The Best Villains In Gotham Knights


  • There are many iconic Bat-villains that make an appearance in Gotham Knights.
  • Penguin poses a significant threat to Batman and his family with his resources and cunning to build an elite gang.
  • Basher and Blazer, though interesting in design, fall short in comparison to other well-known villains and serve as Harley Quinn’s henchmen.



There’s no doubt that Batman has the most infamous roster of Villains in the DC universe, with Joker being the most iconic. So, his initial absence from Gotham Knights left a lot of folks weary of who was going to show up and how it was going to go without the Crown Prince of Crime, especially since he’s supposedly alive in the game.

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Instead, other villains got their chance to shine. Some you’re already familiar with, and others you might have heard of in passing, but don’t know quite as well as the others. Below are the best of the best, as far as the game is concerned. Which one is your favorite?

8 Penguin

The Penguin pours himself a drink - Gotham Knights

Penguin has the potential to be Batman’s (and the family’s) greatest threat in Gotham. He’d be overtaken physically, but he has the resources, the wit, and the cunning to build an elite gang that would rival any in the city, even though he prefers to keep his hands clean now.

A boss fight between the family and Penguin would have been an interesting match-up to witness, but instead, the best we’ll get out of him is some vital information about the overreaching Court of Owls that may or may not exist.

7 Basher and Blazer

Basher And Blazer pose on the others shoulders

When you’re looking at the roster of baddies that show up in Gotham Knights, Basher and Blazer simply fall short of greatness. While their designs are interesting, they aren’t much more than Harley’s muscle she’s hired and implanted with some microchip technology to give them a boost of strength, something that would have been cool to see utilized more in the narrative sense.

They, unfortunately, fall on the side of unremarkable when held up against other more well-known villains from both Batman comics and DC as a whole. Moreover, they are original characters made for the games and therefore are only relegated to being Harley Quinn’s henchmen who are about to meet a bat fist to the face.

6 Man-Bat

Man-Bat spreading his wings

Dr. Kirk Langstrom made the unfortunate decision to betray the Court of Owls, the mysterious organization that tried to attempt to control Gotham from the shadows. Once you cross the Court, you sign your death warrant, so it’s a shame that when we find him in Gotham Knights, that fate has already occurred.

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That doesn’t stop his legacy from continuing though, as Talia quickly demonstrates by using Dr. Langstrom’s research along with the Lazarus Pit to create a small army of Man-Bats to keep you from figuring out their true goal. Man-Bat doesn’t live up to his full potential, and it would have been nice to see him in a more anti-hero capacity like we’ve seen in some comics.

5 Clayface

Clayface acting a scene with himself as Batman - Gotham Knights

There have been a few different people within the DC universe who have worn the mantle of Clayface with different ideals and wants. However, the one who appears in Gotham Knights is Basil Karlo, a failed thespian who ultimately decided to give up on his dream of becoming a successful actor and turn into the shapeshifting criminal we know today.

He doesn’t take the news of Batman’s death very well, as it ruins his plans (or film adaptation) of revenge, and looks to take it out on you. Though the camera is made of clay, you better put on your best performance for the fight or he’s going to ring your bell a few times.

4 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn holding her infamous mallet - Gotham Knights

In perhaps her most nuanced role in the current generation of Gotham games, it’s refreshing to see her have her agency outside of her clown costume and her former relationship, and not just in a friendly capacity either. She tries to play friendly at first by giving Batman’s research to the rest of the Bat Family, but after that, she is off to run her own empire.

Not only does she use all her Psychiatry knowledge to its fullest, but she’s also been able to manufacture her own software to control those who are gullible enough to buy into the marketing of her self-care line. Though her freedom is short-lived, it’s a memorable part of the game.

3 Talia Al’Ghul

Talia throwing a dagger - Gotham Knights

As cunning as she is, Talia Al’Ghul’s presence in Gotham can’t be anything good. She manages to trick the young Bat Family into doing her bidding by appealing to their empathy as she tells them that she has a target on her back from the League of Shadows.

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This actually allows her to work on her goals from the shadows, as she manages to bring Bruce Wayne back from the dead just to kill the family that he raised. The depths of Talia’s cruelty when working toward controlling the city know no bounds.

2 Mr. Freeze

Mr Freeze in his Mech Suit - Gotham Knights

This isn’t the Mr. Freeze you’ve known, as the evil-with-a-purpose scientist who only wanted to cure his wife of her fatal disease is gone. The scientist who now can’t survive without a cryo suit due to an accident while pursuing this knowledge ultimately fails at his goals, which causes him to finally give up and fully accept his criminal life.

Ruthlessness lives in his heart now, and while this iteration chooses to leave out his backstory, it’s undeniable that he’s past the point of no return of giving a damn, and bringing in an ice age over Gotham seems like the better option. Bonus points for the mech looking like something straight out of the Metal Gear Solid Series.

1 Court Of Owls

The Court of Owls Gathers - Gotham Knights

Nothing like a secret society attempting to pull the strings of the city to get your conspiracy theories going! Murder, betrayal, and intrigue, what more could you ask for? They are in opposition to the other secret society of villains, the League of Assassins, and recognize that they are standing in the way of the Owls’ total domination.

Outside their circle, those who know of The Owls still struggle to comprehend their motives. Sure, they want to rule over Gotham, but to what end? Why did only one man stand in their way of domination? Maybe that wasn’t the case, but that allowed him to keep them in check as a way to keep an eye on him. Now, it’ll never be known.

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