Taylor Swift’s ex Matty Healy’s, aunty has spoken out

Fans have theorised that Taylor Swift’s new double album, The Tortured Poet’s Department, is about her fling with indie musician Matty Healy, and his aunty has now spoken out. 

Swift and Healy had a brief romance in 2023. The two got together after the singer split from her long-term boyfriend of six years, UK actor Joe Alwyn. 

Things seemed pretty hot and heavy for a second there. On May 5, Healy wrapped up playing a show in the Philippines with his band 1975 and boarded a 17-hour flight to see Swift’s Eras tour in Nashville. 

The musician was then spotted hanging out in the VIP tent and singing along to Swift’s hits during the show.

There were a few more reported sightings of them hanging out, but the relationship quickly fizzled, and by July, Swift was dating Travis Kelce.

Swift and Kelce’s love story has become a pop culture phenomenon. Although her romance with Healy certainly wasn’t front of mind, the lyrics on the new album seem to hint at a short-term intense fling that left her heartbroken. 

Healey’s Aunty Debbie Dedes, the sister of UK television personality Denise Welch, has spoken out about the new album and how her nephew handles the scrutiny.

The Daily Mailreported that Ms Dedes said the frontman would not be shocked by any reference to him on Swift’s new album. 

“I don’t think it will come as a shock to him at all,” she said. 

Ms Dedes added that her nephew was “very happy” in his new relationship and would be “focusing” on that, but as a family member, she knew more about what really went down. 

“As my nephew, we know a bit more about what went on than has been in the press,” she claimed. 

It is very unlikely Swift will ever confirm if Healy was her muse for her new album, which is already breaking streaming records, but there are a few lyrics that would make sense if they were about Healy. 

She sings about a “tattooed golden retriever,” Healy has many tattoos. She croons about an ex and her declaring that “Charlie Puth should have been a bigger artist.” In 2018, Healy tweeted his support for Puth and his single with Boyz to Men, If You Leave Me Now. 

Then there’s a reference she makes to her lover wearing a “Jehovah’s Witness suit”, which could be a reference to the old-fashioned suits Healy rocks.

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