Taylor Swift fans slam ‘disturbing’ X-rated lyrics during Eras Tour Australian shows

Some Taylor Swift fans have been left baffled after a series of X-rated lyrics were belted out at the star’s concerts in front of young concert-goers.

Before Swift takes to the stage each night her support act, former Disney star Sabrina Carpenter, comes out to entertain the crowd.

Near the end of her set, Carpenter performs her hit Nonsense and changes some of lyrics in the final chorus to pay tribute to whichever city she’s singing in at the time.

In the original track, Carpenter sings: “This song catchier than chickenpox is, I bet your house is where my other sock is, woke up this morning and thought I’d write a pop hit. How quickly can you take your clothes off – pop quiz?”

Carpenter’s lyrical alterations have been growing increasingly risqué since she began performing on the Eras Tour, but her Aussie performances might just be her sauciest yet.

“D-I-C-K I am good at spelling, taste so good I need a second helping, aren’t you glad I know how to say Melbourne,” sang the star on her second night in Melbourne to the 96,000 strong crowd.

In Sydney, Carpenter continued to stir up controversy when she changed the lyrics to: “When you go down under, do you miss me? He’s so big I felt it in my kidney, screamed so loud they heard it here in Sydney” on night two of Swift’s shows.

And then on night three, the pop princess sang: “Yeah he’s pretty cute but will our kids be? This country’s so big I hope it fit me, I Vegemite be in love with you, Sydney”.

Numerous fans took to social media over the weekend to hit out at Carpenter for singing such explicit lyrics, with many taking issue with them being performed in front of some of Swift’s younger fanbase.

“She’s singing that to twelve year old girls??? Disturbing,” ranted one fan on Twitter, while a second tweeted: “Shame, she should be ashamed”.

Meanwhile, Carpenter appeared on Today on Monday for her only Australian TV interview while she’s in the country.

After being rained out of her set because of Sydney’s wild weather on Friday night, Carpenter said she didn’t care because it meant she got to play a song with Swift instead.

“I actually did not care at all that my set got cut because [singing with Swift] was just the coolest thing in the world,” she said.

“And you know, I love her and have admired her since I was very, very little – so that moment was definitely, definitely hard to describe.

“(Swift) knows that my first ever cover on YouTube was her song and then on Friday night, that was a very full circle moment.

“My mum just called me the next day and she was like I don’t know how you didn’t just start sobbing – I think in the moment, you know, I love performing so much and getting to watch someone who’s just so good at it … It’s just very, very special.”

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