The Best Ending Credit Sequences In Video Games

Finishing a game can bring about a range of emotions—pride in your accomplishments, relief that you have overcome some great challenge, and, of course, sadness as you say goodbye to the adventure you have just had. Sometimes, however, the game has one more surprise in store for you, as it goes above and beyond in creating an ending that leaves a lasting impression.



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Whether the credits are interactive in some way or are simply aesthetically stunning, it’s always a nice touch when a developer has clearly put some thought into how to celebrate all the hardworking people who made this work possible. After all, when it comes to great credit sequences in gaming, pizzazz is always appreciated.

10 Phantasy Star

Blue dungeon in Phantasy Star.

Phantasy Star was one of the earliest games to try something unique with its credit sequence. This classic Sega JRPG turned heads in the late ’80s with its 3D dungeon mazes, as these were unlike anything anybody had seen on a home console at the time, and they still look pretty neat to this day.

The dungeons were so good, that the development team decided to use them for the game’s credits. As the camera cruises through one of these pixelated labyrinths, names of the developers appear on its walls as an early example of tying together the game’s setting with its end credits.

9 Splatoon

Purple ink covering most of the screen in Splatoon's credits.

Splatoon’s end credits place a paint gun in your hands, which you have to spray the screen with to reveal the developers’ names. There’s something undeniably satisfying about splattering the screen with paint, and it’s a wonderful callback to the whacky gameplay and style of Splatoon.

This credit sequence is all about making as big a mess as you can while recalling all the good times you have just had. It’s a bold, colorful, and inventive way to showcase all the talented people who worked on this game.

8 Sonic Colors

Coins bursting from the credits in Sonic Colors.

Sonic Colors encourages you to interact with the actual credits, except that, in this case, you jump into the text to burst the names of developers into a waterfall of coins. If this wasn’t fun enough, you eventually get access to the different wisp abilities, so you can hover, chomp, or rocket your way through the text to collect as many coins as possible.

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The cherry on top? You get to hear the full rendition of the song ‘Reach for the Stars,’ which, even among Sonic’s catalogue of iconic songs, stands as one of the best in the whole series.

7 New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Credits presented as bricks while Mario, Luigi, and toads watch from the side.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii also has destroyable writing in its end credits, but it one-ups Sonic Colors in one important aspect, as this game has a co-op multiplayer sequence, where you and your playmates can wreak havoc.

While it’s a lot of fun breaking through the credit bricks by yourself, it’s an even better time when you have a friend or three helping with the demolition. Butt-stomping and fist-pumping the blocks with some buddies never gets old and is a great way to close off this adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom.

6 Bayonetta

Bayonetta fighting enemies while the credits roll.

Before the credits of Bayonetta transition into a more standard text crawl, you get the chance to experience some final gameplay with bite-sized combat sequences. And when the combat’s as good as it is in Bayonetta, who wouldn’t want to have a few more rounds before it all wraps up?

When you also factor in the fantastic music and sleek visuals, these credits leave a strong final impression after completing the thrill ride that is Bayonetta, making it a bewitching encore.

5 Flower

Blue lights form the name of developers in Flower credits.

Flower’s ending sequence is so elaborate, that it could almost be classed as its own level. In it, you control the flower petals as normal—only this time, each bud you interact with transforms into the name of one of the developers.

For such an ethereal and elegant game, it’s only fitting that it presents its credits with the same degree of grace as the rest of its design. Plus, it’s just fun getting to spend a few more minutes in this beautiful world before turning it off.

4 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Sages dancing in Hyrule Field while credits roll in TLOZ: Ocarina Of Time.

The Legend of Zelda series has a history of giving us one final tour of its games’ worlds during their final credits. And while there are many great examples to choose from, Ocarina of Time’s end credits never fail to bring the feelings.

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After watching a series of shots showing various locations around Hyrule, the credits cut to a party taking place in Hyrule Field where many of the game’s characters have gathered to celebrate the Hero of Time. The final shots show Link returning the Master Sword to its pedestal, where it will remain until the next time this world needs saving.

3 Earthbound

Characters of Earthbound in a desert while credits roll.

Earthbound’s end credits are a touching reminder that the true meaning of this adventure wasn’t about saving the world from Giygas, it was about the friends and memories you made along the way. Postcard shots of all the games’ locations make you reflect on all the weird and whacky shenanigans you got up to while in this world.

The final person that Earthbound credits is you, the player, in a sweet tribute that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. And, of course, there’s that final tease at the very end of the credits.

2 God Of War (2018)

Kratos in a temple while credits roll.

A more modern trend in gaming is having the credits start rolling while you are still playing the game. God of War did this to tremendous effect, after Kratos and Atreus scatter Faye’s ashes off the highest peak in all the realms.

After spending hours fighting off Norse gods and beasts, this sequence is a heartwarming interaction between a father and his son, as they begin the next chapter in their epic story.

1 Portal

Basic computer text scrolling in Portal's credits.

Sometimes all it takes for a video game end credit sequence to live for eternity is to have one great song. Portal’s end credits don’t have the same interactivity as some of the other entries on this list, but it remains the icon because of how well it encapsulates the game’s quirky tone and dry sense of humour.

‘Still Alive’ is still a bop all these years later, but the song works not just because it’s catchy, but because it ties together all the themes of the game in one extremely memorable package. Portal is a great game full of excellent surprises, but it may leave its best card as the credits begin to roll.

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