The Block contestants slam co-stars

Two stars from The Block have hit out some of their fellow contestants and labelled them “not their kind of people”.

On Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox, breakfast show, The Block’s Eliza & Liberty made an appearance and were quick to share their feelings towards their co-stars.

The mid-30s sisters have zero previous experience when it comes to building, but they’ve both already made quite the impression on the show.

Opening up about her thoughts towards Leah and Ash, Eliza insisted that she doesn’t dislike them.

“I don’t have an issue with them,” she said.

However, the same can’t be said for the pair’s feelings towards Kristy and Brett.

Eliza said that the dynamics between the group are all over the place at the moment, but when it comes to one of the other teams; her feelings are crystal clear.

She said: “Truly, I just don’t even know what’s going on now with dynamics, all I know is that Kristy and Brett aren’t our people, and we won’t be WhatsApp-ing them.”

Her co-star, Liberty, then chimed in saying that it’s unlikely the four of them would ever be friends outside of the reality show.

She said: “We are just such different people and we I think, we’ll probably have nothing to do with them after the show.”

Elsewhere, Eliza also hit back at claims that the pair have been “cheating”.

They addressed the remarks that had been made by Kristy and Brett last week, when the pair labelled them the “biggest cheaters” this season.

Brett said at the time: “[There was] extra work being done on houses and stuff, or bribing with alcohol to be able to get waterproofing done. These are against the rules,” Brett said.

In response to the claims, Eliza hit back: “Here’s the thing, you start on an even playing field and when you’re telling people to get stuffed in a very aggressive way, they’re going to be less willing to kind of work with you.”

“And as far as the alcohol one, you all saw it on camera. Dan [Reilly] said to us, ‘Say thank you with a bottle of alcohol’. That’s what we did. It was on camera, and we gave it in front of House 3. Do you think if it was cheating or dodgy we would be doing it?

She continued: “What Kristy and Brett can’t grasp is that kindness, respect, good relationships, they actually get you places. They just can’t fathom it and I just think they struggle with it and the lies they’re coming out with about us are incredible.”

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