The Best Quotes From Starfield

Starfield is a heavily story-driven role-playing experience that features a lot of different characters and exciting dialogues. The dialogue is well-written and properly executed. As such, some of the conversations you have could potentially lead to a few of the characters saying some really deep stuff.



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Throughout the story, you will potentially participate in hundreds of conversations and hear many quotes and statements. However, there are a few of those conversations that stand out, sometimes due to the point in the story and sometimes due to some truly memorable quotes from these fascinating characters.

7 “By Vectera By Vectera By Vectera! I Can’t Believe It!”- The Adoring Fan

Starfield's The Adoring Fan Looking At The Camera

You first hear this quote from the excited, annoying, and borderline creepy voice of your adoring fan, meaning if you don’t pick the Hero Worshipped trait, you won’t get this interaction in your playthrough.

The phrase is an interesting choice of words, and the fact that it is coming from the adoring fan and that you can’t get it if you don’t pick the right traits during your customization makes it truly memorable. It is also being said by the most eccentric character in the game while he struggles and fails to control himself, so that makes it pretty memorable, too.

6 “Easy Girl, Breathe, You’ll Have A Heart Attack.” – Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

When you are first recruited by Constellation and bring them the first artifact you find, the entire room is understandably filled with excitement and awe at this latest discovery and injection of progress into their life’s work. Noel seems particularly excited and goes into a full rant of a bunch of big science words while forgetting to catch her breath.

Sarah, a recruitable companion and the leader of Constellation, stops her rant by uttering this great line. The entire moment is funny, but it puts into perspective the gravity of what the members of Constellation are up to and how profound your existence will be if you choose to join them on their mission.

5 “War, Disease, Famine, All The Classics.”- The Hunter

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Hunter Clad In His Full Gear

During the Unearthed mission, you are given the option to either follow the Hunter or the Emissary, and at some point down the line, you must also choose which one of these two characters to side with.

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However, if you opt out of picking any sides at all, you will trigger the event of a massive fight between the two at the end of the game. The Hunter is the one who utters this phrase in an attempt to justify NASA’s decision to sacrifice Earth to unlock the secrets of space travel. It is a deep and meaningful quote that ties with not just the main story, but Starfield’s Settled Systems lore and history.

4 “I Find Matching Wits With The Neon Underground To Always Be Invigorating.”- Walter Stroud

Starfield, Walter Stroud Smiling At The Camera Mid Conversation

Walter Stroud is not the typical Starfield character that you’ll get to know. He’s not a space farer, a calculated battle tactician, or a gun-slinging battle expert. He is a businessman, and a damn good one. This uniqueness makes him one of the best side characters in the game.

Walter’s uniqueness also makes room for some interesting dialogue paths, as he has something rooted in reality and backed by numbers with his own brand of wit to say. This is one of the quotes that gives you a bit of insight into who Walter is and how his mind works during the All That Money Can Buy mission.

3 “Maybe The Less I Know, The Better.”- Emma

Starfield, Screenshot Of Freestar Ranger Emma Wilcox Facing The Camera

During the Deputized quest that you get from the freestar rangers, if you join the faction, you are tasked with dispatching a group of mercenaries who have been terrorizing some farmers.

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Emma, a temporary companion and freestar ranger who accompanies you on the mission, is shocked by how quickly you make short work of all the hostiles and considers asking you about your past but opts out of it, uttering this phrase instead. This feels like a nod to how easily, and sometimes unrealistically, players do away with enemies under extreme odds. But it can also tie into some of your characters’ darker backstories and further deepen the role-playing experience.

2 “He’s Barrett, I’m Barrett, Other Than That Mind Bending Fact, There’s Really Not Much To It.”- Barrett

Starfield, Screenshot Of Barrett Facing The Camera In His Space Suit

Barrett is one of those quirky, nonchalant genius types who are seemingly good at everything and can get in and out of the tightest situations and places by simply spinning a few words together with their silver tongues. He is an interesting character to say the least and one of only a few romanceable characters in the game.

When Barrett first meets an alternate version of himself, the entire conversation is strange, confusing, witty, and funny. However, this particular line of dialogue exemplifies precisely the kind of character Barrett is and lingers in the memory for a while.

1 “One Doesn’t Approach The Afterlife With Such Trepidation.”- Matteo

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Collective's Matteo

Matteo, a member of Constellation, is young, witty, and enjoyable. He has a lot of great dialogue lines and conversation paths and is one of the more light-hearted and funnier characters you will encounter in the game.

However, after your first meeting with the Hunter and the Emissary, you return to the Constellation Lodge and break the news of what you’ve learned about the artifacts.

This revelation sparks a profound conversation between Walter and Matteo, where Walter questions Matteo’s religious stance and desire for knowledge with a memorable quote of his own. However, Matteo counters with this statement that preaches the need for caution in any situation, showcasing his easily overlooked wisdom in the exchange.

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