The Best Alien Creatures In Starfield

Though now spread far and wide across the stars, humanity is yet to encounter any sentient alien life in Starfield’s corner of space. While a wide variety of alien animals have been discovered, the creatures of the settled systems aren’t much for conversation.



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However, Bethesda is well-known for alien species. Starfield’s lengthy development period has resulted in yet more eye-catching designs for both enemies and peaceful creatures alike. This title differs from fellow space exploration game No Man’s Sky in that its many races of alien animals are handcrafted, as opposed to the procedural generation employed by Hello Games. Although this makes for less creatures overall, it also adds a great deal of depth to each alien encounter.

8 Glowhands

hunting glowhands starfield

Should you attempt to gather the survey data of Piazzi IV-c, you’ll be required to scan all the fauna and flora the moon has to offer. Many of these are easy, you’ll find packs of Trapmaws near immediately, and possibly the Hunting Cagebrain, an enormous diplodocus-like creature with an exposed brain. Absent from the data, however, is Piazzi IV-c’s most elusive animal, the Hunting Glowhands.

Glowhands can prove to be a formidable threat, and this fact alongside their great design makes up for their uninspired names. Reminiscent of an enormous praying mantis with bioluminescent orbs on their forelegs, these monstrous creations also house rows of shockingly human-like teeth, making their appearance somehow even more uncanny.

Though perhaps not as dangerous as some others on this list, these oversized insectoids deserve a spot for strangeness alone.

7 Nightmares

nightmare alien in starfield

Your exploits with Constellation will eventually take you to Ixyll II, a planet in the remote system of Ixyll. Also home to the Eleos Retreat, an in-progress rehabilitation centre for the galaxy’s incarcerated, which will attempt to equip its residents with the necessary education, skills, and employment to leave crime behind.

Upon visiting, you may question the logic of building the retreat on Ixyll II, as the planet is home to creatures aptly named Nightmares. These multi-eyed monsters come complete with antler-like protrusions from their faces and seem to display many organs externally. Though low-levelled Nightmares can be easily dispatched, they can still provide a challenge in the wrong situation.

6 Flocking Brainblimp Filterers

Starfield floating aliens brainblimp

On the temperate, low-gravity moon Nemeria IV-a, a wide variety of flying creatures can be found, from hunting whalesharks to varieties of flying jellyfish. The most prominent of these, however, are the moon’s Flocking Brainblimp Filterers. These whale-like creatures float in loose herds across the skyscapes of Nemeria IV-a and are passive unless provoked.

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Although several planets have their share of flying aliens, these Brainblimp Filterers stand out in their sheer numbers. When complemented by their fellow native fauna, these sky whales make the gas giant’s moon feel a little more magical.

5 Siren

starfield creatures siren

Following the United Colonies faction questline brings you into contact with no shortage of deadly aliens, especially as you track down xenobiology experts to combat the Terrormorph threat. Whilst looking for one of these, a robot named Kaiser, you’ll likely encounter Sirens. Moving in packs, these small creatures shouldn’t be underestimated, as they are both fast and deadly, with an extremely resilient natural armour.

Though their design may be somewhat unremarkable, as a species likely genetically engineered for warfare, the Sirens’ prowess in killing and the habit of attacking in groups make them a scary opponent regardless of level. Fortunately for you, these reptilian creatures do have a weakness in their susceptibility to energy damage.

4 Coralbug Scavenger

New Atlantis coralbug starfield

Nine times out of ten, seeing a Sunflower walk towards you would be enough to convince you that you’re losing your grip on reality. The outlier is that you’ve just come across a Coralbug Scavenger, the final boss of all stick insects. These walking plants are native to Jemison and can be found wandering in remote areas.

Whether you fight them or steer clear, these flowery insectoids are a great example of alien absurdity done well. Though they aren’t as hostile as many of the settled systems’ aliens, the Coralbug can prove surprisingly resilient should you tangle with it. Getting too close while they scuttle through the planet’s forests like an overenthusiastic plant could be a deadly mistake at lower levels.

3 Ashta

ashta in starfield

These natives of the Freestar capital of Akila lurk beyond the city’s walls and are known to pose an even greater threat after nightfall. Intended by the developers to incorporate elements of wolves and velociraptors, the Ashta are fearless and deadly predators with leathery armoured skin that’ll eat your ammunition for breakfast.

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Beyond being one of the more dangerous alien creatures you’ll encounter in Starfield, the Ashta have a uniquely cool design that feels genuinely alien, and they are a constant threat to Akilan settlers. Though predators, these reptilians often hunt together, and even the most capable spacefarer should exercise caution in engaging a large group.

2 Terrormorph

Starfield terrormorph

Of all Starfield’s numerous alien creatures, none pose as serious a threat as the Terrormorph. These monsters of unknown origin seem to appear regardless of location to terrorise established colonies in the settled systems. Prior to the game’s events, they caused the total destruction of the UC city of Londinion after Admiral Francois Sanon ordered the bombing of its spaceport in order to contain the threat.

Many of these multi-armed monstrosities also have the ability to control the minds of others, bending creatures and people alike to their will. As such, facing these monsters requires not only a shedload of ammo, but also an iron will. With four arms, two legs, and far too many elbows, Terrormorphs can be a force to be reckoned with.

1 XL-069 Interloper

xl 069 interloper

A one-of-a-kind monster found on the derelict ship The Colander; the XL-069 Interloper is a threat unlike any other in the settled systems. Found in the Schrodinger system, this alien can be considered simultaneously both dead and alive until hundreds of your bullets prove otherwise.

As the Colander and its’ unwelcome guest are an easter egg for the original Alien movie, you’ll be forced to stalk the ship’s ducts whilst horrific sounds reverberate throughout your surroundings.

Though Terrormorphs might be the more immediate threat to the settled systems, the alien that tore through the entire crew of this spaceship is dangerous in its own right, not least because it’s level 85. Although the crew is dead already, you can at least ensure that the Interloper doesn’t become as ubiquitous as the Xenomorph has.

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