The Best Starship Manufacturers In Starfield

The Settled Systems of Starfield are rich, vibrant, and full of life and activities. From various unique side characters to different interesting factions, the game does its best to immerse you in all of its worlds. This immersive experience is undoubtedly why the Settled Systems have a rich history, and even the fantastic weapons and incredible starships have genuinely interesting origins.



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Each starship has a manufacturing company that produces several different ship parts that serve different functions and try to outperform their competitors in the market, so naturally, there are some that are better than others.

19 Deimos

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Deimos Showroom

Deimos specializes in a variety of ship parts, including cockpits, habs, structurals, and, most importantly, ballistic weapons.

Some of their best products include the DS40.2 Ares Bridge cockpit, the Deimos Living Quarters 3×1 hab, the 120LD landing bay, the 110DP docker, and the 320CB landing gear.

18 Taiyo Astroneering

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Taiyo Astroneering SHowroom

Taiyo Astroneering specializes in cockpits, habs, and landing gear, and they have a decent lineup from each category for you to choose from.

They have an incredibly extensive list of habs that can cover any ship build or style you may have in mind. They have the impressive Himeji Command Bridge on their list of cockpits.

17 Dogstar

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Dogstar Ship Services Building

Dogstar mainly focuses on reactors, fuel tanks, and shield generators, and they offer some outstanding ones. Dogstar’s 104DS Mag Inertial Reactor is one of the best ship reactors available in the Settled Systems.

In terms of fuel tanks, they’ve got some excellent ones, most notably the H40 Atlas He3 Tank. And for their shield generators, their 104D Guardian Shield Generator is among the best shield generators in the settled systems.

16 HopeTech

Starfield, Screenshot Of The HopeTech Building Main Enterance

HopeTech is known for its quality structurals, landing gears, and dockers, which are all essential passive ship parts that you must have of the highest quality to get an utterly noteworthy ship.

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HopeTech also produces other impressive ship parts, like their Commander 500 Bridge cockpit and their HopeTech All-In-One Berth 2×1 hab.

15 Horizon Defense

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Horizon Defense Show Room Entrance

Horizon Defense offers your ships a variety of energy and ballistic weapons, which, as you know by now, are essential if you’re going to be traveling through the treacherous solar systems of Starfield.

Their Hunter Mag-450 Missile Launcher is among the best ballistic ship weapons in the game. You can never go wrong with a good energy weapon in Starfield. Horizon Defense offers plenty; most impressively, they have the Dragon 251P UV Pulse Laser.

14 Light Scythe

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Light Scythe Weapon Installed On A Ship

Like other manufacturers, Light Scythe offers a range of ship parts to choose from. However, they are a step ahead of most of their competitors in the quality of their energy weapons.

Light Scythe’s Atlatl line of ballistic ship weapons are some of the best in the game. You could also make a strong argument for their Exterminator 95MeV Auto Helion Beam and a few other great energy, ballistic, and missile weapons that they have on offer.

13 Nautilus

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Ship Outfitted With Nautilus Products

Nautilus mainly focuses on shields for your starships, but they have some solid options for you to choose from in the ship fuel tank department as well.

Among their incredible list of shield generators, Fortress A3 is one of the best shield generators in the game. They also have other solid options, like the Tower N420 and Bastille S84 shield generators.

12 Reladyne

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Ship Outfitted With Reladyne Gear

Reladyne focuses on ship engines and grav drives, two crucial parts for your ship’s maneuverability, travel and power output.

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Reladyne’s J-52 Gamma Drive is the best grav drive for your ships in Starfield. Regarding ship engines, their White Dearf 3030, Nova 1050, and Supernova 2200 are some of the most impressive ship engines available in the game.

11 Slayton Aerospace

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Slayton Aerospace Receptionist Area

Slayton Aerospace mainly focuses on ship engines and grav drives and is a direct competitor of Stroud Eklund. Interestingly enough, during one of the main quest missions on the beautiful Neon, you will butt heads with the man in charge of Slayton Aerospace, Nicklaus Slayton.

Slayton Aerospace is behind the SDG 2300 grav drive, one of the game’s most impressive grav drives. Their ship engines are also very impressive, and they are responsible for the SAE 5220 ship engine, which is up there with some of the best ship engines in the Settled Systems.

10 Amunn Dunn

Starfield, Screenshot Of AN Amunn Dunn Reactor Installed On A Ship

Amunn Dunn is among the most easily recognizable and trusted names in the Settled Systems regarding tested and trusted ship reactors.

They have so many top-tier reactors for you to choose from, depending on how you want to build your ship. Most notably, they have the Amunn Dunn-X 300 engine and the Theta Pinch D9 reactor. They also have a long list of ship engines for you to choose from.

9 Deep Core

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Deep Core Reactor Installed On A Ship

Deep Core specializes in grav drives and cargo holds, which may not come up too often but are very important if you’re looking to explore mine resources and loot as many areas as possible.

Their Spheromak DC202 ship reactor immediately springs to mind when discussing some of the best ship reactors you can acquire. They also offer a good range of grav drives with some genuinely high-quality stuff, like the Apollo GV300 grav drive.

8 Panoptes

Satrfield, Screenshot Of A Panoptes Cargo Hold Installed On A Ship

Panoptes has one main goal: to manufacture the best ship engine in the Settled Systems. They have a good list of cargo holds that make your looting and resource gathering more effective and enjoyable.

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However, their single most remarkable achievement is the production of the Poseidon DT-230, which is undoubtedly the best ship engine available in Starfield. They also boast the game’s second-best ship engine, the Poseidon DT-220 engine.

7 Protectorate Systems

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Protectorate Systems Cargo Hold On The Ship Overview Screen

Protectorate Systems is determined to produce some of the best cargo holds the Settled Systems have ever seen. If you get your hands on one of their better cargo holds for your ship, your resource-gathering and looting capabilities will skyrocket.

They also have some fantastic shield generators to boost the defensive capabilities of your ship in the face of danger. Their Odin 3050-C shield generator is among Starfield’s best available shield generators.

6 Sextant Shield Systems

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Sextant Shield Systems Shielded Cargo Hold Installed On A Ship

With Sextant Shield Systems’ products, you can rest assured that your precious cargo and important ship crew are perfectly safe.

They have a variety of incredible shields, like the Deflector SG-30 shield generator, the Warden SG-400 shield generator, and the Assurance SG-1800 shield generator, which is the best shield generator in the game.

5 Shinigami

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Ship Outfitted With Shinigami Ship Parts

Shinigami solely focuses on ship weapons and is behind some of the most impressive energy and laser weapons you can attach to your ship.

They have incredible ship weapons like the Reza 300PHz SX Pulse Laser Turret, which is capable of some astonishing damage and is up there among some of the best laser weapons available in the Settled Systems.

4 Xiang

Satrfield, Screenshot Of A Xiang Ship Part On A Ship

Xiang focuses solely on ship reactors; as such, they have some of the most impressive ship reactors you can get your hands on in Starfield.

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Xiang is behind the Tokmak X-300 reactor and the Ion Beam H-1030 reactor, which are two of the best ship reactors overall in the Settled Systems.

3 Nova Galactic

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Nova Galactic Grav Drive On A Ship

The Nova Galactic Company is one of the most prominent ship manufacturers in the Settled Systems. They are best known for their work on some of the finest cockpits, habs, and structurals you can get your hands on in the Settle Systems.

The Nova Galactic Company is responsible for brilliant ship parts like the Cabot C4 Bridge cockpit; they are also behind the NG220 Grav Drive, one of the game’s best grav drives.

2 Stroud Eklund

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Stroud Eklund Company Waiting Area

Stroud Eklund is one of 19 ship manufacturers in Starfield. Their primary specialties are their cockpits, habs, bays, dockers, and structurals. They are behind the impressive Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge cockpit; they have a long list of habs for you to choose from and a good number of structurals as well.

You may recognize one of the names in the company name. That is because Stroud Eklund is partly owned by constellation member Walter Stroud, one of the game’s most interesting side characters. The company is also tied to the All That Money Can Buy side quest.

1 Ballistic Solutions Inc

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Ship Outfitted With Parts From Ballistic Solutions Inc

Ballistic Solutions Inc. has some of the best ship weapons and fuel tanks on the market in the Settled Systems. They are the makers of the 800T He3 Tank, one of the game’s best fuel tanks.

As for weapons, Ballistic Solutions Inc. offers some of the best ship weapons anyone can get their hands on, including the PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam, PBO-175 Auto Helion Beam, KE-42 Cannon, PB-30 Electron Beam, and most impressively, the PBO-30 Auto Electron Beam.

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