The Best Methods To Gain Money In Like A Dragon: Ishin

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During your time in Like A Dragon: Ishin‘s Kyo, you will find that there are a ton of ways to rake in a little extra cash. This is good because if you want to get a complete set of the most powerful swords in the game, you are going to have to spend quite a lot.



Related: Like A Dragon: Ishin – Cooking GuideBut not all money-earning ventures are equally profitable. Should you spend your time fishing or chopping wood? Should you race chickens or play poker? Well, this guide will outline all the ways you can make that bag. Some of them through legitimate gameplay, and some of them through breaking the game with some good ol’ cheese!

Updated October 17, 2023: In order to help the new Xbox Game Pass players fill their pockets fast, we have updated this guide. Unfortunately, we had to remove the most effective method for raking in the Ryo as it has since been patched out of the game. But worry not, friends, there are still plenty of reliable ways to secure funds.

Fight For Your Money

Like A Dragon Ishin, Ryoma, Saigo, and Katsura all teaming up on a single Golden Sneak

If you are looking for some quick money, there are a few notable avenues that are immediately available to you. For starters, it is worth noting that random encounters do provide a decent amount of money. The Golden Sneak always provides a rare crafting item, which you can sell, of course, but then again, you probably just want to keep those items for crafting. If you really want to get some value out of these encounters, make sure to learn the Rustling Leaves swordsman ability as quickly as you can.

The quality of your sword makes a huge difference when using the Rustling Leaves ability. You want to use a legendary sword with that golden backdrop to efficiently disarm enemies.

These disarming attacks give you the ability to disarm your opponents. Nearly every enemy swordsman you will encounter comes equipped with a Bundle Blade. This sword is only worth around 250 mon, so while you should disarm and collect those swords, you are probably going to find that they aren’t really worth going out of your way to collect.

Use those disarming attacks, but don’t obsess over getting every last sword; that is a poor use of your time. The Golden Sneaks, on the other hand, can have some very nice equipment to pilfer. Well, they tend to rock some pretty pricey swords. Selling those to a pawn shop can yield a couple of ryo per sword.

Like A Dragon Ishin, Chapter 5, Collecting treasure in a side room in the first dungeon

We already touched on this a little with the Golden Sneaks, but rare crafting items can be quite valuable. While it is hard to pin down those Golden Sneaks, which makes them an unreliable source for these rare crafting materials, there are, however, ways that you can very consistently rack up these rare crafting items. The first is by way of the battle dungeons. These not only provide you with a ton of rare materials, but you will earn money completing them as well.

Chicken Race Hustle

Like A Dragon Ishin, Chicken Races, The thrilling finale of a chicken race

There are a whole host of ways to make money quickly in Like A Dragon: Ishin. Obviously, all the gambling games offer opportunities for pocketing cash, especially when you consider how lenient the save system in Ishin is. However, chief among those gambling games has to be The Chicken Race minigame. This has become the popular way for raking in money among Ishin fans, and for good reason. It is a great way to make money super quickly. Just follow these steps…

  • Find a race with a strong chicken. Preferably a chicken that is favored to win, isn’t injured, and is running a length of race that they have had strong past results in.
  • Go to the Dividend List and bet the maximum 300 tokens on every single quintuple configuration which has your chosen chicken winning first place.
  • After that, if you win, save. If you lose, load your previous save.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Now, once you rack up a ton of tokens, go to the gambling den (where you can play poker) and spend all your money on platinum plates or silver hammers. Sell them to any of the pawn shops and profit. If you want a more in-depth explanation of the Chicken Race minigame, you can follow our guide here.

Like A Dragon Ishin, Big win at the chicken races

The best way to make money used to be by exploiting a glitch in the Chicken Race minigame that would allow you to refund your money win or lose. However, this glitch has since been patched out of Like A Dragon: Ishin. Unfortunately, that means you are going to have to rely on save scumming.

Gion Hood Cheese

Like A Dragon Ishin, Gion Hood

The Gion Hood is a piece of armor obtained in the Finders Weepers substory. This headpiece gives you money for every step you take. Well, if you thought the save scumming with the Chicken Races was cheesy, prepare for some next-level cheese. The Gion Hood gives you money just for walking. Just using this normally is actually going to net you a large amount of money. However, there is a secret way to use it to get even more…

Like A Dragon Ishin, Ryoma walking into a wall

You see, the game measures steps, not distance traveled. That means that you can find an area where enemies won’t attack you (like your room at the Teradaya), wedge your controller under something, and just leave the game running as Ryoma walks into a corner. Do this overnight, and you will gain truly frightening amounts of money. Though, will also mean that you are paying real money to keep your console running while you sleep. So maybe take that into consideration.

Create A Farming Empire In Another Life

Like A Dragon Ishin, Haruka delivering orders late at night

The Chicken Race is inarguably the best way to earn money fast. However, once you get your farm up and running, have expanded your plot, and increased your farming efficiency, you can start to turn an absurd profit. Pair this with stockpiling fish, which you can sell for big money on your farm, and cooking meals, which you can also sell for big money, and you will increase that income even more. And on top of all of it, the farm generates a huge amount of virtue which you can then use to buy Platinum Plates from the Virtue Shop at the Shinto Temple in Rokunai.

Like A Dragon Ishin, Chopping Vegetables

Getting the farm to the point where you can make big money with it will take time, but once you do, it is a stable way to obtain a huge amount of ryo, and it doesn’t require save-scumming. On top of all of that, since cooking is a big part of getting your farm up and running, as a matter of course you will gain access to the best healing items in the game.

So, while getting the most out of it requires quite a bit of work, and there are a lot of moving parts, it is unquestionably an excellent way to earn money while also providing a number of other benefits in the process. Here is a quick overview of how to make money from the farm…

  • Fill your garden with cucumbers
  • Enter the house and make two batches of Katemashi
  • Return to your garden and harvest all of your cucumbers
  • Now, fill your garden with Daikon
  • Enter the house and make two batches of Homemade Pickles
  • Return to your garden and harvest all of your daikon

Like A Dragon Ishin, Varying the crops you plant

Keep repeating this pattern until you have enough virtue to expand your garden. Keep planting cucumbers and daikon while preparing Katemashi and Homemade Pickles. As your garden grows, you will get a bigger and bigger stockpile of these vegetables.

Keep going, accumulating large amounts of virtue, and reinvesting that Virtue into your garden, increasing how much you can plant, and the speed at which it all grows. As you increase your repertoire of dishes you can cook, start planting the corresponding crops. Just keep alternating between planting crops, harvesting crops, and preparing meals.

Try to always have at least 100 of each vegetable. If you dip under that number, start giving that vegetable some attention in your garden.

Like A Dragon Ishin, Fishing Guide, Ryoma catching a rainbow trout

Once you start getting a healthy surplus, you can start selling your vegetables and meals. As soon as you start to need more of the slower-growing vegetables for different dishes, fill your garden with them, and head out on a fishing trip, targeting the fish that are requested for orders. Once you have caught a healthy amount of fish, head back, and, hopefully, those slow-growing vegetables will be ready to harvest.

You will get a feel for the amount of time they take to grow over time. As your operation grows, so will the amount of virtue you are raking in. You will find that you will be able to upgrade everything on your farm quite quickly because of this. For a more detailed breakdown of how to run the farm, check out our Another Life guide here.

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