The Best Romance Options In Eternights


  • Eternights is a game that features an anti-aging medicine that turns people into monsters, and as an 18-year-old student, you must fight them while navigating a dating app.
  • Your choice of dialogue affects your relationships and increases social stats, and by building a relationship with one of the four love interests, you can learn abilities from them.
  • The four love interests, Yuna, Sia, Yohan, and Min, each have unique personalities and preferences, and choosing the right one can be crucial for survival.



When an anti-aging drug called Eternights transforms people into monsters, an eighteen-year-old high school student (you) must fight these supernatural beings. After having your arm hacked off and replaced with a magical glowing one, you must defend yourself whilst also navigating a dating app.

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Choosing certain dialogue options will affect your relationship with these characters and increase certain Social Stats. By developing a relationship with one of the four love interests, you can also learn certain abilities from each one to use yourself. With four main love options: Sia, Yuna, Min, and Yohan, knowing which one to choose as a romantic partner is a matter of life and death.

4 Yuna

Yuna posing with a pink background in Eternights.

At the bottom of this list is the bubblegum hair-colored pop princess Yuna, a former pop-star-turned-healer who bumps into you right at the start of the game. Her bright and bubbly personality draws all in, and if you are enamored by Yuna’s charm then you must build up your Expression points, as she is attracted to people who are just as expressive as herself.

Earlier on in the game, you two will have an awkward encounter, but depending on your dialogue choices you can make the situation a bit lighter, which will show you the kind of person she is. While Yuna does make a useful healer on the battlefield, she has a habit of making things worse even though she has good intentions, but if you build a relationship with her it will strengthen your Stinger sword’s attacks.

3 Sia

Sia posing with a grey background in Eternights.

Science savant Sia, who joins the group after finding them outside a train, is the resident genius with a quick mind who loves science with an unwavering passion, which sometimes lands her in hot waters. As a scientist, she likes her conversations straightforward and to the point, so the dialogue options that are logical or offer solutions are the ones that will reach her heart.

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Sia looks at the universe with a child-like excitement that can be refreshing to see, and the way into this scientist’s heart is through facts and with an abundance of Acceptance points. Pursuing her also enhances the Three Swords technique, which has three energy swords spiraling around you, so if you enjoy the power of her icy elemental attacks, she’s the right choice.

2 Yohan

Yohan posing with a lavender background in Eternights.

Yohan is an enigmatic immortal being who remains mysterious, only swayed to your side if you display a great number of Courage points. With only a few days to woo this mysterious man, any dialogue that shows your bravery will go a long way, so If you enjoy whirlwind romances then Yohan is the avenue for you.

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You will also have the opportunity to romance Yohan when he appears to you in your dreams, and while not much is known about him, if you enjoy a little bit of a chase and figuring out your crush, he might be your best choice. He can grant you the Whirlwind ability, a powerful ability that damages surrounding enemies, useful in crowded fights.

1 Min

Min posing with a red background in Eternights.

At number one is the adorable Min, a shy member of the group who can give you access to the Blast ability, which lets you shoot projectiles from your magical sword arm at enemies. However, Min doesn’t perceive her own strength, and as a result, she looks for Confidence in her partners, often clamming up and running away from awkward situations.

The more authoritative and confident you are with Min the more likely you will get her to open up, and once she develops a crush on you, more awkward encounters will occur but Min will be there whenever you need her. Despite her timidness and anxiety, she always fights past this to be there for you, and her sweet and caring nature makes Min a love interest worth pursuing, if you’re looking for a tender partner.

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