The Best Dinosaurs In Paleo Pines

Set on a prehistoric island where earth’s once majestic giants now roam free again, Paleo Pines is an indie game by Modus Games. On the quaint island of Paleo Pines, you can befriend the quirky townsfolk and build a dinosaur sanctuary on a ranch of your own.



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By befriending the dinosaurs, you can enlist their help to fix up your ranch. Whether it is clearing out the land, tracking delicious snacks, being your trusty steed to help you go from point A to B, or smashing rocks, these dinos make for excellent farm hands. With a roster of 30 dinosaurs, some make for better company than others.

13 Anklyosaurus

Ankylosaurus in Paleo Pines

The studded Anklyosaurus may not be a speedster but is certainly a sturdy companion. Their strength and stamina make them a reliable steed to take with you on adventures. With an incredibly strong sense of smell, they can sniff out their favorite crunchy snacks from great distances.

With a robust body and hauling a club at the end of its tail, the Anklyosaurus is the first dinosaur you will have access to with the Stomper skill. Found on the northeast side of Veridian Valley, they can become a useful Helper two to eight days after taming them. All you must do to befriend this gentle beast is offer a Crunchy Poppin.

12 Centrosaurus

Centrosaurus in Paleo Pines

Adored by many for its intricate frills and horns, Centrosaurus is just as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the soul. You can find them grazing in forest areas. These majestic steeds are covetable for their excellent farmhand abilities.

Centrosaurus’ robust head and horns is great for bulldozing rocks and clearing out land with ease. Primarily located in Dapplewood Forest, these dinos can be found after clearing the path to this forest.

11 Coelophysis

Coelophysis in Paleo Pines

Though they may look adorable, the Coelophysis is a sneaky dinosaur. Their slender body and agility makes them one of the fastest steeds around. These tiny theropods from the Triassic period are light on their feet. Unfortunately, due to their size, you cannot ride a Coelophysis.

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However, despite this setback, they are amazing company. Following you anywhere happily, the Coelophysis is a loyal and adorable companion. They can be found in Veridian Valley, near the north side of the Rope Bridge and southeast of Mari’s home.

10 Gallimimus

Gallimimus in Paleo Pines

Found throughout the colorful island of Paleo Pines, Gallimimus is a theropod beloved by ranchers of all ages. Their vibrant plumage and playful personality makes this bird-like dino a covetable companion. Due to their swift movements and sprinting ability, Gallimimus is a fast and reliable steed.

Gallis are the first dinosaurs you will befriend in the game, setting the bar quite high for the other prehistoric critters. On the second full day, you will be gifted a flue from Lucky that you can use to play for dinos. You will then have a chance with Mari to use the flute to befriend the Gallimimus.

9 Kentrosaurus

Kentrosaurus in Paleo Pines

Smaller and spikier than their fellow Stegosaurus cousins, the Kentrosaurus is a reliable and sweet companion. Their vivid purple skin tone and orange spikes are stunning. As social creatures, they like to travel in herds.

Once you befriend this gentle beast, you will find they make wonderful company. Often found in forested lands, their keen sense of smell is incredibly useful for hunting fragrant snacks.

8 Ouranosaurus

ouranosaurus in Paleo Pines

Putting the ‘ooh’ in Ouranosaurus, these pastel beauties are the perfect steeds for young ranchers. The big friendly herbivores have a large sail on their back which helps them cool off in sweltering heat. They may or may not also use this to flex over other dinos.

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Being the social butterfly that they are, Ouranosaurus likes to travel in a herd and are the happiest when they have at least one other dino in their pen. They’re native to Dapplewood Forest, but you can also find them in Veridian Valley.

7 Oviraptor

Oviraptor in Paleo Pines

Another dinosaur that is too small to ride, but is still lovable, is the adorable Oviraptor. Do not be fooled by their size, as they love to socialize. Great things often come in twos and the Oviraptor is no different often found in pairs.

The Oviraptor’s omnivore diet means they eat a diverse array of food. Preferring lush woodlands, they are primarily located in Dapplewood Forest but can sometimes be found venturing into Veridian Valley.

6 Pachycephalosaurus

Pachycephalosaurus in Paleo Pines

Lovingly called ‘Pachy’ for short, Pachy are friendly and social creatures. Their tough cranium makes them great for smashing rocks with their head. Though they may seem a little boneheaded, this is an asset to help you clear out land.

Pachy can be found in Veridian Valley but only after you clear the path with a Smasher. Thus, the Pachy will not be the first Smasher you befriend but is definitely one of the most memorable.

5 Psittacosaurus

Psittacosaurus in Paleo Pines

These cute doe-eyed dinos like to hang out in pairs. You can often find them in their natural wild habitat sniffing out fresh vegetables or using their beaks to crack open treats like a bird.

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Distant relatives to the Triceratops, the Psittacosaurus is more well-suited for tracking than smashing like their cousins. Their keen sense of smell makes them a useful companion in the wilderness. Not to mention, they are super adorable.

4 Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus in Paleo Pines

The spikiest of them all, the mighty Stegosaurus might not be the comfiest of steeds, but they certainly make up for this in their size and strength. Enjoying a slower pace of life, the Stegosaurus is a reliable companion and useful farm hand.

Their robust build makes smashing rocks and boulders a simple task. If there are brambles or vines blocking your path, the Stegosaurus has no issue slashing their way through. They are also more than happy to help with harvesting crops on the farm. Just make sure to feed them copious amounts of vegetables as a reward.

3 Styracosaurus

Styracosaurus in Paleo Pines

The horned herbivore, Styracosaurus, can be found grazing fields. Similar to its Ceratopsian relatives, this dino is a friendly rock smasher and farm tiller. Unlike the Triceratops, they can only till one piece of land at a time. Despite this, they are fast at farming.

Playful and loyal, these horned critters cannot resist a juicy temptation like strawberries and tomatoes. They are the first Smasher available in the game, helping clear out rocky paths from the get-go. The Styracosaurus can be located in the central plains of Veridian Valley.

2 Triceratops

Triceratops in Paleo Pines

Another horned dinosaur, the large Ceratopsian is easily identifiable by its ornate frills, sharp horns, and undying love for fresh fruit. They are loyal companions, following you everywhere. While they clear out more land than the Styracosaurus, they are slower at it.

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These gentle giants are great for plowing large land and clearing out tricky terrain. They are sociable and fun-loving. Adding a Triceratops to your farm will not only make farm life easier for you, but more entertaining too.

1 Wuerhosaurus

Wuerhosaurus in Paleo Pines

This dinosaur is pronounced as where-o-sore-us, and you will be asking where they are because they are so coveted. Similar to the Stegosaurus, Wuerhosaurus enjoy a slower pace of life. A spotty colored creature, their tiny head is dwarfed by their robust body.

These mighty steeds enjoy slashing their way through the undergrowth in search for the delicious vegetables awaiting them. The Wuerhosaurus is eager to help with harvesting crops on the farm.

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