The Block couple Kristy and Brett have ‘made crew cry’

Another contestant on The Block has aired some shocking allegations about this season’s most controversial couple, Kristy and Brett.

The pair’s issues with rival contestants Eliza and Liberty have dominated the show in recent weeks, as they’ve aired wild conspiracy theories accusing the sisters of being “planted” onto the show by the Nine Network and given special treatment.

Eliza finally hit back in a fiery confrontation with Kristy during Sunday’s episode, and on Tuesday’s episode, she went a step further, making some surprising allegations about Kristy and Brett’s behind-the-scenes behaviour to their friends Leah and Ash.

Kristy said she disagrees “ethically and morally” with how the couple have behaved this season – saying they’ve reduced members of The Block’s crew to tears on multiple occasions.

“I don’t want to speak out of school, but people don’t want to work for them any longer. Sparkies, plumbers … the crew hates being around them, they’ve made four crew cry. They’re constantly told to apologise, so trades will show up,” she said.

Indeed, in scenes that aired last week, Brett was shown letting the show’s crew have it because they filmed him shortly after waking up early in the morning – a daily feature of life on The Block.

The show’s foreman Dan was later seen ordering Brett to apologise to the crew for his behaviour, which he promptly did.

Speaking to camera, Eliza said she hoped the show would expose Kristy and Brett’s alleged misdemeanours “to the fullest”: “If you see bad behaviour, you need to call it out.”

And her sister Liberty once again scoffed at their rivals’ claim that the sisters receive “special treatment” from those running the show.

“We don’t get special favours. The people who think we get special favours are the people that are unkind to people. What they see as a special favour, is us just being kind to people and them being kind back,” she said.

“It’s actually just human decency.”

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