Take A Look At The First Eight Cards From UniVersus’ Critical Role Decks

Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan cards next to Vox Machina Critical Role logo

Since its inception in 2006, UniVersus has brought together all sorts of properties into one, unified trading card game. Starting out focused on fighting games like Street Fighter and Soul Calibur, it branched out into anime, manga, and practically everything else until it saw massive success with its My Hero Academia series in 2021.

With My Hero Academia now a mainstay in UniVersus, UVS Games is looking for its next big hit in the Critical Role Challenger Series. Bringing together the Vox Machina and Mighty Nein in a pair of preconstructed decks, they’re unlike anything UniVersus has released before, and we can show the first cards you’ll be playing with when it launches on March 21.

You can play cards from any UniVersus release together in the same deck. If you want to run Yu Yu Hakusho, My Hero Academia, and Critical Role cards together, you can do so.

Each of the decks comes with 60 cards, based either on Vox Machina from Critical Role’s first campaign, or the Mighty Nein from its second. Each deck also comes with a Collector’s booster pack, containing six exclusive cards not found anywhere else or potential alt-arts for cards in the decks, all with the possibility of a parallel foil treatment.

Vox Machina

Every UniVersus deck is led by a single character card. These set out not just what cards you can play in your deck, but even things like the size of your hand and your life total. For the Vox Machina deck, two of those character cards you can pick from are the half-elf siblings Vex’ahlia and Vax’ildan.

Vex’Ahlia, Resourceful Hunter is all about bolstering your Ranged attacks, by dumping a copy of Mark Your Prey into your discard pile right from the get-go. She also lets you attack with Ranged weapons without raising your progressive difficulty – UniVersus’ way of preventing you from playing too many cards a turn by gradually raising the checks you need to make each play against.

On the other hand, the rogue Vax’ildan, Cunning Thief prefers to get up close and personal with lots of Weapon attacks. Vax offers an interesting toss-up in how you play: play too many attacks and you’ll be slowed down massively, but you’ll then be able to use his Form ability to sap a load of health from your rival instead. Do you stay fast, or go straight for the throat?

Dagger, Dagger, Dagger goes very nicely with both Vax and Vex. For Vex, it’s a Ranged weapon that lets you hunt out more weapons. For Vax, it instead makes Dagger and Daggers cards easier to play while searching for attacks, helping you keep the card pool nice and full.

Mighty Nein

Might Nein

Straight from Wildemount, the Mighty Nein deck features the tiefling cleric Jester Lavorre, and Nott, the goblin rogue with big secrets to hide.

Jester Lavorre, Prankster Priestess loves to make your opponent waste their own resources. By committing one of your foundations, you can force them to spend one momentum, and then build up your own. She’s also a tricksy spellcaster, allowing you to spend that momentum you built up by bringing Spell cards from your discard pile to your hand.

One of those spells might be Wound/Restore, which can be used to either gain health back, or deal four damage to your opponent.

Meanwhile, Nott the Brave, Irritable Goblin is a might more aggressive deck. She also has ways to build up her momentum with her Enhance, but the real power comes from having less health than your opponent. She’s already at a pretty small 22 life, so your attacks will likely deal more damage and Stun for extra value most of the time.

It wouldn’t make sense to have Nott and not her flask, and so Nott’s Flask is an asset that uses Booze counters to buff or nerf attacks. Be careful, though, as running out of Booze will reduce all your attacks’ speed by two. The aim is to hit hard and fast in just a couple of turns – if things stretch out too long, most of Nott’s advantages start to wither away.

These are only a handful of the cards that’ll be coming in the Critical Role Challenger Series. Expect to see movers and shakers of Exandria as we get closer to its March 21 launch.

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