The Best Songs In Samba De Amigo: Party Central

Though there are plenty of rhythm games that are more for the hardcore type of player, Samba de Amigo is like opening up a party on your Switch! The latest game in the series, Samba de Amigo: Party Central, has a full lineup of over 40 songs, including DLC from beloved games, such as Sonic and the Yakuza series.



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Whether you’re looking for something to ease you back into the game, or you have been anticipating the release of this game for years, there’s going to be a song that will get you moving and become an instant classic. Will you find your new favorite below?

9 Baka Mitai (Taxi Driver Edition)

Kiryu prepares to sing the titualar song

If you’ve been anywhere on the gaming side of the internet, you are bound to run into this song at some point in a meme or a video. It’s not surprising; it’s a soulful rendition of a song about a man’s regret and how he longs to right the wrongs in his life and those he loves. You can tell Kiryu sings this from the heart each time he turns on his karaoke mic.

The rhythm map of this song is an easy one to slip right into. Whether this is your first time picking the game up or you’re shaking the dust off as a Samba de Amigo veteran before getting into the real meat of the song list, it’s a perfect song to start you off.

8 Move Your Feet

Move Your Feet singles cover from Junior Senior

It would be a miss not having this Super Junior Classic on the list. This song has been in over 15 rhythm games; it’s almost become a rite of passage to include this bad boy in your game. And why wouldn’t it? The beat is infectious and makes you want to dance while simultaneously being a laid-back type of song.

Ironically, this game requires very little movement of the feet outside of certain poses. You may not be moving your feet, but the rest of your body will have to do a surprising amount of jumping and shooting (the dance) throughout the harder mode.

7 Plastic Hearts

Plastic Hearts single cover featuring Miley Cyrus

She plays at a mid-tempo, but don’t underestimate this song. Plastic Hearts invokes the punk-ish vibes of the 80s and 90s while keeping the sound she is known for. The genre homage fits the song’s themes of giving pain and sadness the middle finger. Plastic Hearts isn’t a song you think of when thinking of a rhythm game, but it’s a tricky one, it turns out.

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The song misleads you into a false sense of ease by starting with a few simple dance moves when it suddenly switches into overdrive and begins throwing all kinds of jumps and arm swings your way in an almost frenzy. It was definitely made for dancing.

6 Fugue In G Minor

Fugue In G Minor showing how difficult the song will be

Classical music tracks and their remixes always make for a fun surprise hit in rhythm games. Beethoven’s Für Elise is a prominent staple of the Dance Dance Revolution series, so why not spread that love for the classics around? Like Johann Sebastian Bach, for example. It’s shocking how little his music has been in, but luckily, this game has added some.

Fugue in G Minor originally is a piece written specifically for the organ but has been translated to other instruments throughout the ages, proving its staying power. There’s something about the modernization of it, such as adding rapid percussion, which makes the organs sound almost imposing. It makes the song both exciting and intimidating to dance to, but in a fun way.

5 Theme Of Phantom R

Close up protagonist Phantom R, also known as Raphael

The rhythm game series that never was. Rhythm Thief was exclusively on the 3DS, and with no plans to update it, you pretty much missed out on the classic game that it should have been if you didn’t get to play it. A detective puzzle/rhythm game set to an upbeat, jazzy soundtrack, what more could you ask for? Alas, this is all we have.

Luckily, Samba de Amigo took it upon itself to let its short-lived legacy live on by giving you the title track to shake your maracas at. The song map is full of energetic dancing that fits the song’s upbeat tempo and feel. It’s certain to be an instant favorite for your list.

4 Escape From The City

Sonic attempting to escape the city on skateboard

3D Sonic games don’t have the best reputation when it comes to gameplay, graphics, or much else. That’s slowly changed since the disastrous release of Sonic Adventure, which left fans of the series with a bad taste in their mouth. Yet, even from the ashes of its less-than-ideal reputation, the soundtrack 3D Sonic has remained its saving grace, starting with its shining jewel, Escape From The City.

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Instead of running from the cops, like in Sonic Adventure 2, you’re treated to a dance-off between your character and the titular Sonic while standing on the infamous hill while a giant mechanical monster politely waits in the background for you to finish your dance.

3 Pa’lla

Just one of the many poses you'll have to do in the song

You know, for a game centered around partying with maracas, you’d think there’d be more songs like this one. It’s fast and high energy. Why, it’s practically made to dance. Not to mention, it’s a staple among those who take Zumba classes, so you know you’re in for a good time.

On the hardest difficulty, this song maxes out on its difficulty maracas, letting you know that this song isn’t here to play games; it’s here to make you sweat by any means necessary. So much so that it will give even long-time veterans pause before giving it their all.

2 Panama

Panama's difficulty showing to be on the low side

This doesn’t seem like it would place so high on the list, but how could you go wrong with such a chilled, relaxing song about partying? Take all your worries and let them float away in the sky, and take a moment to take in the scene. That’s what Panama is all about.

Even on its hardest difficulty, Panama encourages you to dance in the most chill way. The tempo isn’t too fast, and the dance moves and poses are on the lower end of the extreme spectrum. It is perfect for beginners and pros alike, but you’ll probably be tempted to play it back-to-back once it’s over.

1 Vamos A Carnaval

you and your dance partner about to start the dance

Come on, did you think it was going to be anything else but Vamos a Carnaval in the top slot? The song has been in every iteration of the game since its flagship title on the Dreamcast. Everything from the looks to the sound equals pure happiness and demands your full attention to the party happening on your screen.

Surprisingly, they’ve changed very little from how it played in the Dreamcast game, so if you were a master at this song all those years ago, you’d get an S rank before you even knew it. You couldn’t have Samba de Amigo without Vamos a Carnaval, so it’s good to see it return once again.

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