The Best Standing Desks In 2023

There’s a growing consensus that alternating between sitting and standing can supercharge your productivity. Studies show that if you sit down for too long, you might find yourself frequently distracted, uncomfortable, or just longing for a stretch.



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Many professionals—especially those working remotely—swear by standing desks for sparking creativity and maintaining focus. In this article, we’ll spotlight the best standing desks out there to help you optimize your workspace and keep that productivity engine running smoothly.

Insignia NS-SDSK-BL Standing Desk (Best Overall)

Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk with a laptop on it.

The Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk is a blend of style and functionality. Effortlessly switch between sitting at 28.7 inches and standing at 48.4 inches with a quiet motor that doesn’t disturb your workflow. Built with a durable steel frame, it offers a spacious 47.2 in. × 23.6 in. workspace, and its sleek black design complements any room.

A standout feature is the generous under-desk space and included cable ties, ensuring a clutter-free setup. The anti-collision technology is a smart touch, reversing the desk if it hits an obstacle. While we wished for memory function buttons for height preferences, the overall performance is commendable.

If you’re in the market for a cost-effective, reliable standing desk, the Insignia is hard to beat.

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SIAGO Electric Standing Desk (Best for Cable Management)

SIAGO Electric Standing Desk

The SIAGO Electric Standing Desk can transform your workspace. Setting it up is relatively straightforward, although a second pair of hands could make it even smoother. What stands out the most is its build quality – sturdy metal frame and a firm wooden top – ensuring it’s built to last. The height adjustability feature is seamless, allowing easy transitions between sitting and standing. Plus, the memory settings are a godsend, especially if you’re sharing the desk.

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Aesthetically, its modern design with a walnut finish elevates any room’s look. While it might lean on the pricier side, the value it offers in terms of functionality, style, and durability is worth the investment. Coupled with prompt customer service, the SIAGO desk is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to upgrade their work-from-home setup.

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ErGear L-Shaped Standing Desk (Best for Desk Space)

Ergear L Shaped Standing Desk

If you’re someone who needs ample workspace, the ErGear L-Shaped Standing Desk won’t disappoint. The L-shaped design grants more room to spread out, ensuring you never feel cramped. Plus, its flexible assembly means you can set it up with the longer side to your left or right—whichever suits your preference and space.

We were genuinely impressed with the outstanding stability of this desk. The solid steel frame coupled with aerospace-grade lifting column connectors ensures that this desk remains unwavering, even when fully extended.

We found the assembly to be straightforward. However, a pro-tip from our side: Make sure you’re assembling it on a solid surface. This way, the tabletop aligns perfectly with the frame.

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Klobel Standing Desk (Best for Gaming)

Klobel Standing Desk-1

Perfect for those marathon sessions, the Klobel Standing Desk lets you switch from sitting to standing smoothly with a dual motor lift system. Not just for gaming, its expansive 71″ x 31.5″ surface suits any work or hobby.

Stability is top-notch, thanks to its four legs and dual motors. Plus, there’s ample side space for your PCs.

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Extras like a gaming headphone holder, LED light strip, and cable management tools are the cherries on top.

But much like every other product, it does come with a few downsides. Its sleek surface can be a fingerprint magnet—and the under-frame might get in your way occasionally. Also, if you’re moving, detaching the legs can be a chore.

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Victor DC840W Standing Desk (Best Premium Standing Desk)

Victor DC840W Standing Desk with dual monitors on top

Boasting a spacious 48″ x 23.6″ workspace, the Victor DC840W Standing Desk can effortlessly support up to 110 lbs. The height adjustability feature, ranging from 28.7″ to 48.4″, combined with its electric operation, caters to all height preferences and is surprisingly quiet. Its standout feature is the ability to save up to four height preferences with an intuitive memory setting. Assembly is straightforward, thanks to pre-drilled holes and unique connectors.

The desk also impresses with its anti-collision sensitivity, ensuring protection from obstacles, and adjustable feet that cater to uneven floors. While we love its overall functionality, a dedicated reset button would have been a nice touch. The Victor DC840W is a durable, efficient, and versatile choice for those looking to optimize their workspace.

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Azonanor Standing Desk (Best Budget Standing Desk)

Azonanor standing desk with gaming set up on top

Quality doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. The Azonanor Standing Desk is a testament to that. For those who clock in extended hours at their workspace, this desk proves to be a budget-friendly ally in promoting both comfort and productivity.

The electric adjustable height mechanism is its star feature. This allows for seamless transitions between sitting and standing, backed by a quiet and efficient motor. It would be more ideal if they added a few more height memory presets. Nevertheless, the ease of assembly, thoughtful cable management, and spacious surface make this an exceptional budget-friendly choice.

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Armocity Standing Desk (Best for Convertibility)

Armocity Standing Desk shown in different locations

You’ve probably been there – squinting from a headache or rubbing a sore neck after hours at your desk. But with this desk, you can easily adjust its height anywhere from 27.5 to 41 inches. The C-shaped design is also perfect for sliding up to your couch or bed, making it versatile for just about any space in your home. Whether you’re working, snacking, or just browsing, this desk will fit right in.

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No need to worry about it scooting away – the non-slip footpads ensure stability. We were also impressed with the 2-tier storage shelves, making organization a breeze. If you’re nervous about DIY assembly, you’re in for a treat. You won’t need a PhD in furniture assembly for this one. With clearly labeled parts and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have your desk up and ready in no time.

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Monomi Electric Standing Desk (Best With Wheels)

Monomi Standing Desk wide shot anmd close up on controls

Mobility meets functionality with the Monomi Electric Standing Desk. Its customizable height adjustments ensure adaptability across varied users and setups. The spacious 55” x 28” eco-friendly desktop comfortably accommodates two gaming monitors, a laptop, and still has room for additional workspace.

Constructed with an industrial-grade steel frame, this desk has a significant 188 lbs weight capacity. Meanwhile, its T-shaped base assures stability at all heights.The advanced motor not only promises longevity but includes a safety feature to counter obstacles. The assembly is also made seamless with a detailed manual, video guidance, and dedicated customer support.

You can choose between two modes: Wheeled casters or suction boots.This desk is a standout choice for those seeking flexibility in their workspace.

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How To Choose The Right Standing Desk

Selecting the ideal standing desk is more than just picking a trendy piece of office furniture. Use these tips to make a more informed choice:

  1. Ensure the desk adjusts to accommodate both sitting and standing positions, factoring in shoes and equipment height.
  2. Choose a desk size that fits essential equipment like monitors, keyboards, and daily supplies.
  3. Opt for a desk that supports the combined weight of your computer, monitors, and other heavy items.
  4. Prioritize desks with T-shaped legs for stability and test at multiple heights, especially if you’re taller.
  5. Select a desk with an adjustment mechanism—electric or manual—that’s both convenient and dependable.
  6. Look for a desk made of durable materials that complements your office’s aesthetic.
  7. Consider desks with added features like memory settings or cable management based on your specific needs.

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