Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce: Photos expose how women upstage men

Taylor Swift’s appearance at NFL player Travis Kelce’s game has revealed how easily women upstage the actual game … and men.

Taylor’s in her WAG era and we need to get her a strapless bodycon dress and some balayage hair ASAP.

The pop sensation was spotted in the stands alongside Kelce’s mum, Donna, watching his team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

It quickly became the Taylor Swift show.

Are you ready for it? Because the games have absolutely begun and I need a Gaviscon to calm down.

Swift was laughing, smiling, shouting and, let’s face it, being far more interesting than any football game could ever attempt to be.

We are talking about a Grammy Award winner here, but a woman upstaging a man is nothing new. I have never cared about sport but I have always cared about the women that are adjacent to sport.

In Australia, we have the two Becs. We have Bec Hewitt and Bec Judd.

Judd is married to retired AFL player Chris Judd and Hewitt is married to retired Aussie tennis player Lleyton Hewitt.

Both of these women built careers, cultural relevance and fully fleshed out brands purely from the sidelines – and it should be commended.

There’s something comforting about knowing that no matter what major sporting event occurs, the girlies can always upstage it.

This is no diss on the athletes that these famous women have linked up with; rather, it just confirms the power of women.

When Bec started dating Lleyton in the early 2000s, he was Australia’s sporting hero. He was known for his temper, passion and gutsy approach to tennis.

He yelled things like “Come on” and often got cranky.

Australia was hooked.

Thanks to Home and Away, Bec was an established soap actor when they hooked up. Yes, the long-running soap that Toadie isn’t on.

Still, Lleyton was arguably the bigger star. Yet in every game that Bec turned up to support him at, she often out shone the tennis great – or at least pulled an equal amount of attention.

This woman turned up with her spaghetti strap singlets, oversized sunglasses, bandannas, clashing patterns and sat in the hot sun all day. And she still managed to cement herself as a fashion icon under these circumstances.

Now that is a serve.

Judd is a similar story. She hooked up with Chris and she could have easily been a background character. Yet she made herself the main character.

She’s turned herself into a brand, one of Australia’s most famous influencers and somehow manages to parent four children.

She’s become the pinnacle of influencer culture. She’s created the norm of what we expect from a wealthy women that are busy on Instagram.

We want bodycon dresses, ridiculously long hair and plenty of bikini pics, and she always scores a touchdown with those.

So what is my point?

I think it speaks to how influential women are that they can be on the sidelines, the physical sidelines, watching their man play a hugely popular sport and still manage to become the most talked about thing.

Swift is in her in WAG era and it suits her because she’s used to being a star.

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