The Best Games Where You Play As A Monster

Sometimes all you want to do is cause some havoc. It’s undeniably fun to play the good guy who goes around beating up the bad guys and saving the world, but sometimes all you want to do is destroy the good guys, innocent people, and the world around you. It’s somewhat satisfying to put yourself in their evil shoes.



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Unfortunately, there aren’t too many games where you can play as the monster. But those that are available are just an absolute joy to play. They bring something new and unique to anyone’s gaming experience and are well worth giving a try.

Updated on October 19, 2023, by William Quick: With Halloween so close, we’re all wondering what we’re going to do for costumes. Even if you’re not, you’ll be thinking about what sorts of creatures and characters you’ll see roaming the streets when the time comes.

Sure, some will try to be pretty creative or clever with their costumes, but nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned monster. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, oh my! These guys and their friends are everywhere, including all over the world of video games.

While they typically play the roles of enemies or antagonists, there are times when you get to be in direct control of a monstrous “hero”. If you’re looking to be a monster virtually rather than in IRL, then check out any of these games to live out your monster-sized ambitions.

15 The Fabulous Fear Machine

The Fabulous Fear Machine Steam Title Art Showing Kirlian's Crystal Ball

All of us at one time or another had hoped that we’d come across something that would grant us our deepest wishes instantly. The sad truth is that nothing that rewarding comes without sacrifice and that’s the basis for operating The Fabulous Fear Machine.

Apparently, a coin-operated fortune-teller has access to the most powerful machine in the world which several individuals have discovered. They make their wishes and the fortune-teller named Kirlian, offers to grant them by letting them use the Fabulous Fear Machine. Despite what each person’s intentions are, they use the machine to sow fear, paranoia, and general misery throughout the world all so that the people will be easier to manipulate. You’re not just a monster, you’re a monster with the power to sow more monsters into the minds of the public.

14 Lisa: The Painful

Lisa The Painful Steam Brad Approaches A Joy Mutant

There are many post-apocalyptic scenarios that seem very bleak and hopeless, but wiping all women off the face of the earth tops them all. That’s the world of Lisa: The Painful where humans are slowly dying since all that’s left are men with no way to propagate the species.

This all changes when our hard-shelled hero Brad discovers a young baby girl and raises her as his daughter. It doesn’t go smoothly as Brad frequently indulges in drinking and a new drug called Joy to cope with his internal pain, harshly affecting his daughter whom he named Buddy. After she is kidnapped, Brad goes on a quest, destroying anything and anyone who gets in his way. Friends, family, bystanders, peaceful people, and more are nothing but obstacles with Brad never once thinking about what Buddy wants.

13 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Steam A Victim Hides From A Family Member

In the 1970s there came a movie that set the bar for all the slasher films that many of us would come to look on with fondness and nostalgia. That movie was The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and now you can experience the tension and horror in a game based on it with the same name.

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This online multiplayer game puts you on the side of either the Victims or the Family. As a Victim, your goal is to escape the property where you’ve been trapped by the Family. As one of the monstrous Family members, your goal is to hunt down every survivor as ruthlessly as possible. You’ll lay traps, break down doors, and chase them while slashing at their backs. This is all done to collect blood for Grandpa who can eat it and help your human hunt.

12 Pumpkin Jack

Pumpkin Jack Epic Games Title Art Showing Jack And Crows

You’ve got a lot of fairytales about an evil guy doing an evil thing and then a hero guy does a hero thing to stop it. This time, the hero guy is your main obstacle since you’re playing the champion of the evil guy and seeking to destroy all that is pure and good in Pumpkin Jack.

You play as Jack, AKA the Pumpkin Lord, who is on a quest to bring evil to the land where it has been ruthlessly kicked out by a heroic wizard. While you certainly have powers and weapons at your disposal, the forces of evil are in disarray and will attack anyone. Of course, Jack doesn’t care about friendly fire and eliminates anyone preventing him from plunging the peaceful lands into darkness and chaos. You may be a guy with a pumpkin for a head, but it’s up to you to do the smashing.

11 The Suffering

The Suffering The Protagonist

The Suffering is a 2004 action-adventure horror game that blends third-person exploration and combat with the ability to swap to first-person at any time. In The Suffering, you play as Torque, an abrasive character who has been sentenced to death row after being accused of murdering his family, something he vehemently denies. After a terrifying opening, Torque must explore the dank and harrowing Abbot State Penitentiary in order to find a means of escape.

Playing as the monster in this game isn’t simply playing as the murderous Torque, but instead comes in the ability to transform into a powerful, hulking monstrosity that wreaks havoc in Abbot State Penitentiary. Once Torque builds up an insanity meter, he can swap to this monster form to deal some serious damage to the dastardly denizens of the prison. While this form is temporary, it’s a great change of pace from traditional horror-themed exploration and combat.

10 Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Werewolf The Apocalypse The Werewolf Howls Among Other Wolves

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is a pretty bog-standard third-person action-adventure game that sees you playing as Cahal, a werewolf that belongs to a clan known as the Garou. Taking place in the World of Darkness universe, Earthblood blends exploration, combat scenarios, and stealth gameplay into a somewhat middling package that doesn’t really do much to stand out from the pack.

However, Cahal is able to swap between three forms at any time with his most powerful form being a fully-fledged werewolf that can stand on its hind legs, wreaking havoc on the baddies who seek to defile Gaia. Playing as this monstrous creature is easily the highlight of Earthblood since you are able to use a host of unlockable werewolf-centric skills and abilities. It ends up just being mindless fun in the long run but being able to play as this mythical beast is certainly a treat.

9 Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight Killers

As perhaps one of the most famous games where you get the chance to be a monster, Dead By Daylight is an absolute treat to play. If anyone tries to argue that they don’t wish they could play as the killer every time then they’re wrong. It’s just incredibly fun to watch your friends running away as you chase them with malicious intent.

Nevertheless, whether you end up playing as the monster or the victim, Dead By Daylight is a wonderful game to explore with others. It’s the perfect balance between feeling like the monster of the game and also having a ton of fun as you run away from your friends.

8 Vampyr

The promotional art showing a vampire about to bite someone's neck.

From the offset, you’re thrown into being classified as the monster of the game. You play as Dr. Jonathan Reid who quickly becomes a vampire and accidentally murders his own sister through a desire for her blood. From then on you are given the choice to either be good or turn into a fully-fledged vampiric monster, killing anyone and everyone you can.

Unlike many games of this style, you are able to eliminate some people who seem to be incredibly important to the plot line. Vampyr gives you an element of freedom to become whatever kind of monster you desire. It’s incredibly fun to play and well worth trying out, especially if you want to be a more sophisticated monster.

7 Lucius

Lucius evil child in front of burning house

Rather than choosing if you want to be the monster or the good guy, Lucius essentially forces you to follow that evil path. That being said, it makes sense that you’d follow an evil path if you’re the son of Satan himself which is the premise of this wonderful game. You play as a psychopathic child who’s the literal spawn of Satan and goes around his house planning different ways to horrifically murder his family members.

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This puzzle horror game is unbelievably fun to play, even if there isn’t any action. Everything Lucius does requires careful planning to avoid being caught which only makes being a monster to your loving family that much more satisfying.

6 Aliens Vs Predator

Aliens Vs Predator fight

While it’s an older game, only being available on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, it’s one that will never lose its joy or entertainment factor. Aliens Vs Predator is the type of game where you get to enjoy playing as the heroes and the monsters at different points. After all, who doesn’t want to play as one of the most famous monsters on the planet?

In this wonderful game, you get to play as an Alien, a Marine, and a Predator, all in three separate campaigns. Not only do you get to choose if you want to play as the hero or the monster, but you get to try out playing as some incredibly famous and terrifying creatures.

5 The Wolf Among Us

Screenshot of the cover image for The Wolf Among Us.

When it comes to games made by the legendary Telltale Games, you know you’re in for an episodic adventure game filled with tough choices, beautiful graphics, and a storyline that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. The Wolf Among Us is no exception, aside from the fact that these tough choices can very easily allow you to fully become the monster many of the townspeople expect you to be.

You play a man named Bigby Wolf, otherwise known as the Big Bad Wolf, whose mission is to investigate a brutal murder within Fabletown. It’s a dark thriller that brings a different twist to playing a monster, with a bit more control and a lot more thought.

4 Maneater

Shark attacking boat

As one of the more recent games to be released where you get to play as a monster, Maneater allows you to play as a baby shark whose mother was murdered by poachers. You can very easily be a nice little shark who only eats what it has to and destroys a few signs if you need to. Or you can be what you really want to be. You can turn into a man-eating shark who just causes havoc to the entirety of Port Clovis.

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It’s one of those open-world chaos games where you don’t particularly have to do anything in a certain order, you can just swim around as an apex predator while you murder everything in your path. You’re not exactly a terrifying monster, but to the poor citizens of Port Clovis, you’re the scariest monster they’ve ever seen.

3 Destroy All Humans! Remake

Destroy All Humans! protagonist in the promotional art, flying away while the city and its citizens are burning.

After the success of the original, the Destroy All Humans remake is one many people were incredibly excited about. Thankfully it lived up to the hype and became a fantastically fun game where you get to play as an alien who cares little for the world he’s been put on. After all, his sole purpose is to harvest human DNA in order to repopulate his species.

You don’t necessarily get to play as an evil horrible monster, but you do get to cause havoc over an entire planet. We think that’s close enough.

2 Carrion

Carrion going through a military facility, killing humans.

Carrion is a little different from many of the other games where you can play as a monster, but that doesn’t mean it’s not thoroughly enjoyable to play. It’s a 2D reverse-horror game where you play as a monster who’s been experimented on and trapped by some scientists there to study your biology. Until you break out and seek revenge on the humans who have wronged you.

You get to traverse this research facility using your unique abilities like shape-shifting to absolutely obliterate any human in sight. It’s still a tactical game but is unique, enjoyable, and satisfyingly chaotic.

1 The Darkness

The Darkness protagonist holding his dual guns while his darkness beasts are around him.

In The Darkness, you play a young man named Jackie Estacado who, on his 21st birthday was given demonic powers called the Darkness. After you grow in influence the mafia end up kicking you out of their operations. You then go and use this power to enact revenge on the people who wronged you, going through the dark streets brutally murdering the mob you once worked with.

It’s hard to really say that Jackie is a monster since everyone in the game is pretty evil themselves, but the way you are able to dispatch these mob soldiers and how you can use your power undeniably makes you the monster of this twisted game.

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