The Block Australia: Kristy and Brett ‘made four crew cry’

The Block Australia star Kristy has copped severe backlash from viewers for her “evil” behaviour in recent episodes, with the contestant reportedly reducing crew members to tears.

The Adelaide-based senior project manager is among one of five teams on the Channel 9 renovation show, competing alongside her husband, Brett.

While the 2023 season started off relatively drama-free, Kristy and Brett’s eyebrow-raising attitude, particularly this week, has begun to paint a very different picture of the couple.

And things are only set to get worse for the duo, with Nine teasing a dramatic breakdown between Kristy and fellow contestants Leah and Ash, which is finally set to come to blows on Wednesday night.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Leah was in tears after having a conversation with Eliza, who told the mother-of-two she was going to be guilty by association due to Kristy’s inevitable negative edit.

“People don’t want to work for them any longer, sparkies, plumbers …” Eliza said to Leah.

“The crew hates being around them … They made four crew cry. They’re constantly told to apologise so that trades will show up.”

Further, a source told Yahoo Lifestyle the chat went even deeper off-camera in terms of Leah’s reputation management, with Eliza providing advice after working a lengthy career in media.

“What Channel 9 will not show the viewers was the secret meeting between Eliza and Leah that changes everything for House 2 (Leah and Ash),” a source told the website.

“Eliza pulled Leah aside and gave her some industry advice. Eliza has worked in media for over ten years and has a wealth of knowledge on how these shows get made.

“She took it upon herself to share some of her knowledge with Leah and Ash and to be fair her advice was bang on the money.”

After weeks of bubbling tensions, things escalated Sunday night when Kristy lashed out at kitchen week winners Eliza and Liberty, in what she felt was the girls benefiting from “special treatment”.

A usually calm Eliza hit back, arguing what Kristy perceived as “special treatment” was really just her being “kind to people, so they’re kind back to me.”

In a subsequent piece-to-camera, Kristy and Brett angered viewers further by wearing Donald Trump MAGA-themed hats with the slogan, ‘Make The Block Great Again’, as they made snide comments about Eliza and Liberty’s win.

Viewers have taken to social media to declare Kristy’s attitude as “vile”, with one suggesting she was the most controversial contestant in the show’s 19-season history:

Kristy and Brett appeared on Today Extra on Monday, teasing viewers, “Get ready for it. You haven’t seen nothing yet.”

Brett also defended their behaviour, arguing they’re “not mean at all.”

“You can see the goofy tin foil hats … We came in and wanted to have our fun and play it how we wanted to,” he said.

In a teaser for Wednesday night’s Block, relations are about to explode between Kristy and Leah.

After having a house party following Tuesday’s open home inspections, viewers see Leah joining Eliza for a secret chat.

Kristy finds out that her best friend is with Eliza and “storms over” to confront the pair.

In a piece-to-camera shown in the ad, a producer is heard asking Kristy if she feels like she’s lost a friend, to which she responds, “I wouldn’t call it a loss.”

The Block airs Sundays through to Wednesdays on Channel 9

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