The Best Shotguns In Starfield

In Starfield, there are many options and variations of weapons that you can choose from, all serving different purposes, being used in different scenarios, dealing different kinds of damage, and causing various effects.



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There are many great ship weapons to choose from; you can also select from any number of excellent handguns or opt for some of the best rifles in the game. You could also go for a great shotgun, either as part of your arsenal or as the main focus of your build. Either way, here are some of the most impressive shotguns in Starfield.

9 The Coachman

Starfield, Sreenshot Of A Coachman Shotgun

The Coachman is incredibly powerful and can deal 62 physical damage to your targets despite its limited range of 20 and accuracy of 38.4 percent.

It is one of the most powerful handheld weapons in Starfield and one of the coolest-looking shotguns in the game. It has a magazine capacity of two and a rate of fire of 47. The Coachman has seven available mod slots with which you can improve this already fantastic weapon.

8 The Pacifier

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Pacifier Shotgun In The Hands Of A character

The Pacifier is an immensely powerful shotgun capable of devastating shots worth 71 physical damage with each hit. The Pacifier has a shotgun’s expected low fire rate and range stats, both being 20.

However, for a shotgun, the Pacifier’s 45 percent accuracy percentage is quite impressive and worth the 4,590 credits it’ll cost to acquire. This weapon has six mod slots that you can use to improve its capabilities further.

7 Old Earth Shotgun

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Old Earth Shotgun

The Old Earth Shotgun has a very unique aesthetic when placed next to other weapons in Starfield. It is simply a shotgun — no lasers, platinum beams, or anything of the sort.

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While this may seem plain and boring, this weapon is unique from a role-play standpoint. It stands out from all the other weapons and is reminiscent of the world and time that humanity knew before they went on to conquer the stars. This weapon would also pair nicely with other old earth weapons like the Livingstone’s pistol and the Gallows’s Reach rifle to complete an old Earth aesthetic.

6 Shotty

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Shotty Shutgun

The Shotty is an impressive futuristic shotgun that does 60 physical damage with each shot. It has 20 range, 35.2 percent accuracy, a fire rate of 60, and a magazine capacity of 12 so don’t let the simple name fool you.

The Shotty has eight available mod slots and supports beneficial modifications like an EM-charged shot, an extended mag, and slug shots, which can double and even triple the effects of this weapon. The Shotty only costs 7,368 credits, which makes it one of the cheaper, top-quality weapons you can obtain.

5 Rapidshot

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Rapidshot Shotgun

The Rapidshot is an absolute menace, capable of immense destruction. This weapon packs 99 physical in each shot and has a rate of fire of 18, which is standard for a shotgun. It has a range of 24 and an accuracy percentage of 56.9 percent.

While the 99 physical damage is impressive enough, the Rapidshot also has the maximum number of mod slots, so you can improve it as much as possible. The Rapidshot has a rare effect that increases your attack speed by 25 percent after every few shots, making it even more devastating.

4 Experiment A-7

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Experiment A-7 Shotgun

Aside from its really cool name, the Experiment A-7 shotgun has many incredible stats and effects that add to its appeal as one of the best weapons in the game.

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It can deal an incredible 119 physical damage with each shot. The shotgun also has an accuracy percentage of 50.6 percent, which is high for a shotgun. The Experiment A-7 shotgun has a rare effect called exterminator, which does 30 percent extra damage to aliens.

3 Breach

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Breach Shotgun

Breach does 119 physical damage, which is the most damage of any shotgun in the game, has a fire rate of ten, a range of 20, and an impressive accuracy percentage of 55.3 percent.

The weapon has eight mod slots, the most any gun can have. The mod slots will enable you to potentially double the weapon’s effectiveness, giving you easily one of the most destructive tools in the game, which is even more exceptional when you consider that you can initially buy this weapon for just 6,780 credits.

2 Big Bang

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Big Bang Shotgun

The Big Bang is unique because it is a particle beam weapon, making it one of the game’s most effective and valuable weapons. It does 32 physical damage and 94 energy damage with each shot. The Big Bang also has 54.7 percent accuracy, making it one of the most accurate shotguns in Starfield.

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The combination of the destructive force of a shotgun and the effectiveness of a particle beam weapon makes the Big Bang one of the most useful shotguns you can get your hands on in Starfield.

1 Boom Boom

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Boom Boom Shotgun

The Boom Boom can unleash total annihilation on any enemies you may face. It does 99 physical damage from a range of 25. Its fire rate of 60 is high for a shotgun, and it also has a magazine capacity of 20 careless shotgun rounds.

The Boom Boom’s 43.3 percent accuracy is one of the higher accuracy percentages any shotgun in the game has. The Boom Boom has a rare effect that randomly fires explosive rounds at your enemies, almost like a grenade launcher. When you combine its destructive force, the random explosive rounds, and the eight mod slots that can be used to make it more devastating, it’s clear that the Boom Boom is the ideal shotgun and the best one you can get your hands on in Starfield.

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