The Best Games Upgraded For The Quest 3

The immersive quality alone is worth it for those who have experienced virtual reality. Feeling like you’re inside the game is a dream come true for many gamers. The Meta Quest 2, with enhanced features over the original unit, has built a sizable library of games during its tenure.



Related: Best VR Survival GamesBut, with the Meta Quest 3, you have higher resolutions, more robust displays, and a faster processor. The best part of purchasing a Meta Quest 3 is your ability to play the entire Meta Quest 2 collection of games, albeit with better performance. So, which games benefit the most from an increase in performance power?

9 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. Fighting a zombie horde with a bow and arrow.

This first-person action game pits you against the undead with various weapons. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners offers more than just great hack-n-slash action. You must explore the open environments, gather resources, craft and repair weapons, and make crucial decisions.

The Meta Quest 3 offers 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye, so you’ll notice cleaner lines and more detail in the environment and character models. With a faster refresh rate, you experience smoother gameplay as you travel across the ruined landscape.

8 Red Matter 2

Floating robot in office puzzle red matter 2

What are the elements required for a great science fiction adventure? A futuristic and dystopian setting, check. Space environment with lasers; double-check. Red Matter 2 takes you on a journey involving quests, mysteries, and puzzles. Use physics and logic in an environment full of interactivity to progress forward.

Related: The Best VR Puzzle GamesThe Meta Quest 3 provides a richer experience with updated graphics and more detail. Every interactive item features complex textures, and realistic reflections come to life. You can set the speed of turning and locomotion for individualized comfort and control.

7 Pavlov Shack

Pavlov Shack Characters Fighting On A Bridge

First-person shooters have a place in VR, and Pavlov Shack proves it. With your team, you take on enemies with a tactical approach, using various modern weapons. Think Counter-Strike, but on VR. To manage your inventory, you look down at what your character is carrying.

Weapons feature realistic handling, bullet spread, and sight pictures/optics. Meta Quest 3’s beefy hardware increases game performance from 72Hz to 90Hz. You can also take advantage of the larger field of view with 110-degree horizontal and 96-degree vertical images.

6 Barbaria

fighting an ax wielding enemy barbaria

So, you want to be the strongest warrior in Barbaria? You’ll need to fight using anything at your disposal, including blades, fists, and rocks. But, rather than just a brawler, this game also offers a defense-building mechanic for added strategy. Compete with friends on teams and drive away invaders in brutal fashion.

The Meta Quest 3 version will include better character rendering, more expressive facial animations, and real-time shadows. The divide in performance between PC VR and the Meta Quest 3 has never been smaller.

5 Resident Evil 4


One of the most sought-after VR titles, Resident Evil 4, allows you to enter a terrifying world of survival horror. Following the events in Raccoon City, you play as one of the survivors, Leon Kennedy. The European setting provides an eerie atmosphere once you meet the local residents of a remote village.​​​​​​​

Related: Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Resident Evil 4 VRMeta Quest 3 can deliver the whole audio experience with spatial capability to accurately reproduce sound in a 3D environment. You can also crank the volume 40% higher and feel the enhanced bass performance.

4 Dungeons Of Eternity

fighting a skeleton with flames dungeons of enternity

If you have fun crawling through enemy-laden caves wielding medieval weapons and magic, this game is for you. It’s not all intense fighting, as Dungeons of Eternity allows you to rest with companions in a relaxing lounge featuring a fireplace.

Create a custom avatar, select personalized load-outs, and carefully choose your character perks. The weapons feel weighty, and evading enemy attacks is intuitive. The Meta Quest 3 improves combat by reducing latency and doesn’t suffer frame drops during chaotic action.

3 Into The Radius

Into the Radius: The player overlooks a distorted landscape.

If you loved the Stalker series, Into the Radius is essentially the VR version. You play as a character who ventures into the strange Pechorsk Anomaly Zone. This large area is filled with dangerous creatures and environmental obstacles. You must scavenge through wilderness, industrial, and city locations for valuable loot.

This game benefits from Meta Quests 3’s more robust Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip. Small details like the fabric on your gloves are now visible. The lighting is also improved, helping to create more realistic shadows and sun rays.

2 Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition

The cockpit of the Airbus A320neo with lite up controls at night in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Want to take to the skies, but you don’t have a pilot’s license? Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition puts you in the cockpit of dozens of aircraft. This particular version also includes gliders and helicopters for even more variety.

This simulator recreates a real cockpit’s buttons, levers, and blinking lights. One advantage Meta Quest 3 has over its predecessor is the improved visual clarity of the flight instruments. When attempting to land at virtual real-world airports, the enhanced image quality enriches the experience. ​​​​​​​

1 Golf+


If any sport could translate well to VR, it would be golf. With Golf+, you get an accurate simulation that perfectly captures the spirit of the sport. Developers have recreated real-life courses and incorporated popular golf brands you can enjoy with friends.

The Meta Quest 3 version offers enhanced graphics and more detailed textures. Not only will you notice visual improvements, but the third iteration of Quest hardware offers a robust tournament mode. Also, with around two hours of battery life on average, you can enjoy a round of golf without rushing.

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