

Attack Name



Rime Wreath

Roomwide AoE

Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE healing.

Frost Breath


Targets the Tank with a frontal cone breath attack that deals high damage. At the same time, an ice puddle will be dropped underneath the Tank, dealing even more damage and inflicting the Frostbite debuff, dealing high damage over time. This debuff should be cleansed by the Healer with Esuna, and the Tank should use defensive cooldowns to reduce this damage while moving out of the ice puddle.

Fog Plume


Targets an area with a star-shaped AoE. After a short delay, this AoE will fire out several line AoEs in a star shape, dealing damage. When the star AoE appears, quickly move away from the arena and prepare to dodge the following line AoEs.

  • As the fight progresses, Fog Plume will target several spots at the same time, forcing you to dodge line AoEs coming from multiple directions.

mist dragon using vaporize to summon draconic regard minions



The Mist Dragon will move to the center, turn into mist, and become invulnerable. At the same time, the boss will summon three Draconic Regard adds and begin casting Cold Fog.

  • Draconic Regard: These adds will appear around the arena and must be destroyed before the Mist Dragon finishes casting Cold Fog.
  • Cold Fog: A long-casted AoE attack that slowly increases the size of the AoE, covering the arena. Once the AoE reaches the edge of the arena, the cast will be complete, and all players will take high damage and be turned to Mist. Destroy the Draconic Regard minions before this happens to leave a safe area around the edge of the arena.

Chilling Aspiration


Targets a random player with a circular blue marker, then attacks them with a cone-shaped AoE. At the same time, several AoE puddles are created around the area, which deal damage over time. The cone-shaped AoE portion if this attack is unavoidable, but be sure to run out of the puddles to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

mist dragon using deep fog to breath ice along the arena

Deep Fog


The Mist Dragon will once again disappear, this time covering the arena in a deep fog, reducing visibility and inflicting the Dropsy debuff, which deals damage over time. Then, the boss will attack twice with large line AoEs down the middle of the arena. Run around the arena to try and avoid being hit by these AoEs as best as possible.


Proximity AoE

After the boss has attacked twice in Deep Fog, it will clear the fog and return to the arena with Touchdown. This attack is a proximity-based AoE that deals more damage the closer you are to the center of the AoE. Move away from the proximity marker to reduce damage taken.

The Mist Dragon will repeat these mechanics until it is defeated. There are a lot of attacks to keep track of during this fight, and some of them can do extremely high damage. The Healer should focus on restoring the party’s health, while the Tank helps out as much as possible with self-healing and group shields. After defeating the Mist Dragon, the Burn will be complete.

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