The Bachelors Luke and Ellie show matching tattoos

Following Tuesday night’s season finale of 2023’s The Bachelors, loved up couple Ellie Rolfe and Luke Bateman hit The Project panel on Wednesday with a shock announcement.

The pair admitted to getting matching tattoos Wednesday afternoon, before heading into the studio to film their interview, following a boozy lunch.

Rolfe told the panel the pair had been enjoying themselves in the lead up to the interview.

“Yeah, we had an eventful day today,” she said.

“It was very spontaneous. We went out for lunch and had a few cocktails and got excited and thought it would be a good idea to get matching tattoos.”

Bateman followed up telling the audience it was Rolfe’s idea.

“We went out and had a boozy lunch,” he said.

“Ellie was like, ‘Shall we get tattoos?’ and I thought that’s a great idea.”

So, what did the pair choose to get?

“It is a love heart and I’ve got the letter L and he has got the letter, E,” Rolfe said as the pair held them up to the camera.

The pair showed off their new upper arm tattoos on The Project as part of their media commitments following the conclusion of The Bachelors, which finished filming months ago, confirming they are still going strong.

Bateman is off to Rolfe’s hometown in Western Australia to spend Christmas with her family and said he held no nerves going in.

“I met Ellie’s mum and dad during the filming, me and her dad get on like a house on fire,” he said.

Bateman was one of three bachelors on the latest season of the show which ended on Tuesday and was ultimately the only one to find love.

Ben Waddell chose McKenna Lea over Angela Valenti during the show’s finale, with Valenti telling the crew “No disrespect to McKenna, but Ben made a huge mistake. Good luck, you’ll need it” following the announcement.

Valenti hit the nail on the head it appears, as Waddell and Lea have already separated following the conclusion of the filming of the show.

The last of the bachelors, Wesley Senna Cortes, was left heartbroken after telling his choice, Brea Marshall, that he was willing to make the 2400km distance work between the pair.

“You make me smile from ear to ear, but that’s not enough for me right now,” Marshall told him.

Both Cortes and Waddell will have to keep looking for the one, while Bateman and Rolfe continue on strong permanently inked on each others arms forever.

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