The Best MCS-880 Loadout In Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 has greatly expanded its arsenal of weapons since launch. Dozens of weapons are available for players to use across all four classes, ranging from SMGs to sniper rifles. Shotguns tend to get overlooked due to 2042’s roster of large-scale maps, but there are a few scenarios where a shotgun is the ideal choice.



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If you’re planning on playing Breakthrough or enjoy the Redacted map, the MCS-880 will quickly become your best friend. This pump-action shotgun packs a serious punch and is fairly easy to use, provided you pair it with the right attachments and specialist. Here are the best attachments and loadouts you can use with the MCS-880 in Battlefield 2042.

Best Attachments For The MCS-880

Battlefield 2042 MCS-880 Attachments


Fusion Holo


#00 Buckshot | Slug Shell


BCG Light Grip


Factory Barrel

The MCS-880 is a powerful shotgun with no attachments, but this weapon can become incredibly strong with just a few additions. Any sight works here, although we recommend a low magnification sight. The Fusion Holo is what we recommend. Ammo types shift the weapon’s firepower and range stats, so you’re ideally looking for a balance. The #00 Buckshot has a great balance of damage and effective range for the MCS, although it’s one of the last unlocks for this gun. If you don’t have that ammo type unlocked, use the default #01 Buckshot instead. Have Slug Shells as a backup ammo type to deal with mid-range fights.

Underbarrel options are limited on this weapon, but there are a couple of good options. The BCG Light Grip is ideal for a shotgun, offering increased ADS accuracy at the cost of hipfire accuracy. If you prefer to hip-fire shotguns, you can use the LS-1 Laser Sight instead. Finally, we recommend using the Factory Barrel since it doesn’t impose any range penalties. The heavy suppressor will still show your location to enemies within 20 meters, so you might as well opt for an unsuppressed barrel to maximize the MCS’ effective range.

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Best Loadout For The MCS-880

Battlefield 2042 MCS-880 Blasco Loadout






Prox Sensor or T-UGS


Smoke Grenade

No class has proficiency bonuses with shotguns, so any specialist that biases aggressive play is ideal for the MCS-880. We recommend playing Blasco to benefit from her X6-Infiltration Device. Plant this down before a push to prevent enemies from spotting you, and it will disrupt their HUD. You also won’t appear on motion trackers such as T-UGS and Prox Sensors, ideal for a shotgun user.

A mid-range secondary is an ideal pairing. The PFS1 is a pocket SMG with a large magazine and the option to use subsonic ammo. Pair this with a suppressor to stay off the minimap. As for gadgets, the Prox Sensor or T-UGS are great for pinging enemy players before you push. Prox Sensors are better for aggressive gameplay while the T-UGS work better for anchoring. Finally, we recommend using Smoke Grenades as your throwable. The smoke will help conceal your character during a push, preventing enemies from spotting you. It also disrupts thermal vision.

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