The Best Arms In Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, arms are an often overlooked component of overall AC construction. Other parts may be more flashy and distinctive, dictating how an AC unit traverses throughout the game world, whether they take to the land or the sky, and how exactly they fight in these locations.



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Some may be chosen even for aesthetic purposes. Arms, however, dictate how those weapons are wielded, being the backbone of an Armored Core’s performance second, in some senses, only to the central Core itself. The choice of arms ranges from lightweight to the heavily armored ones, complementing any build a player might have in mind.

10 AA-J-123 Basho

A mech with the AA-J-123 Basho arms in Armored Core 6

The AA-J-123 Basho are an older, bulkier, BAWS developed pair of arms. They have 2,430 Armor Points, 10,520 Arms Load Limit, 53 Firearm Specialization, 10,480 weight, and 210 EN Load. They can be purchased in the shop for 81,000 COAM.

The AA-J-123 Basho arms are, familiarly, a good all-rounder choice. With performance that doesn’t stand out in any specific field, they simply get the job done without too much of a fuss. They may not be the arms you stick with through the end of the game or into new game plus, but they might get you there in the first place.

9 EL-PA-00 Alba

A mech with the EL-PA-00 Alba arms in Armored Core 6

The EL-PA-00 Alba are a pair of arms created by Elcano using technology initially developed by Furlong Dynamics. These arms have a focus on balance and precision. They have 1,750 Armor Points, 11,350 Arms Load Limit, 136 Firearm Specialization, 9,810 weight, and 315 EN Load.

Balance in the name of the game with the EL-PA-00 Alba arms. Not too heavy, while still offering a good defense, and also a surprisingly high Firearm Specialization. These arms may not excel in any one field, but offer a little something for every situation.

8 04-101 Mind Alpha

A mech with the 04-101 Mind Alpha arms in Armored Core 6

The 04-101 Mind Alpha are a pair of arms created by ALLMIND with the express purpose of being used for research into melding the senses of a pilot with their Armored Core. They have 2,300 Armor Points, 15,550 Arms Load Limit, 103 Firearm Specialization, 16,960 weight, and 358 EN Load.

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They can be unlocked by reaching Hunter Rank 01. What the 04-101 Mind Alpha arms lack in pure statistical ability they make up for in their Arms Load Limit, without sacrificing overall performance too much.

7 AC-3000 Wrecker

A mech with the AC-3000 Wrecker arms in Armored Core 6

The AC-3000 Wrecker are a pair of arms created by RaD for construction and demolition work. They have 2,030 Armor Points, 15,800 Arms Load Limit, 26 Firearm Specialization, 14,650 weight, and 220 EN Load.

With only a meager 26 Firearm Specialization, what they may lack in outright ranged combat ability they make up for in being the ideal tool for close-range encounters. For when you absolutely, positively need to smash something to pieces, these arms are best paired with a flamethrower or melee weapon.

6 AS-5000 Salad

A mech with the AS-5000 Salad arms in Armored Core 6

The AS-5000 Salad are a pair of arms developed by RaD to high technical specifications despite being made from a variety of disparate parts. They have 2,600 Armor Points, 18,700 Arms Load Limit, 88 Firearm Specialization, 20,940 weight, and 356 EN Load.

They can be purchased in the parts shop for 249,000 COAM. Aside from having the best name, the AS-5000 Salad arms are a good defensive option across the board. While there may technically be better choices, not all of the competing arms can claim to be as evenly balanced.

5 IA-C01A: Ephemera

A mech with the IA-C01A Ephemera arms in Armored Core 6

The IA-C01A: Ephemera are a older generation pair of arms developed by the Rubicon Research Institute to be utilized specifically with unmanned Armored Cores, although piloted operation also proved possible. These arms have 2,380 Armor Points, 12,680 Arms Load Limit, 104 Firearm Specialization, 12,700 weight, and 312 EN Load.

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They can be found hidden in the Underground Exploration – Depth 2 mission in Chapter 4. The IA-C01A: Ephemera offers relatively high defense and Firearm Specialization without weighing down the rest of your build too significantly.

4 VE-46A

A mech with the VE-46A arms in Armored Core 6

The VE-46A are a prominently designed, high-tech pair of arms developed by Arquebus ADD. These arms boast 2,660 Armor Points, 21,300 Arms Load Limit, 80 Firearm Specialization, 22,210 weight, and 380 EN Load. They can be purchased in the shop for 286,000 COAM.

The VE-46A are second only to one other in terms of pure defense, and aren’t lacking in other regards except the low Firearm Specialization, trading off tracking ability in combat for outright resilience. If you can’t outgun the opposition, outlast them.

3 DF-AR-09 Tian-Lao

A mech with the DF-AR-09 Tian-Lao arms in Armored Core 6

The DF-AR-09 Tian-Lao are a pair of arms created by Dafeng Core Industries with the sole purpose of having staunch durability, something they succeeded in. These arms have a whopping 3,070 Armor Points, 17,200 Arms Load Limit, 95 Firearm Specialization, 26,740 weight, and 266 EN Load.

They can be purchased in the shop for 310,000 COAM. Strictly in terms of defense, at 3,070 Armor Points, you can’t do better than these arms. The main caveat is their weight, but even with that in mind, these remain a solid option for the more defensively-minded.

2 DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang

A mech with the DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang arms in Armored Core 6

The DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang are a durable pair of arms developed by Dafeng Core Industries. They have 2,480 Armor Points, 19,500 Arms Load Limit, 92 Firearm Specialization, 20,020 weight, and 295 EN Load. They can be purchased in the shop for 200,000 COAM.

Compared to some of the other arms, these may not have the highest defense or load limit, but considering the all-around package these arms can be hard to pass up. Favorably, the DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang also has a lower weight than other competing arms, and a relatively higher Firearm Specialization.

1 Nachtreiher/46E

A mech with the Nachtreiher 46E arms in Armored Core 6

The Nachtreiher/46E are a pair of arms created by Schneider with aerodynamic and agile performance in mind. These arms have 1,860 Armor Points, 12,730 Arms Load Limit, 160 Firearm Specialization, 11,420 weight, and 302 EN Load.

They can be purchased in the shop for 138,000 COAM. Some arms excel in their defensive capabilities. Some offer staggering load limits to synergize with other parts. Where the Nachtreiher/46E stands out is in Firearm Specialization. Offensively-minded players will find these arms especially useful.

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