The 9 Best Feats For Monks In BG3


  • Monks prioritize movement in fights, so utilizing feats that enhance their mobility and combat abilities can make them unstoppable.
  • Feats like Tough and Alert can significantly improve a Monk’s survivability and initiative in combat, giving them an advantage.
  • Skilled is a versatile feat that allows Monks to gain three skill proficiencies of their choice, while feats like Mage Slayer and Martial Adept provide powerful offensive and defensive capabilities.



Monk is one of the most interesting classes available in Baldur’s Gate 3. With three subclasses to choose from, there are many different ways to play that can lead to a tremendous amount of damage during fights.

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Monks prioritize movement over nearly everything else, so utilizing that in fights is a great way to become unstoppable from very early on. There are many feats available, and choosing them can be overwhelming, especially for first-time players. Many of the feats are great for giving Monks a boost in combat. Many others can help outside of fights, so it’s important to consider them all.


9 Tough

Baldur's Gate 3 monk being hit

The Tough feat adds two points to your max HP score for each level. This can be really useful at later levels when the health points stack up for more difficult end fights. Monks rely on being able to take a few hits when they run into combat, so gaining a boost to their health is a big advantage.

Since Monks mainly focus on increasing dexterity for their movement and attack damage, constitution isn’t the biggest priority, so the tough feat can come in handy when they’re on the frontline.

8 Alert

Baldur's Gate 3 initiative roll

Alert is a great feat if you’re tired of missing turns because you’ve been surprised by enemies. It’s painful being forced to sit and watch your party be attacked by whatever horde of creatures has just jumped out at you, so it’s nice that the Alert can fix that.

The feat makes it impossible for you to be surprised and gives you a plus five to your initiative roll. An initiative roll decides the order of who fights, so being given a boost will let you attack sooner and gain the upper hand.

7 Skilled

Baldur's Gate 3 monk jump distance

Skilled is another feat that can work well with any class. If you’re unsure about what feat to get or just don’t like the look of any others, then Skilled is a reliable choice.

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The feat allows you to gain three skill proficiencies of your choice. As a Monk, you’ll want to focus on skills that improve your movement and melee combat. Athletics and acrobatics are two skills that enhance your movement and stability, including your ability to resist being shoved. No need to avoid dangerous ledges now.

6 Mage Slayer

Baldur's Gate 3 monk with hunters mark

Since your Monk will be running around the battlefield, mage slayer is a powerful feat that can help protect your entire party in a fight. With this feat, you gain the ability to attack as a reaction to enemies casting spells within melee range. Enemies also have a disadvantage when rolling for saves on things that require concentration.

This feat can be really useful in taking out any spellcasters hiding away at the back of fights. With spells that risk putting people out of a fight, using your Monk to take them out quickly is incredibly useful for gaining that advantage.

5 Martial Adept

Baldur's Gate 3 monk surrounded by enemies

Martial Adept allows you to learn two maneuvers from the Battle Master list and gain a superiority die. For Monks racing around from one enemy to another during fights, this feat can give you some useful additional attacks that help you out. There’s a range of maneuvers for you to choose from, so you can pick whatever best fits your play style.

The superiority die is the cherry on top of this feat. The maneuvers alone can be interesting to use during fights, and the superiority die is an extra boost to the damage, just to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

4 Lucky

Baldur's Gate 3 monk dodging an attack

Lucky is probably one of the best feats in the game, no matter your class, race, or play style. The feat gives you three luck points, which you can use to gain advantage on attack rolls, saving throws, and any ability checks, or you can make an enemy re-roll their attack rolls.

The feat can come in handy to help turn a fight around, so it’s worth having just to give you that advantage throughout the game. Since the feat works both in and out of combat, it’s easily one of the best.

3 Athlete

Baldur's Gate 3 monk running away from an attack

The Athlete feat is a great choice for Monks who want to utilize their movement. Movement is important during fights; many turns are wasted moving your whole party step by step toward the enemy. With Monk, you can fight multiple enemies in one turn depending on your movement speed and number of attacks per turn.

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The feat lets you gain a point for either strength or dexterity. You use less movement when standing up after being prone, and your jump distance is increased by half. With such a boost to movement, it’s not hard to see why this is a great choice for a Monk.

2 Mobile

Baldur's Gate 3 monk running

Similar to Athlete, Mobile is a great choice for Monks to buff their movement. Your movement speed increases, and you gain the ability to dash without being slowed down by difficult terrain. You can also move after performing a melee attack without provoking an opportunity attack.

This feat can be useful during fights where you may be hindered by icy floors or if spellcasters throw around grease. It’s also great for moving from enemy to enemy without being attacked, so you have the potential to have a high damage output on your turn.

1 Tavern Brawler

Baldur's Gate 3 monk and paladin attacking multiple enemies

For a Monk, the Tavern Brawler feat is one of the best feats to consider getting. You add double your strength modifier to the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed attacks and attacks with improvised weapons or thrown objects.

The Tavern Brawler feat works best with Way of the Open Hand, so it’s important to know what subclass you’re interested in before choosing this one. You need to make sure you’re focusing on unarmed attacks since that’s what you’re getting a big boost for. There are many great Monk builds you can make to focus on utilizing unarmed attacks, so it’s a good idea to include this feat.

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