The Best Skills And Strategies For Supports In Evil Dead: The Game

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Support characters are essential to the group’s survival in Evil Dead: The Game. Every team should have exactly one Support character – without one, the Survivors have a much higher chance of being overrun by the forces of evil. Each Support character excels at protecting their teammates differently, so choosing the right character for the team can be an enormous asset.

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Cheryl, Pablo, David, and original-flavor Ash might not end the match with the most kills, but their presence makes it much more likely that the ritual will be completed and the Kandarian Demon banished.

Updated October 19, 2023, by Sean Murray: It’s not easy keeping your team alive, which is why we’ve refreshed this guide to help support the Support players in Evil Dead: The Game. This guide has been given improved formatting and more breakout tips to make it easier to keep your team going and to build either Cheryl, Pablo, David, or Ash into a real threat.

How To Play Support In Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead the game cheryl with rifle

As a Support, your job is to stay with the group no matter where they go.

If somebody runs off into the woods alone (something that happens dismayingly often), don’t try to rescue them – the Support leaving the main group is exactly what the Demon wants.

When a Survivor runs out of Health and is bleeding out during a battle, it’s essential that the Support drop everything and revive them. Support characters have early skills that benefit the entire group when they’re the one to revive a fallen teammate.

If a fellow Survivor dies, let someone else collect their soul since you’ll need to focus on protecting the soul carrier when the group reaches an altar.

Supports eventually gain the ability to carry more Shemp’s Cola and Amulets. While you should absolutely use them as needed to keep yourself alive, the purpose of your extra carrying capacity is so that you can drop items for other Survivors to take when they need them.

It’s good practice to assess everyone’s Health after each artifact fight and drop as many items as necessary near the loot chest that spawns.

While you’ll certainly see your share of combat throughout the match, you should leave the high-tier weapons for other Survivors. All you need is a decent weapon in each slot with which to defend yourself, and your team will handle the rest. Keep an eye out for hand-me-downs when a teammate discards their old weapon for a better one; that Rare Machete isn’t doing anything useful lying on the ground, after all.

The exception to this rule is if you’re somehow the only Ash on the team. In this rare scenario, you’re well within your rights to take the best Chainsaw you can find – who else is going to use it?

As you find bottles of Pink F throughout the match, focus your growth on Health and Stamina. This will keep you alive longer and make it easier to sprint to Survivors who need your help.

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amanda fisher pablo simon bolivar

Support characters should focus more on skills that will help them do their job than on skills that increase their effectiveness in combat. Regardless of which character you choose, First Aid and Courage In Numbers are important early picks as they will grant extra benefits when you revive a teammate.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead)

Evil Dead 1981 Bruce Campbell character model

Ash is the fightiest of the Supports, making the top row of the Skill Tree a critical component of his strategy. Unlike Cheryl and Pablo, Ash needs to be aggressive to grant the team his unique benefits.

Wig Splitter further increases the benefit of Ash’s headshots, and its prerequisite Seeing Stars further incentivizes him to use heavy melee attacks. A detour into Stopping Power once tier three is unlocked makes Ash’s ranged attacks better overall even if he misses the headshot.

Support Ash should use fast, one-handed weapons like the Machete. Since his heavy melee attacks provide healing to the team, he needs to make the as often as possible.

Cheryl Williams

Ellen Sandweiss character model

Cheryl eventually gains the ability to benefit the entire team when she drinks a Shemp’s Cola, so her first priority should be filling up the second row from the bottom. Her carrying capacity for the sublime soda is increased with Deep Pockets: Shemp’s Cola, and each level of Packing Pop lets her start the match with a can already in her inventory.

From there, Cheryl is in a great position to continue along the same branch, boosting her Health with Industrial Strength before becoming the ultimate revival machine with Good Karma and Brave Survivor.

Pablo Simon Bolivar

Evil Dead Ray Santiago with character model

Pablo can craft Amulets for the team to use, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t make extensive use of them himself. Deep Pockets: Amulets, Reinforced Amulet, and Improved Amulet all go a long way toward making Pablo the hardest Support character to bump off.

If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of healing ability, the requirement of Long Life Batteries for the Amulet skills gives Pablo a stepping stone to unlock Arcane Knowledge and Fast Forward, making it much easier to collect the map pieces and artifacts in a timely manner.

Not only does this prevent the clock from running out, but it also gives the Demon less time to level up before the final battle!

David Allen

Shiloh Fernandez

David doesn’t have a lot of Skill synergy with his Active Ability, but his passives combine to make him one of the most well-rounded Supports available. He’s best used as a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to keeping the team alive.

Whenever David drinks a Shemp’s Cola, nearby allies get a brief defense boost. Maximize on this by starting on the second row from the bottom of the Skill Tree. Deep Pockets and Packing Pop let David use this boon more often during the match.

Nail Guns are so-so as weapons go, making David’s Weapon Mastery contingent on finding one of a worthwhile rarity.

Once you have your Shemp’s enhancements locked in, focus on the top two rows of the Skill Tree. Wig Splitter and Hollow Points both help David settle into a role as a secondary ranged attacker, helping the Hunter conserve ammo and staying near the melee Survivors.

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