The Best Single Floodborn Cards To Buy First In Disney Lorcana

Disney’s Lorcana has been gaining a lot of traction because of how complex yet enjoyable the card game is. This particular installment features all sorts of unique cards that spice up the current meta while introducing new ways to build decks.




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Each card comes with its unique quirks. From a wide selection of character cards, items, and songs, it can be tough to determine which individual card is viable enough to warrant purchasing as a single. It all depends on how competitive and strategic you want your game to be.

11 Happy, Good Natured

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off To Quest We Go

Happy, Good Natured Card

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Happy from the seven dwarves? With this card, you get a balanced set of stats even though the ink cost is moderately high. It can also be used as ink.

While it can’t generate much lore, this card can help you buff other character cards. Whenever you quest using this card, you can add its strength to any of your chosen characters for the current turn. This Floodborn can come in handy during skirmishes and can help you balance your deck’s cost issues without compromising by including certain other lower-strength cards.

10 Strength Of A Raging Fire

Let’s Get Down To Business To Defeat Anyone

Strength Of A Raging Fire Card

Inspired by one of the most iconic songs in Mulan, this card only costs three ink to play for a rewarding payoff. Using this song and action card, you can deal damage to any chosen card equal to the number of cards you currently have in play. It’s an excellent resource that can level the playing field for you; thus, it justifies its cost.

While it might not be one of the strongest cards in any deck, it can cause a significant amount of damage when used right. If you play it near the end of the game, you can banish any worrying opposing characters with ease.

9 World’s Greatest Criminal Mind

A Clutch Card

World's Greatest Criminal Mind Card

While The Great Mouse Detective is one of Disney’s most overlooked movies, this song popularized it to many audiences. The ink cost of this song and action card is not much compared to the value you get from it.


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When using this card, you can banish any character with five strength points or more. Even some of the best cards in your opponent’s deck won’t survive such an attack. Eliminating your competition without exhausting any of your forces makes this card fairly valuable.

8 Goofy, Knight For A Day

There’s Nothing Goofy About This Card

Goofy, Knight for a Day Card

Goofy, the endearing anthropomorphic dog, packs a punch with a card that comes at a heavy cost but provides multiple times the value. The ink cost for this card is quite high, but it can help you take out multiple opposing characters with the whopping ten strength and willpower points.

Aside from creating a solid defense, you also get an excellent amount of lore with this card. Whether you want to focus on questing or attacking, this card is great for both purposes. It’s a novel asset to own and comes with some spectacular artwork that shows off Goofy’s strengths.

7 Beast, Tragic Hero

Easy On The Eyes But A Killer Move

Beast, Tragic Hero Card

There’s nothing tragic about this Floodborn card when it comes to its unique set of perks. If this card hasn’t been challenged yet, you can simply draw another card from your deck.

However, if your opponent challenges this character, you get four additional strength points. The strength and willpower stats are already good, so any extra push gives you a significant advantage. It’s not a very expensive card, but tactical players can see how worthwhile getting their hands on a couple of these is.

6 Kronk, Junior Chipmunk

Generosity Isn’t His Only Trait

Kronk, Junior Chipmunk Card

Kronk might struggle with pulling the right lever, but he can certainly deal a heavy blow. A great card for mid-game tactics, you not only get a balanced amount of strength and willpower but also a decent bit of lore. That, coupled with the fact that it barely costs anything to get your hands on one of these, makes it a must-have addition to your deck.


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The card’s effect can tip the scales in your favor. Any damage dealt to this card is reduced by a point, and you can also deal two points of damage after banishing any of your opponent’s cards during a turn.

5 Scar, Vicious Cheater

He Will Do Anything To Become King

Scar, Vicious Cheater Card

No need to ready this heavy-hitting card since it can attack as soon as it is played. The downside to this card is that it can’t be used as ink, but you get decent strength and willpower stats for the ink cost.

On top of that, it can also generate a passable amount of lore, which justifies its cost. The effect this card carries guarantees you a succession of attacks, so it is fairly viable for competitive play and may see its cost rise in the future.

4 Charge!

A valuable Asset

Charge! Card

An underrated gem that can help you gain the upper hand, this action card’s effect is very advantageous relative to the cost. Using this card can buff any of your chosen characters by increasing both their strength and willpower by two points.

The low ink cost ensures that you can play this card at any point in the game to save any valuable characters from being banished. Since the asking price for it is relatively low, it’d be a disservice to yourself if you wind up not owning one or two.

3 Perplexing Signposts

Great For A Second Wind For Lost Souls

Perplexing Signposts Card

While the character cards are the highlight for many when it comes to competitive play, this item card can be beneficial in any game. If you have this card in your deck, use it wisely.


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Since it can return any of your banished character cards, wait for the right moment to play this card. It can be a great card when played strategically and can prove its viability over the course of the game if you’re ever backed into a corner. It may seem like a dumb purchase now, but it’s a solid entry to the set that will help balance out your deck.

2 Merlin, Crab

Transform You Game

Merlin, Crab Card

Everyone’s favorite wizard takes on the form of a crab to help you get ahead of your opponent. With a low ink cost, you can get good defense and attack capabilities, but generating lore with it can be a struggle. Don’t let that tiny setback dissuade you from getting your own copy of the card, though.

Aside from that, this card enables you to strengthen your other cards after taking on a challenge. After using this card for attack/defense, you can use it to buff up any chosen character’s strength by three points.

1 Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer

Bibbidy Bobbidy Broken

Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer Card

Some Lorcana games get so competitive, you might wish you had a fairy godmother to help you power through. That’s where this card really shows its worth. While the ink cost and strength and willpower stats are fairly balanced, you can also generate a decent share of lore.

This Floodborn card is practically an inexhaustible resource. Even questing gives all your character cards in play an advantage by boosting their strength by three points when challenging. If this card gets banished, you can return it to your hand during the turn, so it’s well worth the asking price. You’re probably going to see it all the time in other people’s decks.


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