The Best Festivals In Harvest Moon: The Winds Of Anthos


  • Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos offers five festivals, including four seasonal ones and one unlocked after completing the story.
  • Each festival has specific requirements, quests, and dates, and must be triggered to start. Make sure to finish necessary tasks beforehand.
  • The festivals involve various activities, such as fishing, enjoying the lights in the sky, admiring cherry blossoms, and participating in a music competition.



Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos offers five festivals – four seasonal ones and one that is unlocked when the story is complete. To get the festivals started is a multi-step process. You’ll have to first find and complete the village quest to bring down the wall. Afterward, you can pick up a quest from a villager to bring back the village’s historical festival.


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Each festival takes place on a specific day in their respective seasons, and will need to be triggered each time. Once the festival starts, it becomes an all-day event (or all night, in some cases), so make sure to get the things you need done before starting the festival.

5 Big Fish Festival

Volcano and starry sky at the Big Fish Festival in Harvest Moon the Winds of Anthos

You can pick up the quest for this festival from Brendon in Lilikala village. It will require five Ahi Poke, five Jumbo Grilled Fish, and ten Board Lumber, and once you’ve completed the quest, you will still have to wait for Summer 15 for the festival to come around. You can purchase the Aki Poke from the village restaurant, but you’ll have to make the Jumbo Grilled Fish yourself with your own catch.

To start the festival, speak to the village Harvast Sprite, Aestas. She’ll confirm that you want to join the festival, and then the Harvest Moon Goddess will ask you to bring someone with you — this will sound like a request, but there is really no choice. You will have to pick from one of the villagers that show up to actually begin the event. The festival itself resembles the celebration that was held after the wall came down. You and your date will stare out at the stars and the volcano next to the town, and while doing so, your date will notice a shooting and ask you to make a wish.

4 Aurora Festival

Main Character and Date looking up dark starry sky with aurora in Harvest Moon the Winds of Anthos

To bring back the Aurora Festival, speak to Gunnar in his home in Zimagrad. He’ll request that you bring him five Hot Milk, five Mushrooms au Gratin and ten Board Lumber. To complete this quest, you will want to stock up on plenty of milk, as you’ll need to make the hot milk as well as the cheese necessary for the Mushroom au Gratin.


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The Aurora festival is on the 15th of every winter, in Zimagrad. Like the Fish Festival, you’ll need to start the event by speaking to the Zimagrad Harvest Sprite, Heims. She’ll confirm you want to join, and the Harvest Moon Goddess will appear again, asking you to bring a date. After the cut scene, you’ll see all the potential dates standing outside, waiting for you to speak to them. You don’t have to pick the same person for every festival, and each villager has their own unique take-away and experience of each event. Once you’ve picked a date, the two of you will walk off into the snowy field and watch the lights in the sky.

3 Flower Festival

Character looking out at the cherry blossoms with date in Harvest Moon the Winds of Anthos

Nemo from the Flower Shop in Lectenbury will give you the quest to revive the flower festival. You’ll need to find ten Marguerite, ten Strawberry Pansy and ten Viola on your own, so use the DocPad to track the seeds. This is probably the easiest festival to unlock, and will likely be the first one completed.

The flower festival takes place every spring, on the 15th in Lenctenbury. To start the festival, speak to the town Harvest Sprite, Ver. Ver will ask you to pick a companion to go with you before starting the festival. The eligible bachelors/bachelorettes will be standing around town, and you won’t be able to continue until you choose someone. The festival itself is a little anticlimactic, but sweet — you’ll have a little chat with your date while looking at the cherry blossoms. This festival showcases the different personalities of the bachelor or bachelorette you invite, which can help you in determining who to marry later down the line.

2 Music Festival

Character looking at the stage in Harvest Moon the Winds of Anthos

This is one of the first festivals that can be unlocked in the game, through accepting Otto’s quest. The music festival is less of a party and more of a competition that becomes available to you once Herbstburg’s cultural level reaches three stars. It takes place on Fall 22nd, and to take part you’ll have to speak to the Herbstburg Harvest Sprite, Autumnus.


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You’ll be encouraged by the sprite to take a date, and you’ll be able to share the memory of sitting together and enjoying the music. Your date will ask you to play something for them, which is when the event will properly take place. You’ll have to play the music as it appears on-screen, and you’ll need to reach a certain number of points to meet the minimum and win the competition.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a prize for ‘winning’ this festival, and the music festival does get overwritten by the Harvest Moon festival later in the game.

However, you can come back to play the instruments, and pick out which song you want to play. The song difficulty levels also ramp up as you do better.

1 Harvest Moon Festival

The harvest moon goddess smiling in Harvest Moon the Winds of Anthos

The Harvest Moon festival is a unique event that occurs after the game’s completion. The Harvest Goddess will set up special events on the 8th and 22nd of each season because these are the nights of the full moon, where her powers are greatest. These festivals start after 7 pm, so when they coincide with other festivals, you should still be able to attend both.

From 7pm–6am, green orbs will float around, and the Harvest Wisps will give you four times the normal amount of seeds. Additionally, the rare blue Wisps won’t run away from you, since they’ll grow braver through the Harvest Goddess’ power. Similarly, both day and nighttime animals will be available during this time and won’t flee when you approach them. There will also be benefits for your crops, as they’ll grow stronger during the harvest moon and become more profitable.


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