The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch remains one of the most popular consoles available, with so many people still picking one up for the first time. While the growing library of games hosts some excellent titles, the number of choices might be a little too much to sift through — and some, in particular, are still on the pricey side.



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However, the Switch eShop boasts a whole bunch of free games that are just as great to play. From simpler, pick-up-and-play titles to more in-depth games that will keep you coming back for more, these are the best games you can play on Nintendo Switch entirely for free!

Updated on September 23, 2023 by Rebecca Phillips: If you’re looking for free games to play on your Nintendo Switch, look no further. We’ve added some more info to these free titles so you can jump in with any that take your fancy.

11 Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Charizard serves a drink in a bustling cafe

Have you ever wanted to run a cafe with Pokemon, serving other Pokemon? With Pokemon Cafe ReMix, you can do so for free. To serve your customers with dishes and drinks, you’ll need to complete various challenging puzzles, where you must connect the matching Pokemon icons.

Pokemon Cafe ReMix is a fun, casual game to dip into regularly, especially when there are new Pokemon making their way to the cafe. If you’re extremely lucky, you might even receive a visit from a Shiny Pokemon. That’s motivation to keep making those drinks, right?

10 Smite

Smite Best Warriors 1 Amaterasu

One of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA), Smite is a free-to-play game that will have you team up with other players and face down another team in small-scale maps.

With over 100 Deities to pick from and play as, you’ll need to make use of various abilities and playstyles if you’re going to come out on top. Work together with your team to claim victory and turn the tide of battle.


March 25, 2014

Hi-Rez Studios


9 Fallout Shelter

Free to play multiplayer RPG Fallout Shelter

If you’re not feeling up to a huge adventure through an apocalyptic wasteland — or, you know, being as there are no Fallout games on Switch — then Fallout Shelter is the best pick for that slice of slightly-radioactive survival.

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As an overseer, you will build up and manage a Vault of survivors. Keep them happy, distribute jobs and power, and send people out on missions for supplies; just be prepared, because sometimes things will want to get into the Vault.

Fallout Shelter

June 14, 2015

Bethesda Game Studios, Behaviour Interactive


8 Dauntless

A warrior charges toward a Hellion in a giant desert

If you mix Monster Hunter with the style of Fortnite, you’re left with Dauntless — and it’s every bit great as you could want. If you’ve never played Monster Hunter or are just looking for something similar, then Dauntless is a great option.

Arm yourself in town, head out on missions to fight large, dangerous beasts, and use what you gather to upgrade yourself — rinse, repeat. Whether you’re going solo or with some friends (or strangers), this game offers plenty for you to get stuck into, and has quite a bit of depth considering it’s free.


September 26, 2019

Phoenix Labs

Action RPG

7 Apex Legends

Apex Legends Has A Sniper Problem Vantage

Though it’s not perfect, the fact that Apex Legends is available on the Nintendo Switch is a feat unto itself. This beloved battle royale from Respawn Entertainment offers up fantastic characters, plenty of cosmetics to unlock, and an intense FPS experience.

With different modes to try out, Apex Legends remains one of the big hitters in the genre, and to be able to play it on the go for free is all the more reason to have it installed.

Apex Legends

February 4, 2019

Respawn Entertainment

Battle Royale, First-Person Shooter

6 Pokemon Unite

Pikachu, Greninja, Blastoise, Charizard, and Alolan Ninetails stand in a stadium

Another MOBA, Pokemon Unite brings the world-renowned series to the competitive arena genre. Play as various Pokemon, each with unique abilities and powers, as you hone your skillsets to come out on top.

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Work with your team and pair up the Pokemon that work best in order to outlast your opponents. There are a lot of microtransactions and purchases that speed along progress in the game, but with consistent support, it’s still a game you can get plenty out of without spending a penny.

Pokémon Unite

July 21, 2021

TiMi Studios


5 Tetris 99

A match of Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch Online

You’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for this free game, but as it’s online anyway, that makes little difference. Tetris 99 takes the classic game we all know and love and turns it into a battle royale. While this does sound pointless and strange on paper, it works well to make a fantastic experience.

Survive as long as you can, earn power-ups to use against the other 98 players, and be the last one still standing in order to win. It’s simplicity at its finest, and if you just want something arcadey to dive into, but seek a little bit of challenge, then this is an excellent pick.

Tetris 99

February 13, 2019



4 Overwatch 2

overwatch-2 heroes mid-combat

The sequel to the 2016 hit multiplayer title, Overwatch 2 launched with a free-to-play model. Yes, you can purchase certain things, and it will speed along progress, unlocks, and all that fancy cosmetic stuff — but you don’t need to do any of that to have a good time.

Hop into various multiplayer modes, pick your hero, and fight against the other teams with unique abilities and weapons. With so much to unlock over time, so many maps to familiarize yourself with, and so many characters to learn, this game can be a great way to kill time and save your wallet.

Overwatch 2

October 4, 2022



3 Rocket League

Chaotic game of Rocket League with five cars, the ball and an explosion in Rocket League

While the game was not originally free, the extensive popularity saw Rocket League shift to a free-to-play system, with seasons and additional content serving as the source of income and sustainability. However, if you just want to play, you don’t need to buy anything at all.

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In the game, you will be driving around in little cars as you try to hit a giant ball into a goal, while the opposing team will be doing the same on their side. Yes, it’s car soccer. Yes, it’s as fun and simple as it sounds.

Rocket League

July 7, 2015



2 Fall Guys

Fall Guys characters standing side-by-side with one raising his fist victoriously

What if a bunch of silly little beans all got together to compete in some over-the-top obstacle courses in ridiculous outfits? Well, they’d probably call it Fall Guys. Hop into the game, compete in various games, races, and courses, and try to be the last bean standing.

You can earn unique customizations and outfits, including crossover content if you purchase season passes or items from the store. However, if you don’t want to do that, there’s still plenty to unlock for free, and the rest of the game is open to you at no cost. A great time alone or with friends, and an easy one to jump back into.

Fall Guys

August 4, 2020


Battle Royale, Platformer, Action

1 Fortnite

A Fortnite player has deployed their glider in order to safely land at a POI.

At this point, Fortnite is one of the most well-known and most popular games out there. The battle royale was an instant hit, and with consistent updates, changing seasons, and the introduction of pop culture crossovers with each chapter, it still stands strong.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and feel like jumping into a little competitive multiplayer from time to time, then Fortnite is a great option. While you do have to buy the battle passes if you wish to fully unlock everything available, you can just ignore all of that and play the game limitlessly.


July 25, 2017

Epic Games

Survival, Battle Royale

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