The Best Galil AR Skins In CS:GO, Ranked

Galil AR, commonly referred to as Galil, is a gun option on the Terrorist side of CS:GO. The firearm is ideal for semi-buys when you have limited funds and cannot afford to purchase an AK-47 along with other utility items. It is also reasonably easy to control, making it an excellent counter to the Counter Terrorist weaponry.



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Over the last ten years, Valve has added tons of skins for the Galil AR, allowing you to customize the gun’s appearance. If you are hunting for the best skins for the weapon, check out the section below to find a detailed list.

10 Galil AR Tuxedo

An image of Galil AR Tuxedo in CSGO

Galil AR Tuxedo would be a great buy inside CS:GO, and it is one of the cleanest skins you will be able to find for the rifle. As the name might suggest, the skin’s color theme has been inspired by a Tuxedo, with there being an incredible blend of white and black.

It will not cost you a lot to buy the Galil AR Tuxedo, and it is pretty feasible in terms of pricing. However, the skin doesn’t have StatTrack variants, and those who prefer skins possessing the number counter would miss out on the same.

9 Galil AR Connexion

An image of Galil AR Connexion

Galil AR Connexion is also an excellent skin for the rifle and pays homage to the Phoenix Connexion, among the Terrorist factions featured in the Counter-Strike series of games. It features the logo of Phoenix Connexion imprinted upon it, and its overall look is pretty satisfying.

The skin was released in CS:GO through the Fracture Case in 2020, and VLEK, alongside hexeth, were the two designers who worked on it. You can open the specific case or buy Galil AR Connexion directly from the marketplace to acquire it.

8 Galil AR Phoenix Blacklight

An image of Galil AR Phoenix Blacklight in CSGO

The Galil AR Phoenix Blacklight will be an appropriate buy if you love vibrant skins, and Valve introduced it into CS:GO as part of Operation Broken Fang in December 2020. Like Connexion, it also references the Phoenix Connexion with patterns and graffiti based on the faction on the skin.

The vibe that Galil AR Phoenix Blacklight provides is immaculate, and you will love utilizing it inside the game. Nonetheless, it is not that cheap, with the topmost Factory New costing over $51, while the Battle-Scarred is over $30.

7 Galil AR Rocket Pop

An image of Galil AR Rocket Pop in CSGO

Galil AR Rocket Pop is commonly regarded as the finest Galil AR skin available for purchase at an affordable price, and it is pretty solid in terms of its overall appearance. The skin made its way into the first-person shooter via the Falchion Collection, which was introduced in the Operation Bloodhound update in May 2015.

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The colors of the skin start giving in as you go under the Field-Tested condition, so it would be recommended that you buy it in at least Field-Tested. Going lower than that wouldn’t offer you the right aesthetic you want in a skin.

6 Galil AR Sugar Rush

An image of Galil AR Sugar Rush in CSGO

Galil AR Sugar Rush was added to CS:GO as part of Operation Hydra, and the skin features a fantastic array of colours inspired by cotton candy. It was designed by SLIMEface, who has previously created outstanding skins such as the AK47 Bloodsport, P250 Wingshot, Dual Berettas Cobra Strike, and more.

With the Operation Hydra Cases soaring in terms of pricing, it is understandable that the Galil AR Sugar Rush wouldn’t be a feasible option for everyone. The Factory New variant will cost you around $70, and you can look for other options in case you do not want to spend that much on Galil skin.

5 Galil AR Stone Cold

An image of Galil AR Stone Cold in CSGO

Another clean-looking skin that you can find for the Galil AR is Stone Cold, and all those making a blue-themed loadout should try getting this one. The metallic blue finish adds to the appeal, and there aren’t many other skins for the weapon that look as stunning as this one inside the game.

Galil AR Stone Cold is a part of the Shadow Case, and Valve added it in CS:GO in September 2015. Although it isn’t as rare as certain skins, it is relatively popular, and the appearance that it provides makes it a fan favourite.

4 Galil AR Cerberus

An image of Galil AR Cerberus in CSGO

ESL One Cologne 2014 stands out as among the finest majors in CS:GO history, and it saw Ninjas in Pyjamas take home their one and only major trophy. Before the major, the Cologne 2014 update was released, which saw the introduction of the Cache collection, and it featured the Galil AR Cerberus among the many skins.

The specific skin illustrates Cerberus, the Greek mythological hound with multiple heads. The color scheme makes the skin incredibly attractive, and the fantastic design of Cerberus is an excellent touch.

3 Galil AR Eco

An image of Galil AR Eco in CSGO

The Galil AR Eco supports an environmentally friendly cause, which is somewhat ironic. Regardless, the green and white colors, the text, and the recycling logo are fantastic aspects of the skin that make it appear simply great.

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LoveCroissant is the designer who came up with this skin, and the artist has additionally worked on Five-SeveN Monkey Business, which is probably the best skin for the pistol. Coming back to the Galil AR Eco, it was added through the Chroma 2 Case and has been a part of CS:GO since April 2015.

2 Galil AR Chatterbox

An image of Galil AR Chatterbox CSGO

At the time of writing, the Galil AR Chatterbox is the sole Galil AR skin in the Covert type, putting it in a class by itself. There is a reason why the skin is in this particular category, and the aesthetic it has is simply one of the greatest for the firearm.

The rusty design featuring the skull gives it a unique appearance, and you will know about it once you utilize it inside the game. Ego Death designed Galil AR Chatterbox, and it has been available in the tactical shooter since January 2015.

1 Galil AR Chromatic Aberration

An image of Galil AR Chromatic Aberration in CSGO

Galil AR Chromatic Aberration is undoubtedly the best skin you can get for Galil AR. Even though some might prefer the Galil AR Chatterbox or other skins, look-wise, there wouldn’t be many skins that would be able to beat the futuristic vibes of Chromatic Aberration.

Valve brought it into CS:GO with the Snakebite Collection following the conclusion of Operation Broken Fang. You wouldn’t have to spend a lot to get Galil AR Chromatic Aberration, with the skin costing $11.6 for Factory New and the rest being under $5.

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