The 8 Best Boss Fights In Lords Of The Fallen


  • The bosses in Lords of the Fallen are a huge improvement over its predecessor, with unique designs and dynamic phases.
  • The surprise factor and variety in boss battles make them enjoyable and challenging, such as the Congregator of Flesh and The Hushed Saint.
  • Pieta can become your ally after defeating her, and Tancred and Reinhold provide an unexpected change of pace with their contrasting fight styles.



The soulslike genre keeps expanding with every new entry, with many developers trying to catch the flame set ablaze by Dark Souls and other FromSoftware games. Lords of the Fallen had already tried to capture that essence in 2014, to little fanfare.

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While the 2023 rendition of Lords of the Fallen may bear the same name, it’s actually a huge improvement over its predecessor. Not only is the combat worthy of the soulslike genre, but it also adds its own flavor to the mix in the form of the Umbral dimension. Still, what people love most about these games are their bosses, and the game doesn’t disappoint on that front.

8 The Congregator Of Flesh

A collage showing the Congregator of Flesh from two different views.

Appearing as a strange combination between Dark Souls Gravelord Nito and the Gaping Dragon, the Congregator of Flesh definitely has a striking appearance. And while he won’t get far with those stubby legs, he can still reach you with his oversized arm.

A lot of what makes this boss great is the surprise factor; you’d be minding your own business until you fall on top of the boss. After that, you’re dealing with one of the few monster bosses in the game, and your only way out is through it.

7 The Hushed Saint

Lords of the Fallen Boss the Hushed Saint on their horse

Hit-and-run tactics are far more effective on horseback, as the Hushed Saint can easily demonstrate. You can even the playing field with well-timed parries or Umbral counters, but even then, he won’t stay on horseback the whole fight.

That’s what sets the Saint apart from other horse-riding bosses; the different phases make it feel more dynamic since horse-themed bosses tend to all work the same. Still, it won’t get easier once it becomes a one-on-one since he can still vanish into the water for devastating attacks.

6 The Hollow Crow

Lords of the Fallen Boss the Hollow Crow roaring to the sky

Once you get into the boss arena, the striking figure of the Crow might give the wrong expectations. It won’t leap to attack you or fly around; not that it can with only one wing. This is a crowd-managing fight, and the Crow simply attacks from afar.

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Your real enemy is the specter gliding around, whom you have to either be in Umbral or use your lantern to hurt. Between dodging attacks and dealing with the many enemies plaguing the arena, this fight is a real change of pace compared to the rest of the game.

5 Spurned Progeny

Lords of the Fallen Boss Spurned Progeny looking at the player

Fights against massive enemies tend to go one of two ways: You either bite their ankles, or you’re standing on an arena that’s waist high for the boss and hit its hands. Spurned Progeny couldn’t pick which one it liked best, so you’ll face the boss both ways.

While not the most challenging boss, it’s an enjoyable spectacle. Having to run around the whole arena lets you appreciate the Progeny’s entire model; in other fights like it, the camera can’t show the entirety of it.

4 Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel

Lords of the Fallen Collage of the Boss Judge Cleric, one in golden armor holding a flag and the other in back armor pointing with her sword

The Judge Cleric has such a level of theatrics that it’s a joy to watch, even when some attacks might lean too much on the visual noise side. You’ll first duke it out with the most holy of knights, summoning angels and holy arrows from above, like facing a true paladin.

In her second phase, things get quite a bit darker. While some of the patterns remain the same, you’ll still have to re-learn her moves since she has changed so much visually. Her demeanor is the most notable change since she loses her confidence and replaces it with rage.

3 Harrower Dervla And The Unbroken Promise

Lords of the Fallen chained priestess during boss cutscene for Dervla

Even if you’re technically facing two people, this still feels like a one-on-one duel with a two-phased boss. During the Harrower phase, it nearly feels like any other knight fighting in the game, but the crossbow moves do enough to give her an identity of her own.

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The Unbroken Promise phase doesn’t need much help in gaining her identity since it’s already a striking figure. What she lost in bolts, she makes it up in magic, and the fight can get quite tough if you’re not prepared. Be careful with her floating nails, and forget about using the columns for cover since she can now break them.

2 Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal

Lords of the Fallen player leaping in the air to swing at Pieta, a knight with red wings in front of two ghostly golden spirit versions of herself.

Pieta might not be the hardest boss in the game since she appears so early, but she still has an impact during and after her fight. The idea of befriending a boss after their fight is not entirely new, but it happens rarely enough to make it an unexpected event.

Besides, Pieta can become your biggest ally against most bosses on this list since she can be summoned to aid you in battle. While she won’t have her full-winged might, she still has her holy sword dealing decent damage.

1 Tancred And Reinhold

Lords of the Fallen Boss Tancred turning towards the player

While Lords of the Fallen has plenty of duels against knights, few are done better than Tancred, Master of Castigations. He’s a proper knight in shining armor with the health pool to back up that status. While his second phase isn’t as healthy, it’s still an unexpected change of pace.

This is because Reinhold the Immured is almost the exact opposite of Tancred: A four-legged, foul monster that runs around erratically, trying to overwhelm you with speed. As far as second phases go, he isn’t that tough. But after Tancred’s Castigations, there might not be much more punishment you can take.

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