The Best Musical Levels In Super Mario Wonder

Within 2D platformers, one of the most popular sub-genres is rhythmic platformers. These games will mix the challenge of platforming, with keeping on rhythm, and this can make some of the most satisfying gaming sequences.



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The Mario series is no stranger to involved music in their games, with the music being one of the most well-known features of the series. However, Super Mario Wonder takes it a step further with the focus on rhythm-based musical levels. So, how do these musical sequences rank, and which are the hardest to find?

8 Upshroom Downshroom

drill toadette surrounded by glowing toadstools and pumpkins in upshroom downshroom

Upshroom Downshroom is classified as a musical sequence, and this is the focus of the Wonder Flower transformation of the whole level. However, when compared to the other musical levels, it lacks a little of the charm, as well as the rhythm being a lot less important.

It is one of the more visually appealing levels, with the glowing pumpkins and moving mushrooms creating a fun ambiance, but the actual musical aspect is a lot less important when compared to the others.

7 Jump! Jump! Jump! & Fluff-Puff Peaks Special Climb To The Beat

super mario wonder peach jump jump jump

If you want to know what the most challenging musical levels are, then Jump! Jump! Jump! and its natural follow-up Fluff-Puff Peaks Special Climb to the Beat are definitely where you might struggle. The first is hard enough, with the particular platforming in beat with the gradually increasing melody making it tricky to complete, but it can be done.

But then following it up with the Special World level using the same concept, but requiring wall jumps, is even harder. It is definitely a satisfying challenge to complete, but both lack the creativity that makes others more fun.

6 The Final Battle! Bowser’s Rage Stage

toadette facing castle bowser in the final battle bowsers rage stage

The final battle against Bowser is just as fun as some of the other final encounters with King Koopa, and it is a testament to the quality of the other musical sequences that they can top this one. The visual aspect is definitely the highlight here, with Bowser’s Castle form looking threatening, and the constant onslaught of attacks.

Keeping on beat is required to win, but not nearly as hard as with other levels, with the design doing everything to ensure that you can stay with the rhythm. It is still satisfying to complete, and a great way to finish the game.

5 Angry Spikes And Sinkin’ Pipes

fire toadette in angry spikes and sinkin pipes musical section

For a section of a level all the way back in the first world, the musical sequence in Angry Spikes and Sinkin’ Pipes is incredibly well-hidden. You have to do a trust fall with a talking flower as a pipe is weighed down.

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It will lead you to the Wonder Flower Arena, where you have to dodge the spiky balls rhythmically thrown your way. It isn’t too challenging, but the design of the section is amazing, with a detailed background, and the talking flower narrating the whole time.

4 Light-Switch Mansion

fire toadette facing king boo and small boos in light switch mansion

Finding the musical section in Light-Switch Mansion is pretty tough the first time around, since missing it feels so natural. If you take the final door of the level without checking behind it, the whole performance of the Boos is completely avoided, which is a massive shame.

However, upon a return visit, it’s a lot easier to find, and the operatic obstacle course is a joy to play through. It is also a pretty tough challenge, balancing the platforming with keeping the Boos at bay. The Boos will even change how they sing depending on if they are shy or not, adding an extra level of detail to the level.

3 KnuckleFest Bowser’s Blazing Beats

elephant toadette posing in knuckle fest bowsers blazing beats

This level is the penultimate to finishing Mario Wonder, and it is almost a shame that they place this right before the Bowser show down, since it is more fun, and more challenging. The sequence starts with a Jojo-style pose taken with dramatic lighting and then sends you on an incredibly challenging rhythmic obstacle course.

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This level may get frustrating with how many times you will have to repeat it, but once you get the timing perfect, it is one of the most satisfying to complete.

2 Ninji Jump Party

toadette jumping on time in ninji jump party

Mario Wonder honours the time-old video game tradition of hidden treasures behind waterfalls, and this is the case with Ninji Jump Party in World 4. The whole level is a hidden secret, but one you will not want to miss. It is not as dangerous as some of the other musical sequences, but the momentum, atmosphere, and precise timing needed all contribute to this level being a lot of fun.

It feels like a fever dream tucked away as a reward to those who find it, and getting all the coins first time round is an almost impossible challenge.

1 Piranha Plants On Parade & The Semifinal Test Piranha Plant Reprise

super mario wonder toadette piranha plants on parade

It is no wonder Piranha Plants on Parade is seen as one of the best levels throughout Mario Wonder with just how charming it is, and it is clear the developers were proud too, with this level included right at the start of the game. The piranha plants are not too hard to dodge the first time, and taking them down is punished with their voices being removed from the melody.

However, you might have to be more aggressive with the Special World follow-up, which is a similar premise but a lot more challenging, and requires a lot more rhythmic focus to complete.

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