The Best Amulets In DnD

One of the most exciting things about playing Dungeons & Dragons is snagging new loot for your characters, especially if that loot happens to be magical. Leveling up is hard to beat, but a shiny new magic item that gives you abilities you never expected to have is arguably more thrilling.



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One of the item types that has shockingly few official magical entries is the amulet, especially when compared to the number of magic rings on offer. With that said, though, there are wondrous amulets to choose from, with some of the best listed below.

9 Clockwork Amulet

Three kinds of Modron from the Monster Manual via Wizards of the Coast.
Modrons from the Monster Manual via Wizards of the Coast

Clockworks in Dungeons & Dragons are usually associated with Modrons and other powerful constructs, or with the Clockwork Soul Sorcerer subclass. The Clockwork Amulet is powered by magic from Mechanus, the home plane of Modrons and a place of perfect predictability, and it has an unusual feature.

When you make an attack roll while wearing the amulet you can choose to not roll a d20 and instead proceed as if you had rolled a ten. That might seem underwhelming, but it actually allows you to ignore the risk of having a disadvantage and just take the average result, so if you’re facing a monster like the humble Zombie with a low AC, rolling ten guarantees a hit with no risk of a Natural One.

8 Dark Shard Amulet

A darkling elder sips tea in Bavlorna's cottage in DND.
Darkling Elder by Brian Valeza

The Dark Shard Amulet is a Warlock-exclusive item, forged from a piece of your Patron’s home realm, which could be crafted from the shadows of the Feywild if your Patron is a Hag, or a frozen sliver of psychic nightmares if you’ve gone the route of the Great Old One. Regardless of how you choose to flavor the item’s description, it’ll always function the same and require attunement.

The amulet has two features, functioning as a spellcasting focus for your Warlock spells, and allowing you to try to cast a cantrip that your character doesn’t know with a DC 10 Intelligence (Arcana) check. On a success, the cantrip will be cast, but on a failure your action is wasted, and you can’t try again until you finish a long rest.

7 Amulet Of The Planes

Amulet Of The Planes From Dungeons & Dragons. A Dark Circle Inscribed With Runes.
Amulet Of The Planes art via Wizards of the Coast

When it comes to an item with the potential for a campaign going off the rails, most people think of The Deck of Many Things. The Amulet of the Planes is an item with just as much chaotic promise, used to cast the seventh-level spell Plane Shift to travel to a location you are familiar with on another plane of existence, with a successful DC 15 Intelligence check.

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The first thing that goes wrong is that every creature and object within 15 feet of you will be transported, and then the destination will be random. You roll a d100, and on a result of one to 60 you will travel to a random location on the plane you were trying to reach, so if you’re unlucky you’re going to find yourself on a completely random plane of existence.

6 Amulet Of Proof Against Detection And Location

Amulet of Proof against Detection From Dungeons & Dragons. An Amber Amulet With Black Symbols.
Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location art via Wizards of the Coast

A straightforward item, the Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location is great for both player characters and NPCs. It protects the wearer from divination magic, preventing them from being scryed upon or found by spells like Locate Creature.

This is perfect for the party Rogue as they stealth into the enemy stronghold, or for the Warlock looking to hide from their Patron for a while. The only downside is it requires attunement, so it may be worth swapping for something more combat-focused before a big fight.

5 Amulet Of The Devout

D&D Cleric artwork
Official Cleric art via Wizards of the Coast, Players Handbook

The Amulet of the Devout is practically a must-have for Clerics or Paladins thanks to two fantastic features. The first is that once per day you can use the amulet to use your Channel Divinity feature without spending one of the features’ uses, which is not only functional but also lets you lean into the themes of your character more often narratively.

The second scales with the rarity of the item, determined by your DM, and it ranges from plus one to plus three, depending on whether the item is Uncommon, Rare, or Very Rare respectively. Whichever bonus the item comes with is added to your spell attack rolls and spell save DCs, providing a substantial and consistent buff to your character that will stay valuable for an entire campaign.

4 Sanctum Amulet

adventurers find a Cloud Giant's Treasure in Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants
Adventurers Find A Cloud Giants Treasure by Vicki Pangestu

One of the items you might loot is the Sanctum Amulet, described as a black opal pendant that will require attunement, but comes with a full suite of features. You’ll become resistant to necrotic damage, and can also cast the Spare The Dying cantrip with either an action or a bonus action, potentially preventing your party members from dying.

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Inscribed on the back of the amulet is a rune that can be activated once a day using your reaction. This can be used when a creature you can see within 60 feet of you drops to zero hit points, causing them to stay at one hit point instead, so the Sanctum Amulet is a literal lifesaver.

3 Necklace Of Fireballs

Necklace of Fireballs From Dungeons & Dragons. Red Pearls Hanging From A Golden Chain
Necklace of Fireballs from Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, by Wizards of the Coast

Fireball is one of the spells casters are most excited to get access to, as the ability to cause a fiery explosion in the midst of your enemies is an appealing one, even if sometimes does end up with your fellow adventurers becoming collateral damage. What if you’re not playing a spellcaster, though?

Enter the Necklace of Fireballs, composed of several 1d6+3 beads that can be detached and thrown up to 60 feet away, where they’ll detonate into a Fireball spell. You can even throw multiple beads, increasing the level of the spell cast for each one you use.

2 Necklace Of Adaptation

Necklace of Adaptation From Dungeons & Dragons, A Golden Circlet With Hanging Threads
Necklace of Adaptation from Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, by Wizards of the Coast

The Necklace of Adaptation is usually seen primarily as a defensive item, which isn’t an unfair assessment since it grants the wearer an advantage on saving throws against harmful gases and vapors. You can benefit from this effect when you’re facing spells like Cloudkill or Stinking Cloud, or certain dragons, who sometimes can breathe clouds of lethal poison.

An overlooked feature of the necklace though is that it allows the wearer to breathe normally in any environment. This could include underwater or in a location that has no air whatsoever, making the Necklace Of Adaptation a perfect item for exploration as well as survival.

1 Amulet Of Health

Amulet of Health From Dungeons & Dragons, A Gold Amulet Engraved With Cupped Hands Holding The Sun
Amulet of Health from Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, by Wizards of the Coast

The Amulet of Health provides a benefit that will either be one of the biggest power increases your character could see, or have no effect whatsoever. It all depends on the stats you rolled at character creation either at the start of your campaign or at your all-important session zero.

While attuned to the Amulet Of Health, your Constitution score becomes 19 with all the associated benefits, with no effect if your Constitution was already 19 or higher. If you’re playing the Barbarian with an already high Constitution this item is effectively useless, but as a Wizard who puts their best scores into Intelligence and Dexterity though? The Amulet of Health is possibly the best item you could hope to find.

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