The Best Game Boy Color Games Ever, Ranked


  • Game Boy Color brought vibrant colors and higher processing power to the handheld console, selling a staggering 118 million units.
  • The Nintendo Switch Online service offers a chance to relive Game Boy Color classics, including Kirby Tilt N Tumble and Donkey Kong Country.
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game and Mario Tennis on Game Boy Color offer unique experiences for Pokemon TCG and Mario sports game fans.



“Get into it!” Many people stayed true to that slogan when they got their hands on the Game Boy Color. The Game Boy was a household name then, and the successor brought a bit more color into it. The more vibrant and higher-processed Game Boy Color was wanted by many fans around the world. Together with the original Game Boy, it has amassed a whopping 118 million units sold.

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With those numbers, Duracell and Energizer were smiling ear to ear as people begged their parents for more batteries to prolong their endless gaming on the handheld consoles. Nowadays, the Game Boy Color is a retro nostalgia trip of timeless fun and excitement, so much so that it can cost hundreds of dollars online to experience those trips again. It’s worth it to some because the colorful pocket machine had some pretty fantastic games within its diverse catalog of enjoyment.

Updated on October 18, 2023 by PJ Molloy: It’s a great time to be a Game Boy Color fan, thanks to the Game Boy service on Nintendo Switch Online. Some of the best Game Boy Color games are now available on Switch for new generations to experience. If you grew up playing these classic titles, many of them hold up well and are a treat to revisit. With new titles being continuously added to Nintendo Switch Online, now is the perfect time to catch up on the best Game Boy Color games to relive your favorite childhood memories or experience an important part of Nintendo history that you missed out on.

14 Kirby Tilt N Tumble Is An Adorable Cozy Game

Kirby Tilt N Tumble - Kirby Rolling Down A Green Path

Kirby Tilt N Tumble was impressive when it launched due to its use of motion controls. The game has you tilt the Game Boy Color to roll Kirby around a series of obstacle courses to reach the end before the timer runs out. The levels are packed with enemies, collectibles, and secrets, ensuring a pleasant challenge that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

It’s not a traditional Kirby platformer, but maintains all the charm and cuteness you’d expect from a mainline title. The game is even included with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, utilizing the Switch’s gyro controls to substitute for motion controls. The Switch version perfectly replicates the feel of the gameplay and is the best way to experience this adorable classic.

13 Donkey Kong Country Is An Impressive Port Of A SNES Masterpiece

Donkey Kong Country - Donkey Kong In The Jungle With Three Bananas Next To Him

The fact that the minds at Rare managed to get Donkey Kong Country to run on a Game Boy Color is astounding. The original Donkey Kong Country is a technical marvel for the Super Nintendo, and against all odds, its Game Boy Color version manages to be a faithful port. While the graphical quality had to be sacrificed, the entire game is here, with new content added for good measure.

The game looks and controls amazingly for the Game Boy Color, maintaining the phenomenal level design and gameplay from its SNES predecessor. There are even two new bonus games if you need a break from the main campaign. If you like Donkey Kong or retro platformers in general, this one is a must-play simply because of how impressive it is.

12 Pokemon Trading Card Game Is Perfect For Pokemon TCG Fans

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Goldeen Fighting Machop During A Pokemon Card Game

If you like Pokemon TCG, this game is right up your alley. Picture a traditional Pokemon RPG like Red and Blue, but battles use Pokemon Trading Card Game rules. That’s this game in a nutshell. You travel the world, explore different cities, collect cards to build the perfect deck, and fight your way to the title of champion.

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Similar to the mainline Pokemon games, the goal is to defeat eight gym leaders; only they’re called Club Masters here. Since the game is available on Nintendo Switch Online, it’s a more accessible and affordable way to enjoy the card game without having to buy packs of cards.

11 Mario Tennis Is An Outstanding RPG And Sports Game

Mario Tennis - Luigi Rushing To Hit The Ball On The Tennis Court

The Mario Tennis series is known for its engaging tennis gameplay with the right amount of Mario flare to give it a cartoonish quality. The Game Boy Color version nails the series’ stellar gameplay to a tee while including a story mode with RPG elements.

If you’ve played Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64, this game is a surprisingly faithful recreation. The characters feel great to control during tennis matches, with plenty of satisfying trick shots you can perform to spice up the game. However, what makes this one of the best Game Boy Color Games is its story mode, where you attend a tennis academy, explore the campus, and win matches to raise your stats. If you like Mario sports games, don’t sleep on this one.

10 Tetris DX Breathes New Life To A Beloved Classic

Tetris DX - A Tetris Piece Falling Onto A Pile Of Tetris Pieces

Tetris is a classic. It’s one of those games with a simple concept yet so hard to put down. Originally debuting on the Game Boy, Nintendo had to bring it to the Game Boy Color with a splash of color mixed in to coat those iconic Tetris pieces.

Tetris DX introduced a few new modes while offering the same fun and excitement people have grown to love. New to the game are Ultra Mode, 40 Lines, and Vs. CPU. Who knew stacking blocks was so much fun?

9 Pokemon Pinball Is A Delightful Spin-Off

Pokemon Pinball - Pikachu And Bellsprout Playing Pinball

To no one’s surprise, many of the best Game Boy Color games come from the Pokemon series. However, this one may be unexpected because it’s not a traditional RPG. Pokemon Pinball is a blast to have inside the pocket machine. No need to buy a giant pinball machine to get that same thrilling experience.

Pokemon Pinball offers a ton of diverse, exciting, challenging, and creative Pokemon-themed tables. The gameplay includes catching all 151 original Pokemon, boss battle bonus stages, and capturing the highest scores on both red and blue leader boards. And, of course, the pinball is a Poke Ball. How charming.

8 Shantae Started An Iconic Platformer Series

Shantae - Shantae Speaking To The Old Man In The Save House

Despite arriving late to the Game Boy Color library, Shantae is a colorful and adventurous platformer for the handheld. Shantae reinvents ideas from past Nintendo titles and offers new inventive twists on the platform genre, such as turning into animals to solve puzzles, gather items, and reach hidden areas.

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Feel like crawling up walls? Turn into a monkey. An obstacle in your way? Turn into an elephant. These creative ideas add to the game’s overall diverse strategy and fun. Adding to the replay value are hidden collectibles and a day and night cycle for risk and reward situations. Shantae is a fantastic gem and is even available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

7 Dragon Quest 3 (Dragon Warriors 3) Is An Epic Turn-Based RPG

Dragon Quest 3 (Dragon Warrior 3) - The Hero Looking At The Sky While Holding A Sword

Okay, you need a lot of batteries for this game. Dragon Quest 3, also known as Dragon Warriors 3, is an awesome action-adventure RPG that contains hours upon hours of gameplay. This robust game includes a compelling plot, an interesting setting, and amazing turn-based combat.

The visuals and gameplay are reminiscent of the Pokemon series, especially since you battle and capture monsters to level up and breed within your party. With over 200 monsters to fight and train and a thrilling story, it’s no wonder that Dragon Quest 3 is one of the best Game Boy Color Games.

6 Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Revives A Timeless NES Game

Super Mario Bros Deluxe - Mario Standing Next To A Row Of Blocks

Super Mario Bros arguably saved the gaming industry when it launched on the NES, cementing it as one of the most influential games ever. Super Mario Bros Deluxe is a port for the Game Boy Color that offers the same inventive level design and lovable platforming while adding new content and quality-of-life updates.

Super Mario Bros Deluxe comes with every level from the original Super Mario Bros and most stages from Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a save feature, a time trial mode, new collectibles, and the ability to play as Luigi.

Metal Gear Solid (Metal Gear Ghost Babel) - Solid Snake Standing In A Dark Room

Metal Gear Solid, also known as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, seems like an odd title to appear on the small screen. Nevertheless, this masterpiece from the PlayStation 1 works beautifully on Game Boy Color and brings the Metal Gear series back to its NES roots.

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The game offers a unique albeit non-canon story that again puts Snake into the enemy lines. Ghost Babel offers fluid, stealthy gameplay with numerous weapons at your disposal while maintaining the classic Metal Gear look and feel. Mission accomplished, Nintendo. Snake out.

The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX - The Logo Above The Egg Of The Wind Fish

Before the remake launched on Nintendo Switch, there was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX for the Game Boy Color. This beloved classic is a remake of the Game Boy title of the same name and offers a compelling adventure that does The Legend of Zelda series justice.

The gameplay is reminiscent of A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo and features a unique story involving Link waking up on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. The DX version adds color and a new color dungeon, a graphics overhaul, and a new quest involving gathering 12 photos that can be printed with the Game Boy Printer. Talk about a colorful experience.

3 Wario Land 3 Is The Best Platformer On Game Boy Color

Wario Land 3 - Wario Standing In A Forest

Wario is back to his mischievous schemes in Wario Land 3, with plenty of enemies to crush within a magical music box. Just like in previous titles, Wario can’t die. Instead, enemy attacks transform Wario into various creative forms, allowing him access to areas within the levels.

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This results in diverse gameplay and hilarious moments as Wario turns into a ball of flames, a human balloon, and a slime zombie. Wario Land 3 is the best platformer on the Game Boy Color, proving he’s more than capable of being a leading man without Mario.

2 The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages And Seasons Are Must-Plays

The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages, Oracle Of Seasons - Link Standing In A Grassy Field

To be fair, you can consider this as two games in one huge, expensive package. Like the Pokemon titles, The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are separate versions of essentially the same game. However, unlike Pokemon, each of these Zelda titles provide a unique twist to the experience.

Both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons offer robust gameplay that can easily stand as a solo outing. Oracle of Seasons offers seasonal changes that alter the natural landscape, while Oracle of Ages offers time changes that alter the future and past landscape of the environment. Playing both gives you an epic adventure of discovery, secrets, and pure awesomeness.

1 Pokemon Gold, Silver, And Crystal Are The Best Game Boy Color Games

Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSIlver - Lugia And Ho-Oh Flapping Their Wings

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal transcend what made Red and Blue so good in the first place. Gold, Silver, and Crystal offer a new story, a new rival, new animations, and an incredible lineup of Pokemon while staying true to the RPG nature of generation one.

The real treat comes after you dominate the Johto region. You can travel to the Kanto region to battle the Generation One Gym Leaders. In addition, these games introduced a day and night cycle, breeding, holdable items, and the inclusion of shiny Pokemon. Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal are masterpieces and the best Game Boy Color games.

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