The Best Items In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In Generation Nine of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll travel across Paldea. There’s a whole new roster of Pokemon to catch and document, as well as battling the mischievous Team Star, and learning all about Terastal phenomena. But new Pokemon means new items too.



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Some of these items will provide useful benefits during the intense fights to come, and they might require farming some Pokedollars, speaking to Battle League Representatives, or even stumbling across them in hidden spots. These will make a huge difference in your playthrough, so keep your eyes peeled.

Updated September 26, 2023, by Rosa Baumgartl: The Pokemon games are made up of so many genres, such as exploration, virtual pets, RPG, and exciting storylines, but since the beginning, battling NPCs and their thematic teams has been a staple. To beat the game, you’ll need to capture, train, and optimize your own party, and you can’t ignore the battle items. We’ve added some more super helpful gadgets, as well as how to acquire them, to improve your chances of conquering the Elite Four.

13 Life Orb

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Running In Field From Venonat With Life Orb Sprite

If you’re sure you have enough strength to one-shot your opponent, or you’re using a super tanky Pokemon that can take a hit and might want to increase its damage output while it soaks up shots, then the Life Orb could be the best item to equip. Every time the Pokemon holding the Life Orb damages its opponent, it will inflict 30 percent extra damage, while immediately hurting your Pokemon by ten percent of its maximum HP.

Overall, this means any Pokemon can only use this item up to ten times while disregarding any hits they take from their opponent, and a beefy Pokemon like a Chansey or Wailord can survive a beating while still taking the ten percent max health debuff. You can find one of these on a small island on the west side of Casseroya Lake, between a rock and a tree.

12 Assault Vest

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet Assault Vest And Porto Marinada Landscape

You can find this fancy red vest behind the largest building in Porto Marinada, inside a Poke Ball on the floor between two palm trees. When you give it to a Pokemon, it will increase its Special Defense by 50 percent, reducing incoming damage from Special Attacks such as Ancient Power, Hyper Beam, and Surf.

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The downside is that the Pokemon wearing the Assault Vest can’t use any status effect moves, such as changing the weather or improving their own stats (this doesn’t apply to Me First, which copies a damage-dealing move made by your opponent). If no other moves are available, then the Pokemon will use Struggle.

11 Rocky Helmet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Grassy Field With Pokemon Playing And Rocky Helmet Sprite

If you know the upcoming battle will take a while and your opponent is likely to use Physical Attacks against your team, then you should make sure to wear your safety gear. The Rocky Helmet is a Held Item that can be bought from the Delibird Presents shop, or found southwest of Zapapico’s Pokecenter as an item on the floor.

Giving your Pokemon the Rocky Helmet will ensure that anything that hits it with a physical attack will cause the attacker to take a sixth of its own health down in retaliation. This applies to moves such as Tackle, Seismic Toss, and Quick Attack.

10 Weakness Policy

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Weakness Policy Sprite with a Lake during the sunset in the background.

Sometimes you can’t avoid entering a Pokemon battle even when you know you have a disadvantage, and if your Pokemon can take a super effective hit, then you should make sure it can pack a punch right back. The Weakness Policy will increase the holder’s Attack and Special Attack by two stages after receiving such an attack.

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Very often in combat, one type will be stronger than another, such as Fire doing double damage to Grass, and this usually doesn’t work the other way around. However, this item will make that kind of match-up fairer for the weaker types, giving you ample room to strategize.

9 Loaded Dice

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Loaded Dice Sprite Over Grassy Field With Blissey

You will receive the Loaded Dice item by defeating five trainers in the East Province or buying it from the Delibird Presents shop, and then you can hand it over to any Pokemon with a great multi-strike move.

This will make sure that your multi-attack moves will hit the maximum number of times, which means that you can stack up the damage on weak moves where every hit counts, like Heracross’s Bullet Seed or Maushold’s Population Bomb.

8 Leftovers

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leftovers Sprite with several Koraidon in the background.

The Leftovers are a powerful item to use in the early game, and giving this item to your Pokemon will heal them for 1/16 of their maximum health per turn. You can find them in the Delibird Presents shop in Cascarrafa, or on the floor of Medali between two street vendors.

While you can obtain them from the early hours of your playthrough, they’ll perform well even in the late game, as their effect scales with your Pokemon’s health. This is especially useful on long, drawn-out battles of endurance where both sides have healing abilities and try to out-heal the enemy’s damage.

7 Clear Amulet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Clear Amulet Item Sprite Over Grassy Field

Another item available during the early game is the Clear Amulet, available to buy from the Delibird Presents shop in Mesagoza. When you make a Pokemon hold the Clear Amulet it won’t suffer anymore from any stat debuffs from moves or abilities such as Growl or Intimidate, exactly like the Clear Body ability.

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The effects of this item are felt consistently throughout battle, especially when you go against trainers and Gym Leaders who are known to use stat-changing moves to their advantage. To obtain it, you must beat nine trainers in the Western Province and talk to a Pokemon League Representative.

6 Choice Scarf

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Choice Scarf Sprite

The Choice Scarf is one of three items that boost your Pokemon in different ways, but force them to use the same move in a battle. This may seem like a huge disadvantage, but we’ve all had that powerhouse Pokemon with that one move that wipes entire teams, so why bother with anything else?

The Choice Scarf will boost your speed by a whopping 50 percent, making it much more likely that your Pokemon will strike first. If you’ve maxed out their Attack and Special Attack EVs, being able to use one incredibly powerful move might mean that any other move is pointless anyway.

5 Choice Band

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Choice Band Sprite with Cabo Poco in the background.

Available in the Mesagoza Delibird Presents Shop is the Choice Band, and the drawback is the same as the Choice Scarf, which will force you to use the same move over and over until the battle is done. However, when your Pokemon’s Attack is buffed by a massive 50 percent, it’s unlikely that you’ll need more than one turn anyway.

If you give this to a Pokemon in your party, make sure that their hardest-hitting move is a Physical one that makes direct contact with the enemy, as that will benefit from the Attack stat and not the Special Attack stat. Bear in mind your move types as well, because if the enemy Pokemon is resistant to that type, then the extra 50 percent won’t mean much.

4 Choice Specs

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Choice Specs Sprite Over Nighttime Grassy Fields

Finally, Choice Specs round out this set, granting the Pokemon holding it a 50 percent extra Special Attack damage. Again, the downside is that one move must be used continuously, so make sure the first one you choose is what you want for the rest of the battle.

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This can be a very shrewd strategy, as Fire Blast has 110 power points, and the starter Pokemon Skeledirge has a base Special Attack of 110. Add on the extra 50 percent, and Skeledirge now has 165 Special Attack before using a move with 110 Power. The Pokemon math gets confusing here, but it’s definitely a lot of damage!

3 Focus Sash

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Focus Sash Item Sprite with the main character in the background.

Some gyms and trainers have the reputation of KO-ing Pokemon with incredible critical hit chances. If that’s your case, then the Focus Sash will make sure your Pokemon holds onto its last hitpoint and doesn’t faint from full health, which is particularly useful in the late game.

The Battle League Representative at Port Marinada will award you the Focus Sash once you’ve defeated four trainers in the second area of the Western Province. Or, once you’ve defeated four gyms, you can buy it for 50,000 Poke Dollars from the Delibird Presents shop at Mesagoza.

2 Booster Energy

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Booster Energy and View Of Academy

Paradox Pokemon will have the passive abilities Quark Drive or Protosynthesis depending on which version of the game you’re playing. When a Pokemon with those abilities is holding a Booster Energy, their highest stat will be boosted by 30 percent, or 50 percent if that stat is speed.

The only way to acquire this awesome item is by taking it from a wild Paradox Pokemon. However, this can’t be done by using a move that steals items, and you’ll have to capture the Pokemon holding the Booster Energy and then remove it.

1 Covert Cloak

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Covert Cloak Item Sprite with a forest and fields in the background.

More often than not, moves will have secondary effects that can be devastating, such as putting the victim to sleep, burning them, or causing confusion. This relatively cheap item prevents status effects that occur after damage is applied (keep in mind that the damage won’t be negated, though).

Head to Levincia’s Delibird Presents shop to buy the Covert Cloak for 20,000 Poke Dollars, and hand it to that Pokemon in your party who can’t afford to fall asleep during a battle. Unfortunately, If the move doesn’t cause any damage and only the status effect, then it will still occur.

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