The Best Monsters In Monster Hunter Now, Ranked

It’s not always easy for gamers to find something new and different in the realm of battle games. By now, you’ve probably had fights against other people like you, reanimated corpses like zombies and vampires, and every kind of computer-generated baddie there is. But Monster Hunter Now does manage to capture something new.



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Featuring monstrous creatures straight out of an HR Giger-inspired imagination hellscape, Monster Hunter Now is a highly playable fighting game where you will battle some truly terrifying foes. Which of these are the most fearsome, the hardest to defeat, and the coolest-looking in the game?

12 Great Jagras

Monster Hunter Now Great Jagras

The Great Jagras is the leader of a whole group of Jagras. These monsters basically never stop eating and looking for food, and will attack anything and everything in search of a snack.

Jagras eat their food whole, so there’s that. This monster is green all over and has a distinct swamp vibe happening. This monster is scary but it’s the earliest one you will encounter, so it’s not too difficult to get past and it’s far from one of the best-looking designs you will see in the game.

11 Barroth

Barroth From Monster Hunter Now

The Barroth looks like several different monsters that got rolled into one uber-frightening design. It has a bony head shield, a powerful body with an enormous head, and a jaw that would make sharks envious.

This monster hides in mud, staying hidden until it spots a likely-looking target… or until someone or something is foolish enough to disturb its swamp. Barroth has a somewhat plain look compared to the other monsters in the game and, if you avoid its head, you can defeat this creature without too much trouble.

10 Anjanath

Anjanath From Monster Hunter Now

The Anjanath is particularly brutal. It’s angry and attacks anything and everything it comes across, which makes this monster particularly deadly. This monster is covered with a membrane, which fans out when it is angry. It also breathes fire, so you’ll want to watch out for that.

Once you know that this creature has a weakness to water, and you figure out what happens when you attack its membrane, Anjanath is not so difficult to defeat. It does have a super cool look, however.

9 Jyuratodus

Jyuratodus From Monster Hunter Now

This monster is huge and angry. You will find the Jyuratodus in the swamps when you’re unlucky. Since this creature hides itself in the mud, you want to tread very carefully.

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This thing loves the mud so much, it uses mud as a weapon. This monster will expel swamp mud to slow down whatever it is attacking. The mud slows movement and can eventually render you immobile. But Jyuratodus is particularly weak to lightning damage, so you can finish this fight pretty handily with the right weapon.

8 Tobi-Kadachi

Tobi-kadachi From Monster Hunter Now

Long, pale, and spooky, the Tobi-Kadachi looks like it comes out of another world entirely. You will encounter this horrific beast in forest areas, which this creature uses to generate static electricity by rubbing its fur against trees and the ground.

The Tobi-Kadachi uses this static energy to create an electrical charge to wound its enemies, which is a heck of a good fighting move. Be prepared for it and wait for an opening to attack.

7 Kulu-Ya-Ku

Kulu-Ya-Ku From Monster Hunter Now

The Kulu-Ya-Ku looks positively prehistoric. This ferocious bird monster has the tail of a dinosaur and many of the characteristics of birds, except that this thing could tear anything to shreds.

This birdlike monster is excellent at stealing eggs, which makes it adept at throwing rocks at its enemies when provided. The highly flexible talons can grip many objects successfully. Kulu-Ya-Ku has a weakness to water, which you might be able to use in your favor.

6 Pukei-Pukei

Pukei-Pukei From Monster Hunter Now

You know you should be terrified when you see the enormous tongue of the Pukei-Pukei. No creature with a tongue like that is possibly trying to do any good. This monster actually uses its tongue to trap enemies.

However, the real danger comes from the poison fluid running through the monster’s body. This monster releases poison breath that can be devastating. You will want to strike the creature’s tongue to win this fight, but you will almost certainly be poisoned during the battle, so be prepared.

5 Legiana

Legiana From Monster Hunter Now

With a gigantic wingspan and a long tail that is nearly as deadly as its wickedly sharp claws, Legiana is nightmare fuel for days. To supplement the fierce claws, Legiana also emits freezing cold that slows down enemies.

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Legiana has little defense against fire damage… but since this is a flying monster, you’re going to need a ranged weapon in order to win this fight. Legiana is still a tough opponent even with the right weapon, so look sharp.

4 Paolumu

Paolumu From Monster Hunter Now

So, this terrifying thing can fly. It puffs up and becomes circular from storing up a bunch of air, which it then uses to float around and strike from the skies.

The Paolumu is white with a dark purplish tail, big wings and deadly claws on its feet. This looks like something that could only come from nightmares. Avoid this creature’s tail at all times and wait to hit it until it is puffed up with air, as this is when it is at its weakest.

3 Great Girros

Great Girros From Monster Hunter Now

What if a panther had a snake head? That’s sort of what the absolutely frightening Great Girros looks like. It has a pair of enormous fangs in the front, which are highly poisonous. It is always on all fours and its black coloring and graceful moves make it a stealthy and silent predator.

This is one of the most formidable monsters you will meet in the game. Be prepared for a fight that goes on for a long time and do what you can to avoid its fangs.

2 Rathian

Rathian From Monster Hunter Now

This flying monster looks like a dragon having its very worst day. Known as the Queen of the land, Rathian has well-muscled legs and a tail it uses as a powerful weapon. The tail is also poisonous, by the way, so step lightly.

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Rathian has a male counterpart, Rathalos, which only appears during the game for a brief time in October as part of a special event. Rathalos is known as the King of the Skies. He has poison claws and fire breath, which make for pretty awful weapons to contend with.

1 Black Diablos

Diablos From Monster Hunter Now

Black Diablos is one of the special event bosses in Monster Hunter Now that appear only during certain in-game events. Black Diablos only appears during the Diablos Invasion. You will find him in the desert, where he burrows under the ground to escape battles and strike enemies unexpectedly.

It uses its terrible horns as weapons, so be on the lookout for that. The only thing worse than this monster’s horns is its tail, so you’ll have to fight him head-on. Use ice weapons to make the job a little easier.

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