The Best Mods For AC Mirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage goes for a more polished story with classic gameplay over more content like in previous games, but that doesn’t mean it’s without need of any improvements or tweaks. Now that you’ve put a good amount of hours into the game, you’ve probably compiled your own wishlist of additions and fixes that maybe the modding community can help deliver.



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Whether it be graphics, physics, UI, or immersion factor concerns, you’ll already find some fun and creative options readily available that make this Assassin’s Creed experience even better and more intriguing. Below are some mods you may want to consider before re-entering the animus.

10 Basim Wanted Poster By IBSARP

Close-up of the new design for the wanted poster of Basim in AC Mirage by IBSARP.

If you’re not a fan of the current wanted poster design for Basim, this mod will allow you to replace it with an illustration that best captures the details of his character design. It still has the throwing knives around Basim, and the text stays the same, but this version will stand out more and let you populate the game with some Basim fan art, based on the Kevin James meme.

Even with Eagle Vision and the navigation bar, wanted posters can be pretty tough to spot, especially in the daytime when they camouflage with the walls. But now you may more easily spot Basim as he’s almost a mirror image and more visually distinct from the background art.

9 Grack’s Day And Night By GrackNCheese

Split-image of the nighttime setting in mirage before and after the mod by GrackNCheese is applied.

Maybe you prefer a more realistic day and night cycle in your games. Assassin’s Creed Mirage at night still feels rather light with a dusky blue sky instead of a natural pitch-dark color. Grack’s Day and Night will give you that realism and the challenge of navigating Baghdad’s districts in the hard-to-see lighting.

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It definitely won’t be the most fun way of tackling combat and stealth in pure darkness, but it will make for a more entertaining experience and echo the game’s horror themes a bit more. As for the daytime, the yellow filter gets removed to make the environment look more gray, gritty, and less vibrant. More Zack Snyder-like visuals would best describe it.

8 Fast Launch By Instanity

The cover image for the Fat Launch mod by Instanity with the name under the game logo and cover art of Basim.

Loading screens are already nonexistent on PC and next-gen consoles, but if you want to speed things up even before the game and get straight into the menu, the Fast Launch mod is here to help. This mod allows you to skip past all the title screens, logos, and messages and instantly arrive at your save file.

It’s not the most annoying inconvenience to sit there and wait for them to go by, but if you find yourself pressing any button you can to try and make them skip, this is a perfect mod to resolve the issue. And it’s probably one every game these days can benefit from.

7 Cloth Physics Improvements By Kamzik123

Split-image showing the cloth physics on Basim scaling a building, with the second toned down and using the mod by Kamzik123.

The cloth physics on Basim’s assassin outfits and costumes are your standard Assassin’s Creed fare with maybe a slightly updated version of Assassin’s Creed 3 and Unity’s design. This mod limits some of the intense swooshiness of your garb to give a more satisfying and crisp feel to it.

You may notice that the default physics on the cloth are a bit floaty, with Basim’s garb flapping too high, tossing and turning unnecessarily, and sometimes the correct part that should flap remains still. Here, you can play around with the cloth weight settings (anywhere from 2x to 6x) to get the correct feel.

6 Isu Outfit Remove Helmet By IBSARP

Basim in the middle of the desert with Milad's Outfit on but no mask, thanks to the mod by IBSARP.

Milad’s Outfit is one of the best you can own in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and you unlock it by collecting memory shards and taking them to the hidden chamber beneath the water of the Northern Oasis. The outfit comes with a really cool mask that makes Basim look like a character out of Destiny.

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If you want to keep the outfit on and use the shockwave powers without needing to replace it with a costume to reveal Basim’s face, you can now with this mod from IBSARP. It’s some impeccably designed Isu armor, and Basim getting to keep the classic assassin look with just the hood is a huge plus.

5 Toggle HUD By Halzoid

Basim standing on a rooftop during the first mission in the game with no HUD and the title name of the mod appearing above, by Halzoid.

The most immersive and cinematic experience you can get out of AC Mirage is with the Toggle HUD mod, which removes the tutorial graphics, the navigation bar at the top of your screen pinpointing the distance of highlighted icons on the map, the mission names, and any other HUD elements.

It will also make things much more challenging, which may be what you desire. You still have Enkidu and your world map to rely on, but not seeing your objectives, chests, and wanted posters displayed will make things more interesting.

You could always put a waypoint from the map and have your mount follow the road to it as a workaround, but you’ll probably also want to fast-travel and parkour.

4 Real Life AC Mirage Reshades By Scottyus1

A more vibrantly colorful scenic image from AC Mirage with richer, more natural texture on the tree, thanks to the reshade mod by Scottyus1.

To get the best color and realistic visuals from the environments in AC Mirage, you’ll want to download the Real Life AC Mirage Reshades mod. This removes the cloudy yellow blurriness and sharpens up the images and colors. The textures also appear much more natural and detailed.

This reshade is an impressive quality-of-life graphical improvement. It helps with giving you a much prettier environment to explore and return to, like the feeling you probably had with Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey.

3 Basim Replacer By QuilLeeR

Three-image collage of Basim dressed in Ali's outfit, Eivor's outfit, and the Caliph's outfit due to the mod by QuilLeeR.

No, this mod won’t allow you to replace Basim’s model with other characters and NPCs in the game. What you can do with Basim Replacer is instantly have all the NPC outfits, weapons, and mounts in your inventory. So you’ll be able to dress up as Roshan, Rayhan, Ali, Caliph Al-Mutawakkil, or even Eivor from AC Valhalla.

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If you felt Mirage’s outfit and costume choices didn’t come with much variety, this certainly fixes that. Plus, it also includes Basim’s skin as a street thief in the early part of the game. and the Jinn and Fire Demon DLC outfits (without the perks, however).

There’s a bit of nostalgia happening here as well since you can use any of the enemies’ weapons against them, in addition to your stats-based sword and dagger.

2 AC Mirage Skill Points Mod By ModEngine

Three-image collage of all the tiers of skill trees from the base game, which can be infinitely bought thanks to ModEngine's mod.

One of the most overpowered mods for Assassin’s Creed Mirage, or any AC game for that matter, is this skill point one created by ModEngine. This gives you infinite skill points to spend, so you can acquire literally all the skills at the start of the game and be set for the journey.

The chain assassination, counter roll, full tool capacity unlock, throwing knife recovery, and a larger focus bar right away? Sounds like cheating, but it’s perfect for those who don’t like the tedious challenges of Assassin’s Creed games, especially with the emphasis on stealth and clunky combat in this game.

1 Save File Low Sync Included Blackbox Missions By Shushu And akuorg96

Basim wearing Rostam outfit in Assassin's Creed Mirage

No New Game Plus feature for Assassin’s Creed Mirage? No problem! This mod, courtesy of Shushu and akuorg96, replaces that option with their unique spin. It stores a save file with all viewpoints unlocked, collectibles and enigmas completed (aside from the mystery shards and the lost book activity), all DLC gear and weapon packs, and plenty of skills.

This is only for those of you who want to play fair during your first story playthrough and not use the unlimited skill points mod and Basim Replacer, and if you decide to repeat the main missions and contracts with all this gear unlocked as it would for the usual NG+.

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