The Best Best Cyberdecks In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City is filled with many exciting scenes, characters, and activities across various areas of the map. No matter where you find yourself during your multiple adventures and missions, one constant thing is an abundance of cyberware and technology.



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Everything in Night City is chromed out, from vehicles to buildings to even people. If you happen to be a skilled netrunner, then all of Night City is subject to your manipulation. With the right cyberdeck, the limits of what you could achieve in Cyberpunk 2077 as a netrunner are nearly endless.

8 BioDyne MK.2

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The BioDyne MK.2

The BioDyne MK.2 is one of the best cyberdecks you can and should get during the game’s earlier stages when you still need to level up your character or acquire enough street cred.

The BioDyne is a rare cyberdeck that will only set you back 10,000 eddies, which you can easily earn by doing a few decent side quests. The BioDyne allows you to perform quickhacks on targets and devices while scanning and also increases your RAM recovery rates by three units per minute. These numbers are nothing compared to the other entries on this list. However, this cyberdeck will undoubtedly be a difference-maker during the game’s early stages.

7 Raven Microcyber MK.4

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The Raven Microcyber MK.4

The Microcyber is a legendary cyberdeck with many credentials as to why you should invest in it. It has a decent RAM size, which will allow you to perform several quickhacks, and you only need 14 street cred to acquire it, meaning this would be a solid cyberdeck to acquire early in the game.

As a legendary cyberdeck, the Microcyber MK.4 allows you to perform quickhacks on devices and targets while scanning; it increases your cyberdeck RAM recovery rate by six units per minute; it increases your quickhacks spread distance by up to 60 percent; and most importantly, it increases your resistance to enemy netrunner hacks by 100 percent.

6 Netwatch Netdriver MK.5

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The Netwatch Netdriver MK.5

The Netwatch Netdriver MK.5 is an iconic cyberdeck with many great stats and pre-installed device hacks.

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With a fantastic variety of quick hacks like distract, remote activation, overload, and assist mode, this cyberdeck will make you a menace to your targets as you sneak through their ranks and systemically take them out one at a time. Perhaps one of the most impressive effects of this cyberdeck is that you can perform offensive quick hacks on up to three targets at once within a six-meter radius.

5 Stephenson Tech MK.4

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The Stephenson Tech MK.4

The legendary Stephenson Tech MK.4 is well worth your time and eddies. This cyberdeck could turn you into one of the best stealth or distance killers in all of Night City. This cyberdeck has breach protocol, take control, and remote activation, allowing you to do damage without getting close to your targets.

With a legendary effect that reduces quickhack time by up to 25 percent, if you play your cards right, you’ll be in and out of there before any of your targets realize what hit them.

4 Arasaka MK.3

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The Arasaka MK.3

The epic Arasaka MK.3 cyberdeck requires you to have a street cred of at least 30 before you can acquire it, and although this might be a tough grind, the potential rewards are well worth it.

This cyberdeck greatly improves your quick hack speed duration by 30 percent, drastically improving your battle chances. The cyberdeck also resets the duration of your ping every time you quickhack a target affected by ping, further enhancing your speed. The Arasaka MK.3 also decreases your RAM cost for covert quick hacks by one. And although the street cred requirement may be steep, the 16,000 eddies price tag is very affordable.

3 Biotech Σ MK.3

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The Biotech Σ MK.3

The Biotech Σ MK.3 is the way to go if you want more potent and deadly quickhacks during your stealth or open combat scenarios. The epic cyberdeck has the staple effect of giving you the ability to scan and quickhack simultaneously, which is expected from any cyberdeck on this level. Still, it also sets itself apart from the others.

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The Biotech Σ MK.3 increases your RAM recovery rate by nine units per minute, giving you more leeway to attack relentlessly without worrying too much about your cyberdeck’s RAM. Most importantly, it increases your quickhack damage capabilities by 20 percent. At only 16,000 eddies, this is one of the cheaper cyberdecks on this list.

2 Fuytsuki Tinkerer MK.3

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The Fuytsuki Tinkerer MK.3

The Fuytsuki Tinkerer MK.3 is a properly balanced epic cyberdeck with various incredible base stats and characteristics that make it one of the best cyberdecks in Cyberpunk 2077.

It has a base RAM of eight, a buffer size of seven, and six mod slots. The Tinkerer MK.3’s most impressive characteristics are its ability to increase your combat quickhack duration by a remarkable 50 percent and increase your quickhack spread distance by a whopping 40 percent, making you a menace in any situation.

1 Tetratronic Rippler MK.4

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of The Tetratronic Rippler MK.4

The Tetratronic Rippler MK.4 is the best cyberdeck in the game, and if you meet the required street cred level and can afford the 35,000 eddies it would cost to purchase this cyberdeck, then you should most definitely add it to your arsenal.

It offers the standard ability to quickhack targets and devices while scanning; it also provides a devastating 75 percent reduction to your quick hack upload time; it reduces your RAM cost of ultimate quickhacks by three; and it reduces your quickhack cooldown time by an impressive 45 percent. These stats and effects make the Tetratronic Rippler MK.4 not just the best cyberdeck but one of the best pieces of cyberware, and it turns you into a formidable weapon against your enemies in Night City.

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