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It’s no secret that rarities in Magic: The Gathering’s Commander preconsructed decks don’t really matter. Since you’re guaranteed the same set of 100 cards in any version of a given deck, the rarity symbol on cards ends up being somewhat arbitrary. That is, unless you’re seeking out Pauper and Peasant goodies with common and uncommon rarity symbols, respectively.



Related: Magic: The Gathering – Card Rarities, ExplainedThe Doctor Who Commander decks definitely ratcheted up the complexity and power of a typical precon set, with a hefty 50 new cards per deck. Among the pile of new Doctors, Sagas, and timey-wimey shenanigans is a pile of uncommons that seem a bit… mature for their rarity symbol.

10 Ominous Cemetery

Ominous Cemetery-4

There are a couple colorless lands in Magic that double up as late-game removal spells, with Ominous Cemetery being one of the best ones yet. It easily trumps Underdark Rift, since the Cemetery pretty much always eliminates a threat and can be activated at any time.

There has been a slight increase in the popularity of fully colorless Commander decks thanks to the printing of legends like Zhulodok, Void Gorger; Graaz, Unstoppable Juggernaut; and Omarthis, Ghostfire Initiate, and these decks are always in search of strong colorless utility lands to fill out their manabase.

Don't Blink-2

Don’t Blink is premium Magic nomenclature at its finest. Yes, it’s a clear nod to Doctor Who’s ‘Blink’ episode, but the name also translates perfectly to Magic, where the term ‘blink’ refers to the act of exiling a permanent and then returning it to the battlefield. It’s pretty much a warning: Do. Not. Blink.

In addition to hosing blink effects, it can be cast in response to suspend creatures or adventure creatures coming out of exile. It won’t always line up well with what your opponents are doing, but cycling tends to fix that problem.

8 Iraxxa, Empress Of Mars

Iraxxa, Empress of Mars-3

Paradox abilities are some of the most interesting effects from the Doctor Who precons. It turns out that there are just so many incidental ways to fulfill the paradox condition without even trying. Even casting a commander from the command zone does the trick.

Related: Magic: The Gathering – The Best Cards In The Paradox Power PreconIraxxa, Empress of Mars builds an Alien army as you pull spells out of different zones, much like a less restrictive Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald. Battle cry gives those tokens a bit more bite in combat, and Iraxxa’s not too shabby of a combatant either.

7 Renegade Silent

Renegade Silent-2

On one hand, Renegade Silent can basically never block. On the other, goading a creature every turn usually keeps the largest threat off your turf, at least until you find yourself in a one-on-one situation.

Phasing out every turn is an interesting form of protection. It means this Alien Horror dodges sorcery-speed interaction, which includes most board wipes. And when that’s the primary form of removal most players rely on to deal with creatures, you can see how Renegade Silent might end up being a sticky threat.

6 Wreck And Rebuild

Wreck and Rebuild-2

Wreck and Rebuild is inefficient on either mode, either overcharging to disenchant a permanent, or ramping for three mana when you’d often prefer to do so on two. It’s worse than most artifact/enchantment removal spells, and certainly worse than the typical ramp deck, but either effect on one card brings it up a notch.

Then there’s flashback, which is even more inefficient at five mana, but justifies itself by making this spell a naturally two-for-one. It’s worth noting the ramp effect mills, which plays better with other flashback spells or recursive effects.

5 Sibylline Soothsayer

Sibylline Soothsayer-2

Sibylline Soothsayer is more complex than the average cantrip creature. Instead of simply drawing a card on ETB, it suspends a random card with a three-turn delay on it. However, the spell you suspend will eventually come free of charge, and you’re guaranteed a card with mana value three or greater.

Related: Magic: The Gathering – The Best Red Cards From Doctor WhoSoothsayer was obviously custom-made to work with some of the other themes present in the Doctor Who decks, but it’s open-ended enough to work in a number of different strategies. Blink, cast-from-exile, suspend, and even Human typal are all examples of themes it slots into without trouble.

4 Decaying Time Loop

Decaying Time Loop-3

The actual effect of Decaying Time Loop isn’t anything new. In fact, sets like Crimson Vow have had two or three of these effects all in the same set. However, retrace sets it apart from similar cards and makes it a gameplan on its own.

If wheel decks want one thing, it’s more wheels. Time Loop is a wheel that’s always available so long as you have lands to pitch to retrace and other cards in your hand. These effects are rarely instants, either; this lets you trigger draw and discard effects during other players’ turns.

3 Bigger On The Inside

Bigger on the Inside-2

Bigger on the Inside provides both ramp and functional card draw, somewhat unorthodox for an aura that enchants a land or artifact. It’s best to land it early on an untapped artifact, so you can activate it immediately for a small mana refund and the chance to cascade a cheap spell.

Related: Magic: The Gathering – The Best Cards With CascadePutting it on a land here isn’t even that much of a cost since you’re actually going mana-positive when you activate it, and it retains its older abilities too. It should pay for itself in no time, so long as you find the right opportunity to cast it without being run over.

2 Memory Worm

Memory Worm-3

Memory Worm rivals some of the best ‘cast from exile’ payoffs in Commander, like Keeper of Secrets and Passionate Archaeologist. It pairs well with commanders like Prosper, Tome-Bound and Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald, not that those legends are hurting for more support.

The Worm gets bigger and shocks a player on every trigger, with a strange forced-rummage effect added on. That actually allows your opponents to shape up their hands and find answers, though it also means you have an incentive to sometimes target yourself with the ability. Sometimes. Don’t get carried away.

1 Displaced Dinosaurs

Displaced Dinosaurs-2

Lower rarity is an indication of less complex card design, you say? Well check out Displaced Dinosaurs, because wow, can this lead to some strange scenarios. Do you know what happens when a Saga or Planeswalker becomes a 7/7 Dino in addition to its other types? Judge!

Ignoring the extremes, which honestly are fairly likely to come up, every Treasure, Food, Clue, or small trinkety artifact you make becomes a 7/7. Even your legendary lands enter as Dinosaurs, which awkwardly enough means they’ll have summoning sickness for the turn.

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