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Whether it be an evil witch or a heroic queen, sorcerers are all over the Disney franchise and have made their way to Disney Lorcana’s The First Chapter. Conjuring up spells and stirring the pot, these cards all provide impact for their respective colors.



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The keyword Sorcerer hasn’t seen any synergy yet with abilities on cards but that can change as time goes on. We have seen keywords have synergy with each other, for example, Musketeer cards, and that same principle can be applied to any keyword in the future. For now, these are the ten best Sorcerer cards that are in set one of Disney Lorcana.

10 Yzma, Alchemist

Disney Lorcana Artwork of Yzma in her science lab making a pink position

If you are familiar with the scry mechanic from Magic: The Gathering this card works the exact same way. Yzma, Alchemist’s ability allows you to look at the top card of your deck and place it either back on the top or put it on the bottom.

With Yzma being a two-cost, you can play her down early and have the ability to dig through your deck to find the cards you need. With draw cards Maleficent, Sorceress; and Friends On The Other Side being in the Amethyst color and being played religiously, being able to find those cards early and often is a great use for Yzma.

9 Maleficent, Uninvited

maleficent, uninvited

The only Maleficent card outside the Amethyst color, the reason she is so valuable to Sapphire is that three lore value she carries. In a color where ink ramp is the main characteristic, you can potentially play this card two turns early with the use of One Jump Ahead and be off to the questing races.

Her six willpower is what also makes her a strong adversary for any opponent to remove from the board. Unless a hard removal action is played, it can take multiple characters to take out Maleficent, Uninvited early on in the game. When board states are trying to be developed. having a two-for-one trade in your favor can be pivotal.

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8 Jafar, Wicked Sorcerer

jafar, wicked sorcerer

As it is said in Jafar’s name, when he is played he can change the course of the game in a few turns as all wicked Disney characters attempt to do. He has Challenger 3, and alongside his base strength stat of two, he can hit higher willpower characters as soon as he turns four.

He also has a willpower stat of five and is able to take in a few hits if he is going after smaller characters. This can provide multiple turn value if he is able to quote-unquote “stand guard” for your characters as he is going to be able to defend them turn after turn. He does have the ability to quest for one, but when playing Jafar, Wicked Sorcerer, look to challenge a lot with him.

7 Mickey Mouse, Wayward Sorcerer

mickey mouse - sorcerer full card lorcana

The good ole Mouse has got a different appearance on this Lorcana card. Mickey Mouse, Wayward Sorcerer is a four-cost character with three strength, four willpower, and a two-lore value. On paper, not looking at abilities, that is already a great card to be playing down as mid-game approaches.

His abilities are where he shines. Both of them have synergy with broom characters and with the card Magic Broom, Bucket Brigade being in The First Chapter and being able to bring back a character from the discard, Mickey adds much value to any deck running brooms.

His ability Animate Broom allows you to pay one less for each broom card and Ceaseless Worker allows you to return any broom character to your hand after it’s defeated in a challenge. Simply put, when a Mickey/Broom train gets going, it’s hard to stop.

6 Maleficent, Biding Her Time

maleficent biding her time full card lorcana

One of two characters that have two lore on their card as a one cost, Maleficent, Biding Her Time is one of the best early game lore quality characters. Being able to drop this card down turn one and barring any removal being able to quest next turn for two is a great early game head start.

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And she is also great for mid to late game too. She is another body that can be put on the board and is a threat due to her having two lore. Her uninkability is a bit of a hazard to keep in mind when putting her into Amethyst decks, but at the one cost she can usually be played on any turn and not being able to ink her won’t come into play a lot.

5 Dr. Facilier, Agent Provocateur

Disney Lorcana's art work of Dr Facilier holding out his hand with green lights of magic around him

Recursion is the name of the game with Dr. Facilier, Agent Provocateur. His ability Into The Shadows allows you to return your other characters to your hand after they are banished in a challenge. Being able to cycle through characters and then be able to play them down again after being sent back to your hand is plenty handy.

He also has two shift targets for his Shift 5. There is a two-cost and three-cost Facilier in The First Chapter that can each be played in a deck with this Dr. Facilier. After he does come into play, along with his ability is a three-lore character and also has very respectable stats with four strength and five willpower. A formidable foe for any opponent who has to deal with him.

4 Rafiki, Mysterious Sage

Rafiki Disney Lorcana Card

Rush rush rush. That is what Rafiki, Mysterious Sage is all about. Being able to drop down Rafiki and immediately run into an opposing character is key. His three-strength stat is huge as he is able to hit those pesky three-willpower characters that are trying to get your opponent’s board established.

This is one of those uninkable cards that should be considered for every Amethyst deck. There is Zeus, God of Lightning as another Rush character option, but specifically on turn three, this can be a momentum-stopping card. And if your opponent doesn’t have any characters on the field, he’s still a great card to drop down to start questing and/or prepare for any threats.

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3 Maleficent, Sorceress

Image of the Maleficent, Sorceress card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Valerio Buonfantino

The third and final Maleficent card on the list, Maleficent Sorceress is a part of the Amethyst draw engine that is a part of every deck that plays that color. Being able to play Mal down and then replenish your hand in a game that doesn’t have a ton of draw yet is a huge advantage especially when mid-game turns are approaching.

The next best thing about Maleficent is she can sing Friend On The Other Side which allows you to draw two cards when played. The turn three Maleficent, then turn four FOTOS has become a staple in Amethyst as it essentially replenishes your hand for you. The draw power with this card is one of the best in the game.

2 Ursula, Power Hungry

Ursula, PH-1

One of two major Amethyst powerhouse cards from The First Chapter, Ursula, Power Hungry can do it all. First off, her ability It’s Too Easy says when she is played, each one of your opponents loses lore, and you draw as many cards as lore was lost. In single player this is great, but in multiplayer this benefits even more.

Then she becomes a three-lore value quester and has eight willpower to back her up. The ability to have her sit on the field for multiple turns unless hard removal is spent on her is huge and can change the course of a game with that much lore being quested for each turn.

1 Elsa, Spirit of Winter

Elsa, SoW-1

Arguably one of the best cards in The First Chapter as a whole, Elsa, Spirit of Winter provides tremendous value when she is played down. Her ability Deep Freeze lets her exert up to two chosen characters, and they can’t ready at the start of their next turn. This one, stops your opponent from using them during their turn and two, opens them up for challenges from your characters. Two great benefits.

Then she becomes a three-lore value character who also has four strength and six willpower so any character who challenges her is going to find it difficult as she can withstand multiple hits and also hit for a quality amount back. She also has Shift 6, so she can come down even earlier.

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