The Best Support Commissar Build In Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

Fans of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader‘s setting are no doubt familiar with the black-clad Commissars. Charged with maintaining discipline in the ranks of the Imperium’s vast military, they’re known for their unflinching devotion to duty and their absolute intolerance for incompetence, cowardice, or insubordination. Famously, Commissars are known to shoot fleeing soldiers to cow the others into staying at their posts.




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One of the available Origins for the Lord Captain allows them to have been a part of the Officio Prefectus, having distinguished themselves on the battlefields of the galaxy. None of the playable companions are Commissars, so if you want one on your team you’ll have to roll one yourself!

This build centers on enhancing other party members and granting them additional actions. As you level up, you’ll be able to increase the rate at which you gain Momentum for your team by increasing everyone’s Resolve!


a female lord captain in a commissar's uniform in warhammer 40k rogue trader

By far the best Homeworld for a Commissar is a good old-fashioned Imperial World. If you’re looking for raw numbers, take Fellowship as your bonus Characteristic from Humanity’s Finest. The Archetypes you’ll want to focus on use Fellowship almost exclusively to determine their effectiveness, and you’ll be able to pass Social Skill tests with little problem.

As soon as you’re able, take Ready To Serve from your Homeworld Talents. Combined with the primary strategy for this build, it will give your entire team a large increase to their total Resolve gain in each fight, allowing more Heroic Acts.


Bahardor's character portrait in Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader

A Commissar can excel in nearly any Archetype, but Officer is the starting option that plays to their strengths the best. Between the additional AP and MP that you’ll be handing out with At All Costs and the extra turns granted by the Officer’s suite of abilities, your team will be able to get into position, apply buffs and debuffs, and perform more attacks overall during a single battle.

Your goal when leveling up is to progress to the Master Tactician Archetype. Like Officers, Master Tacticians rely on Fellowship, and you’ll be able to use the extra Momentum you’re getting from the team’s high Resolve to gain and use stacks of Tactical Advantage.


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a lord captain with a greatsword in warhammer 40k rogue trader

As stated before, Fellowship is your most important stat. Commissars lean slightly toward melee, but you’ll want to balance your Weapon Skill and Ballistics Skill since you’ll likely need both.

Willpower helps improve some Officer abilities, and is generally good to have when fighting psykers and Warp entities.

You can get away with ignoring Perception and Intelligence, but it will be a good idea to have companions who can make up for it as a permanent part of your team. Pasqal and Cassia are good choices for this, and since the Lord Captain will be using Officer abilities, Cassia will be free to focus on developing her unique Navigator powers.


a female lord captain smoking a long pipe in warhammer 40k rogue trader

It’s hard to argue with a good Chainsword as your primary melee weapon, but ultimately your choice of close-combat gear is a matter of preference. The real question is what kind of ranged weapon you should use, either a pistol to wield in your off-hand or a full-sized firearm for your second gear slot.

The most important factor is that your ranged weapon has a single-shot attack. That rules out area weapons like Flamers. Bolt weapons are probably the best choice overall, but they’re rare enough that you may have to choose between giving them to the Lord Captain or to Argenta.

Solid-slug weapons like Stubcarbines or Autoguns are the next best option after Bolters, and they have the added benefit of having additional penetration. Note, however, that even if a bullet passes through one enemy and hits another, only the attack’s primary target will trigger At All Costs.

Las weapons have low damage and armor penetration, so it’s very worthwhile to keep a Laspistol equipped in case you need to zap a teammate for At All Costs; they’ll barely feel it!

Since Agility isn’t one of your main Characteristics, your Commissar will be a great candidate for gaining Heavy Armor Proficiency and using the extra protection to shrug off attacks. Cover and the parry bonus from Weapon Skill will help keep you safe as well, even though you won’t be doing a lot of dodging.

Once you’re on the battlefield, remember to stay close to the other melee characters. This ensures that they’re in range of your abilities, and lets you get the Melee Superiority bonus while denying it to your enemies.


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