The Best Outfits In Fae Farm

The different outfits and looks you can play around with in Fae Farm add another layer of fun to the game, something extra you can use to put your own personal stamp on your character. Some of the best outfits in the game are available at the store, while others are locked behind specific achievements and tasks.



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Collect all the best outfits in the game to get the right look for the right task and get some of the most detailed, best-looking, and hardest-to-get clothes in the game.

8 Explorer Outfit

Fae Farm explorer outfit in game with character sitting on low near spit

You will get the explorer outfit after you complete all ten adventuring quests and the final achievement at the end of the quest chain. Finishing this quest chain gives you many different useful rewards, including trail mix. You will also get several different potions by completing each quest.

The explorer hat and explorer outfit are rewarded in the final quest and the achievement that unlocks the outfit. The outfit is highly detailed, with boots, gloves, and an overall look that’s fun and cute. This outfit can be recolored, so you can customize it to look the way you want.

7 Beekeeper Outfit

Fae Farm trailer screenshot beekeeper outfit in daylight

It isn’t necessary to have the beekeeper outfit to farm bees in the game, but it does give you the right look if you’re going to be doing any beekeeping. The outfit has several little details and a neutral overall design, like the description says.

This outfit is available at Wonderful Wearables and it’s one of the earliest outfits you can buy in the game. You will have this to wear before you unlock any of the job-related outfits, so it’s a nice addition to your wardrobe that allows you to spruce up your character early on.

6 Gardener’s Outfit

Fae Farm cinematic trailer showing gardener outfit

Since this game is all about farming, you’re going to want the gardener’s outfit. You will get this after completing Holly’s job quests. That is ten quests and an achievement that will unlock the outfit.

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The attention to detail in this outfit is really great. The shoes, the gloves, the long apron, and the matching hat come together perfectly in a cute overall design that truly makes your character look ready to tend to some crops.

5 Mariner Outfit

Fae Farm cinematic trailer showing mariner outfit

This outfit takes a lot of time and work to get, which makes it pretty special. You will have a chance to get this outfit after you complete all ten of Nessa’s job quests. After you do these, you will get the mariner hat. If you fulfill the requirements of the achievement by catching every single fish in the game, you will unlock this outfit to match the hat.

It’s a lot to do, which is why you might specifically go after this outfit. The mariner outfit is proof of all the time you put in to find every single fish in the game.

4 Cozy Nighttime Outfit

Fae Farm gameplay screenshot cozy nighttime outfit character at night emoting

Buy the cozy nighttime outfit from Millie for 1,000 gold and five silk. Fae Farm has many different job-related outfits that get your character ready to work, but this is the only outfit that’s designed for relaxing. It’s a fun outfit design and it’s perfect when paired with the matching hat.

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Since this outfit is available at the store, you don’t have to do anything special to unlock it. You can purchase it as soon as you can afford it, and get your character comfortable after they’ve spent a long day questing.

3 Mage Outfit

Fae Farm cinematic trailer showing mage outfit

The mage outfit is one of the most unique-looking outfits in the game. You will get this outfit when you complete Drak’s quests. There are ten in all, along with the achievement that will unlock the outfit. These magic-themed quests are fun to complete and require combat with a lot of enemies, which can be good training when you do more serious content later in the game.

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You will get several potions during the quest chain, which will send you to various in-world locations. At the end, you will have one of the game’s best-looking outfits.

2 Chef Outfit

Fae Farm trailer screenshot chef outfit character in kitchen at night

Complete all of August’s job quests and the final achievement to unlock the complete chef outfit. This is a detailed and super cute outfit that has everything. There’s an apron and even an oven mitt. You can change some of the colors to customize the outfit the way you want.

You will find August at the inn on the docks. Completing all these quests will reward you with several ingredients. You’ll get the hat on quest 12 and the outfit is unlocked after you make 50 different meals. Completing this achievement takes a lot of work and time but it’s worth it.

1 Critter Catcher

Fae Farm cinematic trailer showing critter catcher outfit

Catching critters is a fun part of the game and it can lead you to some rare finds. There is a number of critters you can catch with your net, including bugs, frogs, crabs, and many more.

To unlock the outfit, complete all of Mel’s quests and the final achievement. You will have to catch every critter in the game to complete the achievement, so this outfit can take a long time to get. Once you have it, however, you will have one of the more detailed outfits in the game and an item that many gamers will never unlock.

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