The Best Tips For Earning Max Friendship With The Villagers In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game full of good vibes and a relaxing atmosphere. One of the most cheerful aspects of the game is the ability to befriend the other characters, gradually building up a relationship with many of them.



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At maximum friendship levels, the various residents of the area will be very kind, supportive, and friendly with you. You can even romance and eventually marry some of them. However, this is no easy task. You’ll need to be sure to chat with them often, gift them things they like, and prove you are a good friend. Here are some tips for reaching maximum friendship with the people of Stardew Valley.

Updated on September 26, 2023, by Jouanna Bondakji: You could spend hours upon hours on Stardew Valley without even trying, and it’s not just because the gameplay is so engaging. Every character in the game has their own unique personality, and you’ll no doubt be endeared by at least some of them. Maximizing friendship with them takes some time and dedication, but this updated list is here to make it that much easier for you.

10 Don’t Do Things They Dislike

Sebastian confronting the player in Stardew Valley

You can build up friendship just by chatting with people once in a while, so you don’t always need to be handing out gifts and doing favors. That said, you may actually lose friendship points for some things.

For example, not talking to characters on a particular day (a slow decay each day you don’t speak with them), giving them a gift they dislike or hate, rummaging through a garbage can when they’re nearby, or hitting them with your slingshot. Some of these are common sense, but if you’ve decided to maximize a friendship with someone, don’t avoid them for too long or the relationship will suffer.

9 Complete The Bulletin Board Bundle

Stardew Valley Community Centre - Completed Bulletin Board

There are tons of fantastic rewards to earn by completing various Community Center bundles, from the repair of the greenhouse to unlocking Calico Desert. One of these bundles will help you become closer with the residents of Pelican Town.

The Bulletin Board bundle, when completed, will give you two hearts with every non-romanceable character that you’ve met. It seems that, after completing this bundle, packages with belongings will find their way to their owners, addressed from your farm. The villagers will be very pleased with you in return.

However, do note that if you decide to complete the various town projects via Joja’s Community Development Form, this reward is replaced with a soda machine reward.

8 Be Helpful During Heart Events

haley and player talking about cow photography during her heart event

With most of the villagers, you’ll be able to witness and participate in various heart events. These cutscenes take place when you’ve reached a high enough friendship level with them. During most of them, you’ll be prompted to give an answer to some problem or dialogue, chosen from a list of options.

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For many, how you respond doesn’t matter, but for some, you can actually harm or help your relationship with that particular person with your answer. Be sure to answer in a way that’s helpful, kind, or supportive. Choosing a mean or negative answer can hinder your friendship.

7 Pay Attention To Item Quality

Stardew Valley player in front of a tulip field

One way to really fast-track your friendship development with certain characters is by giving them gifts of higher quality. Items that have quality levels, such as crops, artisan goods, and foraged items, will reward more friendship points when they’re higher in quality.

When you give someone a gift they like or love, silver quality will give an extra ten percent of friendship points, gold will give an extra 25 percent, and iridium quality items give a 50 percent bonus. However, keep in mind that the quality of a gift won’t matter if you’re giving it to someone who dislikes, hates, or is neutral about it.

6 Do Bulletin Board Quests

journal with quest from sandy shown

You might have noticed an exclamation mark on the bulletin board in front of Pierre’s. This denotes a Help Wanted quest from a resident, typically asking for an item. There’s a new quest every day, and you have two days to complete one after accepting it.

If you’re trying to level up your friendship with people, you should definitely complete these favors. Not only will you earn 150 friendship points with the quest giver, but they’ll also give you cash equal to three times the item’s sell value. Not a bad bonus when trying to level up friendships.

5 Keep Gifts In Chests Near Houses

Stardew Valley player next to a placed junimo chest
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This is one of the less obvious methods for leveling up friendship. Since it can be hard to remember every person’s loved and liked gifts, it’s a good idea to just keep them nearby. That way, you can gift whomever you’re targeting something whenever you’re in the area.

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To do that, you can keep chests with people’s favorite gifts near their homes. It’s a fool-proof method to ensure you’ll never have to remember what each person likes or loves. Be sure to not place the chests where an NPC will walk through it and destroy it, though.

4 Participate In Festivals

Numerous figures are at tables and a large pot at the beach in Stardew Valley

Talking to the residents of the valley at the various annual festivals is wise in general, as you’ll receive friendship points for chatting just like any other day. However, there are three festivals where you can truly take it to the next level. The Luau, which takes place on Summer 11, tasks you with choosing an item to add to the communal potluck soup. If you add certain items, you can earn a ton of friendship points with everyone in attendance.

At the Flower Dance on Spring 24, you’ll earn a whole heart with your dance partner, should they agree to dance with you. Finally, at the Feast of the Winter Star on Winter 25, there’s a gift exchange. You’ll be told who to bring a gift to in the mail earlier that week. You’ll earn five times the number of friendship points for the gift you bring them, so make sure it’s something they appreciate!

3 Produce Universal Likes

Player making Goat Cheese in Stardew Valley

There are quite a few items that are considered “universal loves,” but they can be hard to obtain. The Prismatic Shard, the golden pumpkin, and others are loved by basically every villager. On the other hand, there are a ton of universal likes that are much easier to obtain, and can even be produced in mass quantities.

Items like mayonnaise, maple syrup, most flowers, and many vegetables are appreciated by almost everyone (with some exceptions). It’s a smart idea to produce these items in large quantities and gift them around to everyone.

2 Check The Calendar

spring calendar displaying villager birthdays

If you think the five-times bonus for gifting someone at the Feast of the Winter Star is a massive increase, just wait until you hear about the birthday bonus. Check the calendar in front of Pierre’s (or buy one to put in your house) and pay attention to when the villagers’ birthdays are.

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If you gift someone an item on their birthday, you’ll receive a whopping eight times the friendship points. For a loved gift, that’s more than two full hearts. Additionally, you can gift a villager on their birthday regardless of how many gifts you’ve already given them that week.

1 Visit The Saloon

player inside saloon, full of NPCs

Sometimes, the hardest part of improving friendship with a villager is that you can’t find them. The residents of the valley all have different schedules, placing them in different areas all the time.

However, the Stardrop Saloon is a frequent hangout for many of the residents of the town, especially on weekends. Some residents, like Pam, Emily, and Shane can be found there almost every night. But on Fridays, it seems like half the town is there in the evening. This can make friendship much easier, especially considering you can buy beer or coffee right in the saloon, and they’re both liked by almost everyone there.

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