The Block millionaire Adrian Portelli’s cameo on Highway Patrol emerges

Multi-millionaire The Block bidder Adrian Portelli’s embarrassing TV past has emerged.

The Melbourne businessman – dubbed ‘Mr Lambo’ on last year’s season of the Channel 9 renovation show – was allegedly busted driving 40km/h over the speed limit on a previous episode of Seven’s Highway Patrol, in a video now doing the rounds on TikTok.

In the clip, Portelli, 34, was seen being pulled over in a school zone while driving home from a car auction, where he was allegedly travelling at a speed of 80km/h in a 40km zone. Police then discovered Portelli was also driving on a disqualified license.

His luxury BMW convertible was impounded for 30 days as a result of his offences, and he was given a notice to appear in court.

“What can you do, I’m in the wrong,” a smiling Portelli told Channel 7 cameras. “There’s no point arguing about it.”

In the episode, Portelli revealed the car he was driving at the time of the offence was on sale for an asking price of $55,000, with the impoundment impacting his ability to sell it in the short term.

However, Portelli then explained why he appeared unfazed by his run-in with the law, saying “As of Tuesday I will be an American citizen. I’m going to live in Vegas. What a shame.”

It wasn’t the only time Portelli has landed in trouble on the roads, with the entrepreneur fronting court in May on three driving charges following an incident in Victoria’s Diggers Rest in December 2020.

He is currently fighting the charges, which include careless driving, failing to have proper control of a vehicle on a road and driving in a manner causing one or more wheels of a motor vehicle to lose traction.

The case is ongoing.

It comes as Portelli, who runs successful membership platform LMCT+, is at the centre of a saga involving an “ungrateful” Victorian couple who were gifted a $4.25m home.

The house in Gisborne, which was featured on The Block in 2022 and purchased by Portelli, was won in a prize raffle by Kevin and Andrea Griffin, who made headlines after a video of them being unimpressed while touring the property was shared online.

Despite initially branding the win as “life-changing”, a video shared by Portelli showed the couple appearing to be unsatisfied with a number of aspects of the house.

Further, the couple accused Portelli of taking $100,000 worth of items from the home, though Portelli stipulated the items in question were never included in the terms and conditions of the prize.

After video of the couple went viral, Portelli announced a bargain $1 giveaway of all the items that were removed from the house, including a wine fridge and kitchen appliances.

“Because we want it to go to someone that is going to be grateful and deserving,” he said, adding all 100 per cent of the proceeds from the giveaway would be donated to Australians affected by homelessness.

“Because we’re discussing how many people out there will just be grateful to have a roof over their head, let alone a $4.3 million furnished home mortgage free.

“So what better way to get you guys involved. We are going to get rid of this, someone’s going to win it for $1 and all the proceeds are going to go towards changing people’s life who will be grateful just to have a better night.”

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