The Best Free iOS Games

Mobile gaming is just as impactful as console and PC gaming these days. You can find mobile versions of some of your favorites or exclusive mobile titles to play. There are quite a few games available on iPhone for the large portion of the population that owns such a device.




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And what’s better than a fun video game? Well, a free fun video game. You’ll find a lot of free games to pass the time in the App Store for your iPhone. Many of them have in-app purchases that can help you proceed quicker or give you a leg up, but if you want to keep your wallet closed, you can play them without spending a dime.

10 Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS

A player with a gun stares down an approaching group of enemies and a large mech in Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS.

Shadowgun Legends

March 22, 2018

Madfinger Games

In the early days of mobile gaming, first-person shooters were not optimized well. They were clunky and just plain weird. That has certainly changed over time, with Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS as a prime example.

Shadowgun is an online FPS with RPG elements that receives regular updates. There’s PVP, co-operative boss fights, and a campaign with loads of content to keep anyone with an iPhone busy for a long time.

9 Asphalt 9: Legends

A car sits in the middle of a narrow road in Asphalt 9.

Your favorite genre is definitely available in the form of a free iPhone game. Take a look at Asphalt 9: Legends, an arcade-style racing game with drifts, stunts, incredible speeds, and a slew of cars for you to collect.

There are multiple modes made for all kinds of racing fanatics. You can put the game on rails and just zoom through cities, or you can jump into the traditional mode where more control over your car is in your hands.

8 Call Of Duty Mobile

Several Operators stand with weapons as helicopters fly overhead in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile

October 1, 2019

TiMi Studios

There’s no doubt that Call of Duty is one of the most popular and successful gaming series of all time. That translates to mobile gaming, where you can get Call of Duty Mobile for free on your iPhone.

COD Mobile has spawned a competitive esports scene, follows a similar seasonal shift as the main series, and includes all the customization you know and love. It is one of the top mobile titles in terms of graphics and content.

7 The Lord Of The Rings: War

Two massive armies rush towards each other with mountains in the background in The Lord Of The Rings: War.

The Lord of the Rings has a massive fan base, with the original books, spin-off content, the movies, and a horde of video games. One of those games is The Lord of the Rings: War, a strategy game that is free on iPhone.


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In The Lord of the Rings: War, you choose one of the world’s factions to base your army and settlement around. Build it up, form alliances, and fight for control of Middle-Earth with whatever strategy you can think up.

6 Genshin Impact

The twins stand side-by-side in a field in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is the quintessential free-to-play gacha RPG. It took the world by storm upon its launch, and consistent updates keep the player base happy with new locations and additional characters to unlock.

Without too many spoilers, you and your twin are interstellar travelers who end up on the planet Teyvat. Your journey sees you investigate the Seven, elemental gods, as you explore the world and battle a cast of formidable foes.

5 Eternium

A bount hunter shoots two guns at monsters with undead enemies closing in from behind in Eternium.

If you enjoy a classic action-based roleplaying game, then Eternium is the perfect free iPhone game for you. The top-down title boasts its tap to move and swipe to cast controls, with a no paywall, no pay-to-win philosophy.

Eternium keeps it simple with just three classes to choose from. You can be a mage, warrior, or bounty hunter and wield a sword, axe, staff, or gun. Leveling up and customizing your character to take on a variety of threats is where the simplicity goes out the window.

4 Tetris

A classic Tetris image sees several colorful blocks falling into place.


June 6, 1984


Old school games have a special place in all of our hearts and that retro feeling has never been more welcome. That’s why Tetris is easily one of the best free games you can download from the app store for your iPhone.


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This modern mobile version has a lot more than just stacking blocks. There’s a single player campaign, private matches, a Tetris version of a battle royale, and hundreds of customization options for your profile.

3 Among Us

Crewmates of all colors in their spacesuits stand with stars in the background of Among Us.

Among Us

June 5, 2018

Party Game

Among Us absolutely took over the world of gaming when streamers and creators discovered its existence. While the hype has died down a bit, there’s no doubt that a hardcore fan base still enjoys the social deduction title on the daily.

The best part about playing Among Us on your iPhone is the cross-platform capabilities. You can hunt down crewmates or try and uncover the impostors with players on any other system that can run Among Us.

2 Pokemon Go

Charizard holds a Pikachu coin with Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle beneath him in Pokemon GO.

Pokémon GO

July 6, 2016

Niantic , The Pokemon Company

Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go has been going strong for years, and if you haven’t tried to be the very best, like no one ever was, now is the time to download it free for iPhone. You’ll get some Poke Balls, catch Pokemon, and curate your team.

Whether you’re stationary or traveling throughout your day, you can find Pokemon in the overworld of Pokemon Go. If you head to the lake, you’ll find Water types; if you head to the forest, you’ll find Grass types. It’s an incredible experience.

1 Candy Crush Saga

promotional art for Candy Crush Saga mobile game

Candy Crush Saga

April 12, 2012



If you want a free iPhone game to pour hours into, you’ll want to download Candy Crush Saga. Whether you’re on the toilet or looking for reasons to stay awake in bed, this is the game that’ll eat up your time.

There are thousands of levels for you to play. Match up the candies, replay them if you’re waiting for more content, and come back for daily rewards. The sheer amount of Candy Crush available at your fingertips is what makes it a top iPhone game.


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